Friday, 11 December 2009

Sir Tom Baker

So I've been working at Sir Tom Baker now for nearly 4 months and his name is starting to filter out into the big wide world!

Recently Tom has been covered in the Evening Standard, and he has recently been included in a book called Soho Lives, which documents a whole range of Soho inhabitants, including fellow shop owners, shoppers, tourists and general Soho characters.

Tom has produced another fine jacket for none other than 'The Hoff' which he happily wore for his appearance at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Tom's creativity is starting to be appreciated with more stylists coming into the shop to request items for the shop and his clients getting more adventurous. One of his more recent requests involved getting a snake hand painted down the sleeve and on the back of one of his jackets. The finished result was beautiful and one of a kind.

I have enjoyed working with Tom, but will be leaving him after the christmas festivities to start full time as account handler at an Advertising and Marketing agency called Hype! Based in Covent Garden. But I really enjoyed my time with Tom and will definitely be popping my head into the shop to see what he's doing and if he's made any more suits for stylish celebs!

Tom as featured in Evening Standard:

Tom's Jacket being worn by 'The Hoff' himself!

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