Monday, 30 November 2009

So glad to have stumbled on...


I am a regular in this store, but it is normally because I am accompanying my mum! And to be fair, there are still lots of items that are definitely more aimed towards my mum's age bracket but there are also LOADS that I have fallen in love with. It has become my latest guilty pleasure.

The fabric selection is beautiful and I often find myself looking for going out dresses or tops. They fit me quite perfectly, which is great as I often struggle to find strapped dresses to fit properly since I am so short, straps tend to be too long on me and fall off, but in Whistles they've nailed it!

The casual range is also just as strong at the moment with some lovely jumper dresses which look SO comfortable and general t-shirts which will definitely survive the machine wash, unlike several of my H&M or Primark ones.

Sure the prices are a bit stretched on my current budget, but some of their items are no more expensive than some of the items you'd find in Topshop, especially in their sub-brands and 'vintage' collections, and you're less likely to see someone else wearing it!

Have a look at their website as well as the layout and how they display the collections is quite refreshing, with just images of models initially, with no text which doesn’t distract you away from the garment itself.

Definitely aim to get at least one of my xmas party dresses from there!

One of my current favs,which I think would be great for work!

Monday, 2 November 2009


Anthropologie recently opened its doors to the UK with its new Regent Street Store and today I went to check it out on my lunch break.

I had been into a collection of their stores in the US, mainly in New York both in Manhattan and other districts of New York and loved what they stocked. And the UK store didn't disappoint! There is a beautiful collection of delicate dresses and tops, which aren't really my style but appreciate the beauty! But they also had a great collection of chunky knitwear which I am a HUGE fan of at the moment. 

I also love their jewellery and their own brand stuff is quite reasonably priced! One main feature about the shop though is its 'Live wall' which is the height of the store (three floors) and is covered in plants, 14,000 to be exact, which are all real!
I was pleasantly surprised that the brand hadn't really changed since the last time I visited a store and that their message still seemed to be the same and that it had 'crossed the pond' quite simply and with no big changes. 

The brand is owned by the same people who own Urban Outfitters, and you can see there is a link between the two but Anthropologie is definitely a more grown up store, with chilled out music in the background instead of the likes they play in Urban Outfitters. 

Definitely be going back there for some xmas presents and putting some of their items down on my own xmas list!

A Snapshot of inside the store: The 'Live Wall'

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