Monday, 30 March 2009


So I'm going to be graduating this summer and most likely will be moving back in with my mum and dad, and on coming home for Easter i have realised that i have two rooms full of my belongings.

My room in Nottingham has as much stuff, if not more as my room in my mum and dad's house. For example, i have stacks of magazines. I don't know why i keep so many, because i always go back to the same ones to refer back to old trends or look up any designers etc.

They have taken over both my rooms taking up A LOT of shelf space. I remember being told in my first year at uni that i should shave all magazine cuttings and different magazine supplements as they will be useful, but to be honest I no longer really use them to reference!

But when i look at all my magazines lined up all neatly i think how much money i have spent on them and i think its such a waste to throw them away!! I do still really enjoy buying magazines and looking at the beautiful photographs and reading about the amazingly talented people in the world, but they really do take up so much space and money!!

So now I'm thinking the way forward is online magazines. Since these take up less space and most are free!! And then you always have the option of going out and 'treating' yourself to a magazine instead of feeling that you have to subscribe to them and have a direct debit worth £20 every month just on magazines!!

I'm sure I'm not alone on this point, sure if i had unlimited money and a huuuge library in my house where i could hold all my precious mags i would...but at the moment i simply don't have the space, nor the money so may have to start letting some go!


dark said...

Sell them on ebay! 2000 vogue is worth around £20 these days xxx

Annie said...

really?!? Well i never, i may do some investigating... i do love a bit of ebay! Cheers x

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