Sunday, 30 November 2008

Where to start??

So I'm in my final year of a Fashion Marketing degree and i feel like I am going to have to dive into the deep end of the fashion industry without any arm bands when i graduate...scary stuff.

I have loved my time at uni and in a way don't want it to end, whilst you're at uni you're continuously being lectured by successful and inspiring people and you are optimistic that you will eventually be one of those people one day, but as graduation day approaches, my optimism is slowly fading away.

I have completed several weeks in different fashion placements and loved and hated bits of them all, and I'm grateful to them as it has helped me to see what i definitely don't want to do when i graduate and what i might consider, so i would recommend that you do try and get as much experience as you can to anyone considering the fashion industry.

I suppose for now i will just have to slog on and just try and get the most i possibly can out of my degree and be as prepared as i can for life after uni...

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