Friday, 30 October 2009


Links have brought out a new design for their 'friendship bracelet' that is in association with NSPCC.
It is a very attractive bracelet, with a not so attractive price tag. At £105 it is in the cheaper range of friendship bracelets, however Links are only offering a £5 contribution to the NSPCC. I think that this is simply not good enough. With many other companies joining forces to help support charities, usually donating 100% of the profits to the charity.

Being a company worth approximately $146 Million, you think they could spare a bit more towards the charity. Supposidly as a consumer I should be more inclined to purchase the bracelet as it is helping a 'good cause' but to be honest, if I felt the need to splurge out £100 on a bracelet, I'd feel slightly guilty only donating £5 to charity! However I would feel much more inclined and a lot less guilty if all profits, or at least a considerable amount was donated.
I may just be going off on a bit of a moan here, but I think that if large companies like Links, and many more, want attention and respect for 'doing a good deed' they could make a bit more of an effort to do so!
Do you agree???

The New Links of London 'NSPCC' bracelet.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

My New Home

So...I have landed myself a little internship...I can now be found at 4 D'Arblay Street, Soho, LONDON between the hours of 9.30am-6pm.
I have taken up residence at Sir Tom Baker: Bespoke tailor. I have only been there for two and half weeks, but feel I am now quite settled in and have found my feet. Already in my first few weeks I have spoken to David Hasslehoff on the phone (on two different occasions!), met Ben Fogle, 60s pop star Donovan, and new kids on the block Dakota! Not bad hey!
I have to make a point that I'm not actually working for a 'sir', Tom did it as a way of differenciating himself from 'ted baker' who obviously is a completely different brand and at a different level to TOM Baker. It was a branding thing which has been copy-righted.
Basically I am helping out Tom with his PR and trying to get him more press coverage to help get people through the door. So far I have managed to write a few press releases, have had one published and aiming to get another one published this week. So far so good, I have also managed to get Tom involved in a Press evening at Mayfair Hotel which should hopefully help get his name out there! And to any budding journalists, try and get a ticket to come along and meet the top 10 Saville Row Tailors!

I aiming to stay until at least christmas and see if anything happens after that, but who knows where i'll end up, so i'm hoping it'll open some doors for me, but at the moment I'm having a good time!

David Hasslehoff photographed wearing one of Tom's Lamé suits!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Wish List

I seem to have re-ignited my obsession with shoes! I always loved shoes and bags, and until recently bags had really took over, but for A/W this year shoes have just sprinted into the lead! I have just bought two pairs of gorgeous boots, for work and play, but have now found another pair that i need!!!

The first pair of boots that I feel in love with, I am pleased to say, came from Marks and Spencer, I have bought a few items from there for winter, including a nice knitted hoodie and a long cardigan. The clothing and shoes have all been from the autograph collection. I think this is one of the strongest collections within the M&S range. I used to go to this section for my mum who has a great love for this collection, but lately it has been myself heading to the till rather than her.

They are in black, with a fairly high heel, are suede with a leather trimming around the top. They are very comfy and I like to think quite sexy...and apparently popular within my family as my sister went and bought them in purple later in the week!

My second boot purchase was a pair of Bertie ankle boots which at first I was afraid looked a bit like witches shoes, however I think I've only left the house one or two times without having them on my feet! They, again are super comfy and I think I'll have to be getting them re-heeled sooner than normal!

Then the other day when having a wonder round Covent Garden, stumbled into the Fred Perry shop...stupidly as I knew I couldn't even afford a pair of socks in there right now...but I found ANOTHER pair of boots that I simply want...there is no logic, they just look gorgeous, feel gorgeous, and help make me look gorgeous! They are a reasonably £60 which isn't too painful but literally way out of my budget right now, and I just can't really justify another shoe purchase in such quick succession from my previous Santa...if you read this, I would like the Fred Perry Boots in size 3 please!

M&S's Autograph, comfy and affordable.

Bertie's...Witch like or not??

The Fred Perry's that teased me in Covent Garden

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