Monday, 28 September 2009


So it is just over a week now since I went to see Coldplay, at Wembley London...and it was AMAZING! I had such a good time, and it was the first gig I'd seen in a while and I have decided that I definitely love live music and need to go to live gigs A LOT more.

I went with my dad (yes I'm that cool...) and when we arrived girls aloud were I know they are only a support act, but in my opinion they were quite poor. I mean, I'm not the biggest Girls Aloud fan but I appreciate they're catching tunes and used to think they were good at what they did. However, hearing them live, in a huge arena, I was unimpressed.

Their vocals were definitely not strong enough to fill the vast space between myself and the stage, some of the girls opted to screaming in a 'diva esq' style to try and up the volume but this just made me screw my face up in pain.

I wasn't a fan of their outfits either...being an ex-fashion student I feel I'm able to make such comments. The collection of pastel coloured dresses were a wish-wash of colour that didn't stand out at all, and Cheryl, supposedly 'fashionista' of the group wore a strange choice of chunky ankle boots which didn't flatter and stood out like a sore thumb next to her band mates' dainty stiletto heels.

Another annoying habit I noticed was that they had to introduce pretty much every song, and explain how 'important' it was to them...sorry but just do what you're meant to and sing and dance! On a positive note...their band were very good and I enjoyed the music, even if the singing upset me somewhat.

However, as soon as Jay-Z stepped onto the stage, all was soon forgotten! He has a persona which simply ooozes 'cool' and 'attitude' without being arrogant or threatening.

Immediately the crowd was alive and getting into the swing of things. His DJ/band were great, mixing from song to song with elegance then sometimes simply blowing us away with the new beats.

I don't know what else to say about him except that I thoroughly enjoyed his set and gutted he couldn't have played longer! I have always wanted to go a hip/hop / rap / r/n'b type gig, but felt that I'm no way near ghetto enough and would stand out in the crowd, for all the wrong reasons! So I'm glad that i got a little taster from Jay-Z's set!

Coldplay...well...great set....great frontman...great props....great everything. I wasn't a huge coldplay fan, I like a few of their songs, but I was mainly just interested in how they would play live and I was very pleasantly surprised.

About 5 minutes before they came on, it started to pour down, but as soon as the lights came on, all the band (except the drummer for obvious reasons) ran down the extended stage into the crowd and getting themselves, soaked, like their fans...something I'm not too sure Girls Aloud would be as keen to do!

Some beautiful acoustic sets were played from a smaller stage in the centre of the crowd, a beautiful display of a 'mobile phone Mexican wave' where all the lights were put out and phones were held up to give the illusion of fibre optics taking over wembley stadium. (see photo)

I was fortunate to have a reserved seat for this gig and as the music got going i started to notice the people around me,and I would say a good 40% of my surrounding peers showed hardly any interest in what was going on at all. In front of me was a couple, who both looked like they had been dragged there out of their will, with the woman constantly stuck to her blackberry and the man looking like he was about to throw himself over the balcony. Then the rest of the row to my right, simply didn't appear, that is until about half way through Coldplay's set, only to hastily hide away again, to I can only guess, the Bar! I just wonder why these people bother coming when I bet you could have easily found someone to take your ticket, someone who would genuinely enjoy the music and be grateful for being there!

However, overall... a really really great gig that I'm glad i was lucky to go to which re-ignited my live for live music and how much i enjoy being in a venue, big or small surrounded by other music lovers who are all just out to have a good time, and good times were had all round that evening.

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