Wednesday, 28 January 2009


So i recently had a short mini city break to Barcelona for 5 days and it was AMAZING.

I'd never been before and it really is full of culture and creativity as many people had promised me. Its just simply beautiful, just the mundane flats that probably very unglamorous people live in look absolutely stunning.
I went with my boyfriend and we did a lot of walking to try and see bits of the city that aren't in the tour guide, and we did find some really cute cafés and flats. It is a very busy city but busy with a range of people, tourists, business men/women, older women/men going about their daily routine and young trendy students.
I want to go back in summer so i can sit and enjoy my surroundings, like just sit in the Gaudí park for hours on end as you feel like you are in some sort of wonderland. For a short city break it was near enough perfect. You can even by a terrapin or rabbit off the street venders on the Ramblas...or go visit a Gothic church built aaaaaaaaaaages ago or go to the harbour and see some pretty suave boats.

It pretty much has something for everyone and more if you make the most of it! Go and explore!

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