Thursday, 23 April 2009

Typically British

So recently in Notts we have been blessed with an hint of summer and it is amazing the British traditions that come creeping out the closet as soon as the sun shines for more than 5 hours.

White Linen trousers...with a very obvious white thong underneath, classy.

Men walking around topless and it is always the ones who have 'mum' tattooed on their arm but is now slightly stretched since they got it done 10 years ago.

I do find it amusing that as soon as the British see a hint of sunshine we absolutely have to wear a minimal amount on clothing as possible, even if once you get in the shade it actually gets quite chilly.

However i must admit that i did fall under the spell slightly and looked in my wardrobe and decided i had no suitable summer clothes and went on a mission to obtain a whole new wardrobe which was semi successful. Three new tops, two dresses, skirt, shoes and sunglasses.

I also found myself purchasing a man's vest top...i was in Topman and just felt the vest top on display and was amazed at how soft it was! Thinking this was wasted on a man, tried the XXS size available and found that if fitted, standard it was a bit baggy but it didn't look ridiculous!

And now to my delight when i look at the forecast for the next four days, what am i greeted with...rain, rain, rain, rain. When will i learn?!

Spot the British Man... (bottom right)

The British Summer Favourite

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