Monday, 14 September 2009


Supposedly every girl needs the 'right bra'...apparently all your clothes will look wonderful on you, so long as you have 'the right bra.' However I've been thinking, how do you define the 'right bra.' I have been fitted for the perfect bra and recall it as the most uncomfortable bra I had, yet one of the most expensive!

I agree that there can be some bad cases of 'four boobs' when women wear bras far too small and too tight resulting in the cup cutting into the breast, giving the illusion of four boobs.

However I don't think that it is always necessary to only buy the bra size that your fitter suggests. Like most other articles of clothing, you vary in sizes depending on where you shop as different brands cut their clothing in different ways.

I am a fan of slightly more expensive bra ranges, as they do tend to last longer and feel nicer against the skin, but I am also a strong believer in budget bras!

Possibly the hardest bra to find that fits you the best, is the strapless bra! I constantly struggle to get a strapless bra that is comfortable, still remotely sexy and doesn't fall down!

But I think I might have found Primark!! It is comfortable, quite attractive and looks good under clothing. At a more than reasonable £4 it is perfect, even if its life span isn't too long, the amount of times I have to wear it will probably mean I wont need to buy another one for a while!

I know a lot of people have problems with Primark and I don't ignore these problems but when it comes to quality I think their underwear collection is very strong. The bra's don't loose their shape really quickly, are comfortable against the skin and doesn't fall apart in the washing machine!

The one main complaint I have with Primark's underwear department is the fact that my size is hardly ever in stock! But maybe this is a good thing, as it stops me buying a bra every time I go in there!

Overall I just thought I'd express my recent joy in finding a pretty dam good strapless bra and to highlight that you don't always have to buy the most expensive to get what's right for you!

Below are some of the 'wish list' bras I wouldn't mind having in my own collection!

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