Sunday, 18 October 2009

My New Home

So...I have landed myself a little internship...I can now be found at 4 D'Arblay Street, Soho, LONDON between the hours of 9.30am-6pm.
I have taken up residence at Sir Tom Baker: Bespoke tailor. I have only been there for two and half weeks, but feel I am now quite settled in and have found my feet. Already in my first few weeks I have spoken to David Hasslehoff on the phone (on two different occasions!), met Ben Fogle, 60s pop star Donovan, and new kids on the block Dakota! Not bad hey!
I have to make a point that I'm not actually working for a 'sir', Tom did it as a way of differenciating himself from 'ted baker' who obviously is a completely different brand and at a different level to TOM Baker. It was a branding thing which has been copy-righted.
Basically I am helping out Tom with his PR and trying to get him more press coverage to help get people through the door. So far I have managed to write a few press releases, have had one published and aiming to get another one published this week. So far so good, I have also managed to get Tom involved in a Press evening at Mayfair Hotel which should hopefully help get his name out there! And to any budding journalists, try and get a ticket to come along and meet the top 10 Saville Row Tailors!

I aiming to stay until at least christmas and see if anything happens after that, but who knows where i'll end up, so i'm hoping it'll open some doors for me, but at the moment I'm having a good time!

David Hasslehoff photographed wearing one of Tom's Lamé suits!

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