Wednesday, 3 June 2009


So just under a week ago i FINISHED MY ENTIRE DEGREE!! I handed in my final project feeling slightly odd that 50% of my entire degree was contained within one report and a couple of additional visuals.

So far the weather has been beautiful and i have literally spent my days laying in the sun, but today it was cloudy...what am i supposed to do?! This is real freedom!

I have a job interview on the 17th for which i have to do a maths test, this worries me slightly, as i haven't done maths for about 5 years!! However i have a cunning plan, to refresh my memory i thought I'd give the old BBC bitesize revision website a blast and hopefully that will jog my memory!

Its pretty scary to think that soon i will be packing up and moving back home, i don't mind moving back home, but it does feel slightly like taking a step backwards after living on your own for three years, but it seems silly as i can commute into London from home and be able to save money on rent etc.

I have my degree show at the end of the week and have to attend a 'industry view' and hopefully try and mingle with people already in the industry who might help me get a job! Fingers crossed hey!

Anyways just wanted to share my joy of finishing my degree with you all...that is all for now!

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