Saturday, 31 January 2009


I really think that in recent years Advertising has stepped its game up. Advertising especially for cars, maybe due to the whole crdit crunch business, is much more innovative than before. There are hints of sarcasm and sometimes take the 'michael' out of themselves which i think works really well. For example the ad where they 'photoshop' out the inperfections, such as the squashed fly on the window...or the carving in the tree that you can't actually see.
The music that accompanies adverts now is also very catchy, i have even been known to buy songs from adverts, such as the song for the polo advert with the dog singing...that is now safely secure on my ipod.

Advertising is now becoming more and more entertaining, everyone moans how we are now 'bombarded' with adverts and that they pop up in every space possible. However i think, when done properly Advertising is borderling on being an artform as it has a purpose but manages to grab peoples' attention and hold it for however long.

What do you people think? Is it still bugging you? Do you think they are entertaining? Or do they still annoy the hell out of you? I for one, think its a very exciting industry which promotes creativity but still serves a very important purpose.

Visit the following links to check out some of my current favourite ads:

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