Monday, 20 December 2010


WARNING: Rant ahead.

So, it's that time of year again when perfume Ads flood our TV screens...I've never really been a fan of TV perfume ads. I think they're more suited to print, especially when they include the sample of the scent which is always what is going to sell a perfume rather than a 30 second motion ad.

However, lately I have really noticed the sexual content of perfume ads, and I know supposedly sex sells, and there are significant levels of sexual connotations with perfume, however some ads are now borderline soft porn and I don't think it needs to be made that obvious to people.

When your in the living room with your family watching a Christmas film on TV, I don't wish to see half naked women prancing around and a 'hunky' man appearing in the shadows. It's just all got a bit too much for me and actually puts me off the brand. I think perfume is more about confidence for women, sure it can make you feel more attractive but it doesn't turn us into dominatrices. It has become more of a part of our daily routine, and to some, just as you brush your teeth in the morning, you splash on some perfume, it is not always such a 'luxury' to put on perfume, or something that is saved for a special occasion, but what we do everyday.

I've listed some of what I think are the main offenders for these types of adverts. But tell me, am I just getting old and grumpy or do any of you find them slightly OTT and inappropriate? Perfume is no doubt, one of the main presents given at Christmas time so I understand that competition is at its highest this time of year, but is this really the way to sell it to a much more savy audience who are growing out of the traditional advertising gimmicks and want something a bit more than a sexy promise? Maybe perfume adverts need to start broadening their horizons...

This is a much less offensive ad... sure it's pretty cheesy, borderline naff, but at least I don't get embarrassed when it comes on the TV in-between watching 'I'm a Celeb' with my nan!

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Madonna teaches a class at the opening of Hard Candy Fitness (Pic:Getty)
Image: Getty via

So it seems Madonna is still trying to take over the world, and this time she has turned her focus to the leisure and exercise industry, by opening a gym in Mexico City...

Seems all a bit random to me to be honest, and had yet another massive PR bubble around it. The Gym is called 'Hard Candy' which I have issues with anyway, as it sounds more like a soft porn store or adult video shop! The location is also a bit random in my eyes, in one interview Madonna's response for choosing Mexico was that she 'loved the culture, food and the art' and has been there several times to do research. Clearly sound reasons for opening a gym there!

Supposedly Madonna helped design all the interiors, as well as the fitness programme that the gym offers. That doesn't really impress me too much, and wouldn't really make me want to go to an exercise class that Madonna may have 'designed' herself. Would you guys be excited to go to an exercise class thinking that Madonna may have added in 10 extra press ups to make sure you were pushed to your limit??

I'm not sure how successful this latest edition to the Madonna empire will be, if it had opened in a city near you would you have noticed or paid much attention to it? I would've thought that one of the main reasons Madonna chose Mexico City was that there isn't an influx of gyms there already. Opening this in New York or London would probably have had much less effect as there are so many already established. But hey I'm no expert, my general overview is that is seems like quite a random move by Madonna and her people, but I'm sure she's making money out of it somewhere along the line!

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Thursday, 18 November 2010


I was excited to go see Gorillaz last Sunday at the O2, but I also didn't really know what to expect. A part of me thought they might put on a 3-D show or have massive inflatable cartoons, the show in fact, included none of this. They didn't need to.

I am pleased to say the show was all about the music and pure talent of those on stage. It wasn't centered around Damon Albarn  which I was worried about since his recent few gigs with Blur have put him in the spotlight again.

The whole show was a spectacle. The sound was big, the set up was big and the voices were big. At one point I counted about 30 people on stage as for several songs there were full string and brass sections. For nearly every other song there was a guest singer on stage including Bobby Womack who didn't disappoint and Paul Simonon who may not have had the most impact with his voice but was entertaining to watch him on stage. Damon sang a couple on his own but never really stole the limelight.

At first you're not sure where to look as there are so many musicians and the running film of the cartoons on the screen behind. However, you're never overwhelmed or confused. The music blasts out and you go with it. 

De La Soul's support was a great way to get the crowd going and got your blood pumping (and chest thumping) for the show to follow. Gorillaz opened with 'welcome to plastic beach' (understandably!) with Snoop Dogg on the big screen, who even though wasn't there in person still had a great impact and worked really well. 

