Thursday, 1 October 2009

Wish List

I seem to have re-ignited my obsession with shoes! I always loved shoes and bags, and until recently bags had really took over, but for A/W this year shoes have just sprinted into the lead! I have just bought two pairs of gorgeous boots, for work and play, but have now found another pair that i need!!!

The first pair of boots that I feel in love with, I am pleased to say, came from Marks and Spencer, I have bought a few items from there for winter, including a nice knitted hoodie and a long cardigan. The clothing and shoes have all been from the autograph collection. I think this is one of the strongest collections within the M&S range. I used to go to this section for my mum who has a great love for this collection, but lately it has been myself heading to the till rather than her.

They are in black, with a fairly high heel, are suede with a leather trimming around the top. They are very comfy and I like to think quite sexy...and apparently popular within my family as my sister went and bought them in purple later in the week!

My second boot purchase was a pair of Bertie ankle boots which at first I was afraid looked a bit like witches shoes, however I think I've only left the house one or two times without having them on my feet! They, again are super comfy and I think I'll have to be getting them re-heeled sooner than normal!

Then the other day when having a wonder round Covent Garden, stumbled into the Fred Perry shop...stupidly as I knew I couldn't even afford a pair of socks in there right now...but I found ANOTHER pair of boots that I simply want...there is no logic, they just look gorgeous, feel gorgeous, and help make me look gorgeous! They are a reasonably £60 which isn't too painful but literally way out of my budget right now, and I just can't really justify another shoe purchase in such quick succession from my previous Santa...if you read this, I would like the Fred Perry Boots in size 3 please!

M&S's Autograph, comfy and affordable.

Bertie's...Witch like or not??

The Fred Perry's that teased me in Covent Garden

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