Saturday, 2 May 2009

Self Promotion

As part of my degree show we have to design a 'visual CV' and a postcard to help promote both our work and ourselves. The postcard is meant to be used as a way to visually represent yourself or your design skills. However i decided to use it to promote this blog.

The above image is a Jpeg of the design i finally chose. I originally was going to cut out my face and just right the title of my blog on my face but my tutor thought it was better to show my face, even though i was slightly embarrassed as I'm not giving the most sophisticated pose, but i suppose that shows my not so sophisticated side, and hopefully my sophisticated side will be apparent in my work on display. The colours have changed slightly on the upload but you get the idea!

I am looking forward to my degree show as i love being around creative people. I just got back from one of the events that two girls on my course organised; Slash/Slash which i really enjoyed as there was live screen printing and illustration and i got a chance to see how other people promote themselves and took a few business cards away with for inspiration.

I think it is important to attend events that promote creativity as even though i do walk out feeling a bit deflated that I'm not as creative as some people it does motivate me to try and improve on what i can already do!
Let me know what you think of my postcard, it's not a design classic or anything but just be interesting to see what you think.

Job Interviews!

Right, i am about to enter the professional world...well get a taste of it at least. I've got my first job interview on Friday in North London.

It's at a marketing company who do the PR for events, exhibitions and retail so it could be a good first foot in the door for me. However i don't know what to expect or how to behave! I want to take a notebook with me and write any info they give me down as i know I'll be pretty nervous and instantly forget anything they tell me but i don't want to look too keen or an idiot!

Also i have nothing to wear! It will be a fairly creative role but i don't know what that means in terms of dress and if i need to be very plain i.e. black trousers and white blouse, or can get away with a cute patterned shift dress?!

I am glad i have got an interview, and i know its quite unlikely that the first interview i have i will get so am glad to have the interview practise but i feel like i haven't had enough time to prepare...not that i know how i would prepare?!

I think i just need to get over myself, stop asking questions and go looking presentable but not like I'm going to a funeral and just answer any questions they ask me the best i can...wish me luck!
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