There was a good mix of old and new and they saved some of the favourites for the encore to the joy of the audience. The whole stadium were on their feet and with the first two notes 19-2000 heard a raw rip through the crowd and was one of my favourite performances of the night. However, I HAVE to mention one guest who did blow me away. Daley. He came on to sing the forthcoming single 'Doncamatic.' His voice is actually stunning and filled the whole place with what seemed like minimum effort. I had not heard of him until Sunday night but I'm pretty sure he will be one to watch as you don't find people with voices like that every day! 

So overall a thoroughly enjoyable gig. I hadn't been to a concert for a while and every time I go to one I always say I need to go to more as I love live music. Even though it was a TREK to get to the O2 since the Jubilee line was shut, I endured buses, the DLR and a riverboat to get there and back, but would do it all again tomorrow if I could!

 De La Soul

Snoop - check out the string and brass section on the left hand side. 

Damon and Bobby Mac. 

Images - all my own.

Thursday, 28 October 2010


So, way back in March I blogged about Fred Perry's latest collaboration with Amy Winehouse. You can read all about it here. I spoke about how I'm not usually one to get excited about celebrity fashion collaborations as they usually don't amaze me and I can't be bothered to queue for hours outside the store in the cold to get my hands on an item!

However, Fred Perry is one of my favourite brands, not just for the products, but I love the heritage behind the brand and even though Winehouse is a famous fan of the brand, I do think this collaboration is something a bit different.

There hasn't been a major hype around this launch, it seems slightly more natural and less manufactured (if that's possible) than a lot of other collaborations we see. The products speak for themselves, they stay true to the brand and what they usually offer, but have a slight twist to them, giving them a slightly edgier, sexier look and feel.

Modeled by, none other than Amy herself the collection looks great and I love the colour palette they have used. Sure the photos may be a little airbrushed but I love the expressions on Amy's face, it gives off a sense of calm and relaxation that isn't normally associated with her!

My favourite pieces are the pencil skirt and the trench coat. The items prices haven't been exaggerated because of the Winehouse association and have stayed true to the normal Fred Perry pricing strategy which I think is a good move, especially in the current financial climate. 

The skirt is going for a cool £80, with the coat at £275 and knitwear starting at £70. Agreed, it's not cheap, but Fred Perry never was. And I remember seeing a coat last winter in store that I adored but was £250 and couldn't quite stretch that far so these prices seem to be staying round the same price points.

What do you guys think? I may be slightly biased as I was a fan of both Winehouse and Fred Perry before they joined forces and so this was a bit of win win situation for me, but I really do think the garments are lovely and I will be hunting them down to see them in the flesh. You can view the entire collection here

 Images from Fred Perry UK site.

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Ok, so I may a bit late on the uptake here, I've been in a bit of a work bubble and only just saw this on Grazia Daily. But, HELLO, Beth Ditto for Jean Paul Gaultier! I love the images of Beth, and it is so refreshing to see someone having fun on the catwalk and, god forbid, smiling!! 

Sure there are levels of criticism around her appearance and some people are saying that it lets the whole collection down etc, but I really admire both parties for doing this. Yea, it probably gained JPG an extra bit of press coverage of his show but after looking at rows after rows of painfully thin, bored looking models it was nice to see a catwalk image come to life. 

I agree that this outfit was probably a little too close to the risqué end of the spectrum, but it's pretty obvious Beth doesn't give a dam. Comments to the Grazia post state that she still isn't truly representing a 'healthy body' as she is overweight, which I guess is true. However I think there is a clear message here which is to be comfortable in your own skin. We don't know the ins and outs of Beth's eating regime, she's not going down the catwalk stating everyone should look like her, but she is showing she's happy and isn't afraid to show herself off in a very size 0 favored world.

Images by Catwalking via Grazia Daily.

Friday, 8 October 2010


This week Johnson's created a 'live billboard' where real life models were attached to a temporary board in Westfield shopping centre. Crazy right? Well the thought process behind this idea does seem to make sense. The whole point of the ad is to show how effective their 24 hour moisture body lotion is - by encouraging passers by to stroke, that’s right stroke, or touch the models arms and legs!

Now this ad did the job in terms of getting media attention as I saw it in both the Evening Standard on the train home yesterday and then on the Metro on the way in to work this morning. However, I’m not too sure the public are ready to go up and randomly touch models. And fair play to the models themselves for doing the job!

I reckon there must have been huge security guards hiding behind the billboard in case any funny business started! The photos of the scene show that some of the public weren’t too sure what to do!

