Friday, 11 December 2009

Sir Tom Baker

So I've been working at Sir Tom Baker now for nearly 4 months and his name is starting to filter out into the big wide world!

Recently Tom has been covered in the Evening Standard, and he has recently been included in a book called Soho Lives, which documents a whole range of Soho inhabitants, including fellow shop owners, shoppers, tourists and general Soho characters.

Tom has produced another fine jacket for none other than 'The Hoff' which he happily wore for his appearance at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Tom's creativity is starting to be appreciated with more stylists coming into the shop to request items for the shop and his clients getting more adventurous. One of his more recent requests involved getting a snake hand painted down the sleeve and on the back of one of his jackets. The finished result was beautiful and one of a kind.

I have enjoyed working with Tom, but will be leaving him after the christmas festivities to start full time as account handler at an Advertising and Marketing agency called Hype! Based in Covent Garden. But I really enjoyed my time with Tom and will definitely be popping my head into the shop to see what he's doing and if he's made any more suits for stylish celebs!

Tom as featured in Evening Standard:

Tom's Jacket being worn by 'The Hoff' himself!

Monday, 30 November 2009

So glad to have stumbled on...


I am a regular in this store, but it is normally because I am accompanying my mum! And to be fair, there are still lots of items that are definitely more aimed towards my mum's age bracket but there are also LOADS that I have fallen in love with. It has become my latest guilty pleasure.

The fabric selection is beautiful and I often find myself looking for going out dresses or tops. They fit me quite perfectly, which is great as I often struggle to find strapped dresses to fit properly since I am so short, straps tend to be too long on me and fall off, but in Whistles they've nailed it!

The casual range is also just as strong at the moment with some lovely jumper dresses which look SO comfortable and general t-shirts which will definitely survive the machine wash, unlike several of my H&M or Primark ones.

Sure the prices are a bit stretched on my current budget, but some of their items are no more expensive than some of the items you'd find in Topshop, especially in their sub-brands and 'vintage' collections, and you're less likely to see someone else wearing it!

Have a look at their website as well as the layout and how they display the collections is quite refreshing, with just images of models initially, with no text which doesn’t distract you away from the garment itself.

Definitely aim to get at least one of my xmas party dresses from there!

One of my current favs,which I think would be great for work!

Monday, 2 November 2009


Anthropologie recently opened its doors to the UK with its new Regent Street Store and today I went to check it out on my lunch break.

I had been into a collection of their stores in the US, mainly in New York both in Manhattan and other districts of New York and loved what they stocked. And the UK store didn't disappoint! There is a beautiful collection of delicate dresses and tops, which aren't really my style but appreciate the beauty! But they also had a great collection of chunky knitwear which I am a HUGE fan of at the moment. 

I also love their jewellery and their own brand stuff is quite reasonably priced! One main feature about the shop though is its 'Live wall' which is the height of the store (three floors) and is covered in plants, 14,000 to be exact, which are all real!
I was pleasantly surprised that the brand hadn't really changed since the last time I visited a store and that their message still seemed to be the same and that it had 'crossed the pond' quite simply and with no big changes. 

The brand is owned by the same people who own Urban Outfitters, and you can see there is a link between the two but Anthropologie is definitely a more grown up store, with chilled out music in the background instead of the likes they play in Urban Outfitters. 

Definitely be going back there for some xmas presents and putting some of their items down on my own xmas list!

A Snapshot of inside the store: The 'Live Wall'

Friday, 30 October 2009


Links have brought out a new design for their 'friendship bracelet' that is in association with NSPCC.
It is a very attractive bracelet, with a not so attractive price tag. At £105 it is in the cheaper range of friendship bracelets, however Links are only offering a £5 contribution to the NSPCC. I think that this is simply not good enough. With many other companies joining forces to help support charities, usually donating 100% of the profits to the charity.

Being a company worth approximately $146 Million, you think they could spare a bit more towards the charity. Supposidly as a consumer I should be more inclined to purchase the bracelet as it is helping a 'good cause' but to be honest, if I felt the need to splurge out £100 on a bracelet, I'd feel slightly guilty only donating £5 to charity! However I would feel much more inclined and a lot less guilty if all profits, or at least a considerable amount was donated.
I may just be going off on a bit of a moan here, but I think that if large companies like Links, and many more, want attention and respect for 'doing a good deed' they could make a bit more of an effort to do so!
Do you agree???

