Monday, 10 August 2009


I have moved back home for good now (or until the near future) to get on the job hunt and sort out a career! However since being back home and with London right on my doorstep, I'm happy to say that I've rekindled my love for museums and galleries.

Without trying to sound horribly 'arty' I really do enjoy going to museums. I recently went to the natural history museum and couldn't believe how much there is to look at! The NHM is famous for its dinosaur bone collection which was great fun but, being a woman, I LOVED the the Vault and the gem collections! There was one collection which included 225 diamonds that illustrated the range of colours that diamonds come in. I was unaware (maybe naively) that you could get diamonds in other colours than clear! However that was not all, when put under UV lights these diamonds glistened in even more colours! They were BEAUTIFUL!!

We stopped off in the cafe for light refreshments and I was amazed at the standard of food available, not just your jam and ham sandwiches anymore, there was grilled salmon with a herb crust, potato salad, stuffed was like eating in a 5* restaurant!

I could seriously get used to the leisurely strolls round museums with moment for lunch in the middle. Maybe this is the new dwelling for the 'ladies who lunch'...and i could definitely see myself joining them! Maybe need to work for a few years first though!

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