Thursday, 19 March 2009

Charity Shops??

So for my final project I'm working with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) as i wanted to try and raise the profile of charity shops and remove the negative stigma that is associated with them.

I think a lot of people are unaware of how the items are treated in the store as from completing my initial research it became clear that consumers thought that the clothes smelt and just put straight onto the rails once they have been donated. However this is not the case, the BHF makes a conscious effort to steam all their clothes before putting them onto the rails.

Many consumers also stated that they don't know what to look for inside the store. I want to try and remove this problem, what if there was a form that could be completed so that the employees could look for the items for you? What if it was made clearer in the store window what new items they have in stock?

Charity shops also help generate a sense of community since there are many familiar faces that come into the store and know the employees by name. I want this type of relationship to be promoted since in many high end stores their customer service is quite poor, even when the products are high end.

If any of you want to leave any feedback or comments on this idea it would be great as it may help me generate new ideas to uplift the Charity store, or even if you agree with what i am trying to do, or disagree, i am open for all feedback and just wanted to get some of you thinking about charity shops and what they have to offer...

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