The New Links of London 'NSPCC' bracelet.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

My New Home

So...I have landed myself a little internship...I can now be found at 4 D'Arblay Street, Soho, LONDON between the hours of 9.30am-6pm.
I have taken up residence at Sir Tom Baker: Bespoke tailor. I have only been there for two and half weeks, but feel I am now quite settled in and have found my feet. Already in my first few weeks I have spoken to David Hasslehoff on the phone (on two different occasions!), met Ben Fogle, 60s pop star Donovan, and new kids on the block Dakota! Not bad hey!
I have to make a point that I'm not actually working for a 'sir', Tom did it as a way of differenciating himself from 'ted baker' who obviously is a completely different brand and at a different level to TOM Baker. It was a branding thing which has been copy-righted.
Basically I am helping out Tom with his PR and trying to get him more press coverage to help get people through the door. So far I have managed to write a few press releases, have had one published and aiming to get another one published this week. So far so good, I have also managed to get Tom involved in a Press evening at Mayfair Hotel which should hopefully help get his name out there! And to any budding journalists, try and get a ticket to come along and meet the top 10 Saville Row Tailors!

I aiming to stay until at least christmas and see if anything happens after that, but who knows where i'll end up, so i'm hoping it'll open some doors for me, but at the moment I'm having a good time!

David Hasslehoff photographed wearing one of Tom's Lamé suits!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Wish List

I seem to have re-ignited my obsession with shoes! I always loved shoes and bags, and until recently bags had really took over, but for A/W this year shoes have just sprinted into the lead! I have just bought two pairs of gorgeous boots, for work and play, but have now found another pair that i need!!!

The first pair of boots that I feel in love with, I am pleased to say, came from Marks and Spencer, I have bought a few items from there for winter, including a nice knitted hoodie and a long cardigan. The clothing and shoes have all been from the autograph collection. I think this is one of the strongest collections within the M&S range. I used to go to this section for my mum who has a great love for this collection, but lately it has been myself heading to the till rather than her.

They are in black, with a fairly high heel, are suede with a leather trimming around the top. They are very comfy and I like to think quite sexy...and apparently popular within my family as my sister went and bought them in purple later in the week!

My second boot purchase was a pair of Bertie ankle boots which at first I was afraid looked a bit like witches shoes, however I think I've only left the house one or two times without having them on my feet! They, again are super comfy and I think I'll have to be getting them re-heeled sooner than normal!

Then the other day when having a wonder round Covent Garden, stumbled into the Fred Perry shop...stupidly as I knew I couldn't even afford a pair of socks in there right now...but I found ANOTHER pair of boots that I simply want...there is no logic, they just look gorgeous, feel gorgeous, and help make me look gorgeous! They are a reasonably £60 which isn't too painful but literally way out of my budget right now, and I just can't really justify another shoe purchase in such quick succession from my previous Santa...if you read this, I would like the Fred Perry Boots in size 3 please!

M&S's Autograph, comfy and affordable.

Bertie's...Witch like or not??

The Fred Perry's that teased me in Covent Garden

Monday, 28 September 2009


So it is just over a week now since I went to see Coldplay, at Wembley London...and it was AMAZING! I had such a good time, and it was the first gig I'd seen in a while and I have decided that I definitely love live music and need to go to live gigs A LOT more.

I went with my dad (yes I'm that cool...) and when we arrived girls aloud were I know they are only a support act, but in my opinion they were quite poor. I mean, I'm not the biggest Girls Aloud fan but I appreciate they're catching tunes and used to think they were good at what they did. However, hearing them live, in a huge arena, I was unimpressed.

Their vocals were definitely not strong enough to fill the vast space between myself and the stage, some of the girls opted to screaming in a 'diva esq' style to try and up the volume but this just made me screw my face up in pain.

I wasn't a fan of their outfits either...being an ex-fashion student I feel I'm able to make such comments. The collection of pastel coloured dresses were a wish-wash of colour that didn't stand out at all, and Cheryl, supposedly 'fashionista' of the group wore a strange choice of chunky ankle boots which didn't flatter and stood out like a sore thumb next to her band mates' dainty stiletto heels.

Another annoying habit I noticed was that they had to introduce pretty much every song, and explain how 'important' it was to them...sorry but just do what you're meant to and sing and dance! On a positive note...their band were very good and I enjoyed the music, even if the singing upset me somewhat.

