Friday, 30 October 2009


Links have brought out a new design for their 'friendship bracelet' that is in association with NSPCC.
It is a very attractive bracelet, with a not so attractive price tag. At £105 it is in the cheaper range of friendship bracelets, however Links are only offering a £5 contribution to the NSPCC. I think that this is simply not good enough. With many other companies joining forces to help support charities, usually donating 100% of the profits to the charity.

Being a company worth approximately $146 Million, you think they could spare a bit more towards the charity. Supposidly as a consumer I should be more inclined to purchase the bracelet as it is helping a 'good cause' but to be honest, if I felt the need to splurge out £100 on a bracelet, I'd feel slightly guilty only donating £5 to charity! However I would feel much more inclined and a lot less guilty if all profits, or at least a considerable amount was donated.
I may just be going off on a bit of a moan here, but I think that if large companies like Links, and many more, want attention and respect for 'doing a good deed' they could make a bit more of an effort to do so!
Do you agree???

The New Links of London 'NSPCC' bracelet.

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nbaker111 said...

very much a joke. i wouldnt even say its a charity bracelet but the same goes for a pair of GHDs only a small amount only goes to charity and they are over 100 pounds. ur definately rite annie... lets protest!!!

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