Saturday, 2 May 2009

Job Interviews!

Right, i am about to enter the professional world...well get a taste of it at least. I've got my first job interview on Friday in North London.

It's at a marketing company who do the PR for events, exhibitions and retail so it could be a good first foot in the door for me. However i don't know what to expect or how to behave! I want to take a notebook with me and write any info they give me down as i know I'll be pretty nervous and instantly forget anything they tell me but i don't want to look too keen or an idiot!

Also i have nothing to wear! It will be a fairly creative role but i don't know what that means in terms of dress and if i need to be very plain i.e. black trousers and white blouse, or can get away with a cute patterned shift dress?!

I am glad i have got an interview, and i know its quite unlikely that the first interview i have i will get so am glad to have the interview practise but i feel like i haven't had enough time to prepare...not that i know how i would prepare?!

I think i just need to get over myself, stop asking questions and go looking presentable but not like I'm going to a funeral and just answer any questions they ask me the best i can...wish me luck!

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