However, as soon as Jay-Z stepped onto the stage, all was soon forgotten! He has a persona which simply ooozes 'cool' and 'attitude' without being arrogant or threatening.

Immediately the crowd was alive and getting into the swing of things. His DJ/band were great, mixing from song to song with elegance then sometimes simply blowing us away with the new beats.

I don't know what else to say about him except that I thoroughly enjoyed his set and gutted he couldn't have played longer! I have always wanted to go a hip/hop / rap / r/n'b type gig, but felt that I'm no way near ghetto enough and would stand out in the crowd, for all the wrong reasons! So I'm glad that i got a little taster from Jay-Z's set!

Coldplay...well...great set....great frontman...great props....great everything. I wasn't a huge coldplay fan, I like a few of their songs, but I was mainly just interested in how they would play live and I was very pleasantly surprised.

About 5 minutes before they came on, it started to pour down, but as soon as the lights came on, all the band (except the drummer for obvious reasons) ran down the extended stage into the crowd and getting themselves, soaked, like their fans...something I'm not too sure Girls Aloud would be as keen to do!

Some beautiful acoustic sets were played from a smaller stage in the centre of the crowd, a beautiful display of a 'mobile phone Mexican wave' where all the lights were put out and phones were held up to give the illusion of fibre optics taking over wembley stadium. (see photo)

I was fortunate to have a reserved seat for this gig and as the music got going i started to notice the people around me,and I would say a good 40% of my surrounding peers showed hardly any interest in what was going on at all. In front of me was a couple, who both looked like they had been dragged there out of their will, with the woman constantly stuck to her blackberry and the man looking like he was about to throw himself over the balcony. Then the rest of the row to my right, simply didn't appear, that is until about half way through Coldplay's set, only to hastily hide away again, to I can only guess, the Bar! I just wonder why these people bother coming when I bet you could have easily found someone to take your ticket, someone who would genuinely enjoy the music and be grateful for being there!

However, overall... a really really great gig that I'm glad i was lucky to go to which re-ignited my live for live music and how much i enjoy being in a venue, big or small surrounded by other music lovers who are all just out to have a good time, and good times were had all round that evening.

Monday, 14 September 2009


Supposedly every girl needs the 'right bra'...apparently all your clothes will look wonderful on you, so long as you have 'the right bra.' However I've been thinking, how do you define the 'right bra.' I have been fitted for the perfect bra and recall it as the most uncomfortable bra I had, yet one of the most expensive!

I agree that there can be some bad cases of 'four boobs' when women wear bras far too small and too tight resulting in the cup cutting into the breast, giving the illusion of four boobs.

However I don't think that it is always necessary to only buy the bra size that your fitter suggests. Like most other articles of clothing, you vary in sizes depending on where you shop as different brands cut their clothing in different ways.

I am a fan of slightly more expensive bra ranges, as they do tend to last longer and feel nicer against the skin, but I am also a strong believer in budget bras!

Possibly the hardest bra to find that fits you the best, is the strapless bra! I constantly struggle to get a strapless bra that is comfortable, still remotely sexy and doesn't fall down!

But I think I might have found Primark!! It is comfortable, quite attractive and looks good under clothing. At a more than reasonable £4 it is perfect, even if its life span isn't too long, the amount of times I have to wear it will probably mean I wont need to buy another one for a while!

I know a lot of people have problems with Primark and I don't ignore these problems but when it comes to quality I think their underwear collection is very strong. The bra's don't loose their shape really quickly, are comfortable against the skin and doesn't fall apart in the washing machine!

The one main complaint I have with Primark's underwear department is the fact that my size is hardly ever in stock! But maybe this is a good thing, as it stops me buying a bra every time I go in there!

Overall I just thought I'd express my recent joy in finding a pretty dam good strapless bra and to highlight that you don't always have to buy the most expensive to get what's right for you!

Below are some of the 'wish list' bras I wouldn't mind having in my own collection!

Monday, 10 August 2009


I have moved back home for good now (or until the near future) to get on the job hunt and sort out a career! However since being back home and with London right on my doorstep, I'm happy to say that I've rekindled my love for museums and galleries.

Without trying to sound horribly 'arty' I really do enjoy going to museums. I recently went to the natural history museum and couldn't believe how much there is to look at! The NHM is famous for its dinosaur bone collection which was great fun but, being a woman, I LOVED the the Vault and the gem collections! There was one collection which included 225 diamonds that illustrated the range of colours that diamonds come in. I was unaware (maybe naively) that you could get diamonds in other colours than clear! However that was not all, when put under UV lights these diamonds glistened in even more colours! They were BEAUTIFUL!!

