Saturday, 14 February 2009

Two Down!

So I've handed in my second project for the year, i only have one more project to do for my ENTIRE degree! Scary stuff. It is a bit mad that I'm at uni for a whole three years but none of my work that was completed in the first two years counts so this year definitely have to step up the work ethic!

I actually managed to organise myself reasonable well for my second hand in, finishing it with plenty of time and handed it in a day early. Unfortunately my first hand in wasn't as smooth. I chose to produce a visual product which is a series of images that have to tell a story or outline an argument. This included around 100 images and a rationale so was quite a thick document. However after spending a small fortune on getting it all printed i then had to get the cheaper, plastic binding as i couldn't get any other form since it was to thick! Which stressed me out somewhat, an d was only two days before the deadline so i didn't really have to time to think or make an alternative.

However i was pleased with the content so fingers crossed the cheap binding wont suffer my mark too much. For my second project i did again try to make it visually interesting, again spending my pennies on high quality paper, but again hoping it was worth it as the final thing did look quite nice and semi professional.

So now i have a week off really and am going to enjoy catching up on reading magazines and some TV programs...however I'm off to TOKYO on Thursday with my course which will be super exciting and expect an update on here when i get back with photos.

And then it's bad to the drawing board again with new tutor, new report to write and more printing and binding problems to solve! Worst of all is we got our graduation email the other day just to remind us all that soon i will be leaving all this student living malarkey behind to join the 'real world' as they say...but I'm not ready i?!

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