We stopped off in the cafe for light refreshments and I was amazed at the standard of food available, not just your jam and ham sandwiches anymore, there was grilled salmon with a herb crust, potato salad, stuffed was like eating in a 5* restaurant!

I could seriously get used to the leisurely strolls round museums with moment for lunch in the middle. Maybe this is the new dwelling for the 'ladies who lunch'...and i could definitely see myself joining them! Maybe need to work for a few years first though!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


So just under a week ago i FINISHED MY ENTIRE DEGREE!! I handed in my final project feeling slightly odd that 50% of my entire degree was contained within one report and a couple of additional visuals.

So far the weather has been beautiful and i have literally spent my days laying in the sun, but today it was cloudy...what am i supposed to do?! This is real freedom!

I have a job interview on the 17th for which i have to do a maths test, this worries me slightly, as i haven't done maths for about 5 years!! However i have a cunning plan, to refresh my memory i thought I'd give the old BBC bitesize revision website a blast and hopefully that will jog my memory!

Its pretty scary to think that soon i will be packing up and moving back home, i don't mind moving back home, but it does feel slightly like taking a step backwards after living on your own for three years, but it seems silly as i can commute into London from home and be able to save money on rent etc.

I have my degree show at the end of the week and have to attend a 'industry view' and hopefully try and mingle with people already in the industry who might help me get a job! Fingers crossed hey!

Anyways just wanted to share my joy of finishing my degree with you all...that is all for now!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Self Promotion

As part of my degree show we have to design a 'visual CV' and a postcard to help promote both our work and ourselves. The postcard is meant to be used as a way to visually represent yourself or your design skills. However i decided to use it to promote this blog.

The above image is a Jpeg of the design i finally chose. I originally was going to cut out my face and just right the title of my blog on my face but my tutor thought it was better to show my face, even though i was slightly embarrassed as I'm not giving the most sophisticated pose, but i suppose that shows my not so sophisticated side, and hopefully my sophisticated side will be apparent in my work on display. The colours have changed slightly on the upload but you get the idea!

I am looking forward to my degree show as i love being around creative people. I just got back from one of the events that two girls on my course organised; Slash/Slash which i really enjoyed as there was live screen printing and illustration and i got a chance to see how other people promote themselves and took a few business cards away with for inspiration.

I think it is important to attend events that promote creativity as even though i do walk out feeling a bit deflated that I'm not as creative as some people it does motivate me to try and improve on what i can already do!
Let me know what you think of my postcard, it's not a design classic or anything but just be interesting to see what you think.

Job Interviews!

Right, i am about to enter the professional world...well get a taste of it at least. I've got my first job interview on Friday in North London.

It's at a marketing company who do the PR for events, exhibitions and retail so it could be a good first foot in the door for me. However i don't know what to expect or how to behave! I want to take a notebook with me and write any info they give me down as i know I'll be pretty nervous and instantly forget anything they tell me but i don't want to look too keen or an idiot!

Also i have nothing to wear! It will be a fairly creative role but i don't know what that means in terms of dress and if i need to be very plain i.e. black trousers and white blouse, or can get away with a cute patterned shift dress?!

I am glad i have got an interview, and i know its quite unlikely that the first interview i have i will get so am glad to have the interview practise but i feel like i haven't had enough time to prepare...not that i know how i would prepare?!

I think i just need to get over myself, stop asking questions and go looking presentable but not like I'm going to a funeral and just answer any questions they ask me the best i can...wish me luck!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Typically British

So recently in Notts we have been blessed with an hint of summer and it is amazing the British traditions that come creeping out the closet as soon as the sun shines for more than 5 hours.

White Linen trousers...with a very obvious white thong underneath, classy.

Men walking around topless and it is always the ones who have 'mum' tattooed on their arm but is now slightly stretched since they got it done 10 years ago.

I do find it amusing that as soon as the British see a hint of sunshine we absolutely have to wear a minimal amount on clothing as possible, even if once you get in the shade it actually gets quite chilly.

However i must admit that i did fall under the spell slightly and looked in my wardrobe and decided i had no suitable summer clothes and went on a mission to obtain a whole new wardrobe which was semi successful. Three new tops, two dresses, skirt, shoes and sunglasses.

I also found myself purchasing a man's vest top...i was in Topman and just felt the vest top on display and was amazed at how soft it was! Thinking this was wasted on a man, tried the XXS size available and found that if fitted, standard it was a bit baggy but it didn't look ridiculous!

And now to my delight when i look at the forecast for the next four days, what am i greeted with...rain, rain, rain, rain. When will i learn?!

Spot the British Man... (bottom right)

The British Summer Favourite

Monday, 30 March 2009


So I'm going to be graduating this summer and most likely will be moving back in with my mum and dad, and on coming home for Easter i have realised that i have two rooms full of my belongings.

My room in Nottingham has as much stuff, if not more as my room in my mum and dad's house. For example, i have stacks of magazines. I don't know why i keep so many, because i always go back to the same ones to refer back to old trends or look up any designers etc.

They have taken over both my rooms taking up A LOT of shelf space. I remember being told in my first year at uni that i should shave all magazine cuttings and different magazine supplements as they will be useful, but to be honest I no longer really use them to reference!

But when i look at all my magazines lined up all neatly i think how much money i have spent on them and i think its such a waste to throw them away!! I do still really enjoy buying magazines and looking at the beautiful photographs and reading about the amazingly talented people in the world, but they really do take up so much space and money!!

So now I'm thinking the way forward is online magazines. Since these take up less space and most are free!! And then you always have the option of going out and 'treating' yourself to a magazine instead of feeling that you have to subscribe to them and have a direct debit worth £20 every month just on magazines!!

I'm sure I'm not alone on this point, sure if i had unlimited money and a huuuge library in my house where i could hold all my precious mags i would...but at the moment i simply don't have the space, nor the money so may have to start letting some go!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Charity Shops??

So for my final project I'm working with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) as i wanted to try and raise the profile of charity shops and remove the negative stigma that is associated with them.

I think a lot of people are unaware of how the items are treated in the store as from completing my initial research it became clear that consumers thought that the clothes smelt and just put straight onto the rails once they have been donated. However this is not the case, the BHF makes a conscious effort to steam all their clothes before putting them onto the rails.

Many consumers also stated that they don't know what to look for inside the store. I want to try and remove this problem, what if there was a form that could be completed so that the employees could look for the items for you? What if it was made clearer in the store window what new items they have in stock?

Charity shops also help generate a sense of community since there are many familiar faces that come into the store and know the employees by name. I want this type of relationship to be promoted since in many high end stores their customer service is quite poor, even when the products are high end.

If any of you want to leave any feedback or comments on this idea it would be great as it may help me generate new ideas to uplift the Charity store, or even if you agree with what i am trying to do, or disagree, i am open for all feedback and just wanted to get some of you thinking about charity shops and what they have to offer...

Monday, 2 March 2009


So i recently arrived back from a short, sharp trip to Tokyo, Japan. I went with my course and had a bloody good time.

I didn't really know what to expect when I arrived but what i did experience i loved. It is a city that offers so much of everything...for example you don't just have a standard stationary shop in Tokyo, you get a 9 floor mass of all things paper related! My friends and i were so impressed in there that we spent almost 2 hours inside the store!

Some areas within Tokyo i felt were not too far from the same vibe you get in New York; really wide roads and pavements with high rise buildings. But then there are the parks with the temples in which remind you that you are actually in Asia. The temples are beautiful and like nothing i had seen before.

I loved the food that we ate out there, didn't really go for sushi, which isn't as big out there as you would imagine. The noodles and chicken dishes went down very well with the odd tub of haagen dazs meeting our sugar cravings!

The people of Tokyo are very polite, as i had been told, except on the tubes during rush hour when you are physically shoved onto the train whether you like it or not and women are told to go onto the women only carriages to prevent wandering hands invading your personal space!!

I saw some crazy buildings as well as stumbling across a small student run art gallery which was cool as got to see some of the local talent and something that didn't feel as corporal and business like as the rest of the country. We also went into a private showing of the new Dior collection in the Dior store on Omotesando standing in the doorway and peeking in, but felt that we may outstay our welcome and quietly left.

Overall Tokyo is a place i will definitely return to, but maybe in a few years when i have some more cash to spend out there since it is so expensive! Topshop in Tokyo was similar to shopping in Paul Smith over here, since, (part due to the exchange rate) canvas pumps which sell at about £15-£20 over here were almost £80 out there! It is an exciting city with lots going on, and where karaoke is a must! I would recommend it to pretty much anyone. It is a long way to go with not many 'tourist' sights to see but the traditional areas are beautiful and the city centre is alive with a whole different culture which is completely different to any culture i have experienced before.

I went for 6 days but only really had 5 days in Japan, which wasn't a lot but crammed enough in to make me want to go back! Back to reality now and to the drawing board with my final project for my degree! Onwards and upwards...

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Two Down!

So I've handed in my second project for the year, i only have one more project to do for my ENTIRE degree! Scary stuff. It is a bit mad that I'm at uni for a whole three years but none of my work that was completed in the first two years counts so this year definitely have to step up the work ethic!

I actually managed to organise myself reasonable well for my second hand in, finishing it with plenty of time and handed it in a day early. Unfortunately my first hand in wasn't as smooth. I chose to produce a visual product which is a series of images that have to tell a story or outline an argument. This included around 100 images and a rationale so was quite a thick document. However after spending a small fortune on getting it all printed i then had to get the cheaper, plastic binding as i couldn't get any other form since it was to thick! Which stressed me out somewhat, an d was only two days before the deadline so i didn't really have to time to think or make an alternative.

However i was pleased with the content so fingers crossed the cheap binding wont suffer my mark too much. For my second project i did again try to make it visually interesting, again spending my pennies on high quality paper, but again hoping it was worth it as the final thing did look quite nice and semi professional.

So now i have a week off really and am going to enjoy catching up on reading magazines and some TV programs...however I'm off to TOKYO on Thursday with my course which will be super exciting and expect an update on here when i get back with photos.

And then it's bad to the drawing board again with new tutor, new report to write and more printing and binding problems to solve! Worst of all is we got our graduation email the other day just to remind us all that soon i will be leaving all this student living malarkey behind to join the 'real world' as they say...but I'm not ready i?!

Saturday, 31 January 2009


I really think that in recent years Advertising has stepped its game up. Advertising especially for cars, maybe due to the whole crdit crunch business, is much more innovative than before. There are hints of sarcasm and sometimes take the 'michael' out of themselves which i think works really well. For example the ad where they 'photoshop' out the inperfections, such as the squashed fly on the window...or the carving in the tree that you can't actually see.
The music that accompanies adverts now is also very catchy, i have even been known to buy songs from adverts, such as the song for the polo advert with the dog singing...that is now safely secure on my ipod.

Advertising is now becoming more and more entertaining, everyone moans how we are now 'bombarded' with adverts and that they pop up in every space possible. However i think, when done properly Advertising is borderling on being an artform as it has a purpose but manages to grab peoples' attention and hold it for however long.

What do you people think? Is it still bugging you? Do you think they are entertaining? Or do they still annoy the hell out of you? I for one, think its a very exciting industry which promotes creativity but still serves a very important purpose.

Visit the following links to check out some of my current favourite ads:

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


So i recently had a short mini city break to Barcelona for 5 days and it was AMAZING.

I'd never been before and it really is full of culture and creativity as many people had promised me. Its just simply beautiful, just the mundane flats that probably very unglamorous people live in look absolutely stunning.
I went with my boyfriend and we did a lot of walking to try and see bits of the city that aren't in the tour guide, and we did find some really cute cafés and flats. It is a very busy city but busy with a range of people, tourists, business men/women, older women/men going about their daily routine and young trendy students.
I want to go back in summer so i can sit and enjoy my surroundings, like just sit in the Gaudí park for hours on end as you feel like you are in some sort of wonderland. For a short city break it was near enough perfect. You can even by a terrapin or rabbit off the street venders on the Ramblas...or go visit a Gothic church built aaaaaaaaaaages ago or go to the harbour and see some pretty suave boats.

It pretty much has something for everyone and more if you make the most of it! Go and explore!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

I Caved!!

Soooooo....i may have got some UGG boots today. I have been known to moan at how EVERYONE has them, and even though i don't try to look completely different to everyone I normally avoid complete fashion 'movements' such as UGGs. However, they were on sale and were offered as a present.

So i try them on, and they are actually ridiculously comfy and they are the bronze/gold edition so I'm thinking not quite as many people have these they?

Its not so bad when I'm at home but at uni pretty much every other girl wears them, I'm hoping i will be able to wear them in a slightly different way. But i do just want to say that they are very very comfy and pretty dam practical for the winter...this is my justification!
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