What do you guys think? Good stunt? Would you have ‘stroked’ their legs?! I like the idea of having ‘live’ ads and these have been done before and can be quite entertaining, however I fear that encouraging people to touch models may be a step too far but at the end of the day it is a gimmick!

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Monday, 4 October 2010


Cheryl Cole has been a busy bee this week, launching both a book and a new ring in association with de Grisogon. Before I saw the ring I had expectations that it would be big and made up of either one precious stone / gem, or be made up of a collection of lots of small chippings. Basically I thought it would SPARKLE and say, 'hey look at me, how beautiful am I!' 

Well, I was wrong. My initial thoughts are far from the real thing. Sure, Cheryl lived up to my expectations for the launch night, wearing a customed designed dress which had sparkle and looked absolutely gorgeous... the ring however, did not.

It is a thick band ring with the word 'promise' inscribed on it. Do I hear 'cheesy?' Where's the glamour, where's the 'wow' factor?? (or should I say 'x'?!) From a distance this ring looks like one of the ones you can buy off the guy on the beach on holiday! I really was disappointed with it. And not only is the word itself cheesy and naff, the 'o' in the word is spelt with a heart rather than an actual letter. All the good stuff is on the inside! The ring is set on a solid gold band so that you can just see a glimpse of it through the letter cut outs for the word promise. 

I'm not sure how much this ring will retail at but I know it will be out of my budget and probably most peoples', I got that impression from their website anyway! I think that is why I wanted to see something but more striking and definitely not have any messaging on it! On the night Cheryl decided to wear it on her little finger, which I think just looked out of place, and if she can't make it look good, then I've got no hope! What do you guys think? Even if you had a million pounds in the bank would you buy it? I don't think I would as pretty sure I'd never wear it!

Cheryl looking as lovely as ever in her Elie Saab dress. 

Same can't be said for the ring!

Photos from The Daily Mail Online

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Friday, 1 October 2010


If you've read my blog for a little while you will know that I'm quite a fan of the online shopping boutique 'Bunny Hug.' I am not a regular online shopper as I like seeing the product in the flesh as colours etc can change dramatically from on screen to real life. However, the reason I like this store is that their products are quite different and it's hard to find equivalents of what they stock in high street stores.

If you're not already on their mailing list than you should be as they quite often send out discount codes or offer free next day delivery. And right now they have a code for 30% off for friends and family and I thought I would share with you! Just enter the code SATISFACTION at the checkout! So go forth and shop people! And have a good weekend!

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Thursday, 30 September 2010


I've just become an ambassador for Eyeko makeup, this means you guys can receive a free gift when you spend over £10/€12/$15. All their products are very reasonably priced and if you spend over £35 delivery is free! Their range is young and fun and offers a huge variety of shades in lipsticks, nail polishes and eyeshadows. These products I think would be great gift ideas as they come in cute packaging and would make any girl smile! 

To ensure you get your free gift, all you have to do is enter my code: E11227 at checkout! To give you some inspiration I've listed some of my favourite items below! Happy shopping!

'London Lips' Lipgloss in 'Shoreditch' bang on trend and this fruity red will brighten up a make up free face or add that extra bit of glamour to your night out look.

Eyeko's line and shine eye liners are a great addition to your make up bag. Since they are affordable I am not worried about lossing them if I put these in my handbag on a night out for those much needed touch ups throughout the evening!

But you guys don't need me to tell you what to get! Have a look yourself, just click here.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I was lucky enough to be invited to Maybeline's 2011 calendar shoot last week; Show Me Your Make Up, which was a 'behind the scenes' look at the photoshoot that Maybeline organise every year to produce their limited edition calendar which goes out to 'a select few' around the globe - 50 will be distributed in the UK to the important beauty 'opinion formers.'

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect as most the shoots I've been on are quite hectic and people can feel in the way, even when they're supposed to be there, so I was intrigued to see how Maybeline coped with an 'audience.' However I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The event must have been organised down to a tee, as I was welcomed into this quaint room in the St Martin's hotel, to be greeted by a huge white leather sofa, drinks and nibbles.

I was given a quick run down of the brief and what they were trying to achieve before being left to my own devises and introducing myself to the make up artist and model.

On the day, the model was the ever so gorgeous, Kemp Muhi who was being photographed by Jackie Dixon. Some shots had already been taken by the time I arrived and I sat down with Jackie who went through them with me explaining the concept behind the look. Kemp looked stunning, and Jackie even said that Kemp made her job very easy.
Sharon Dowsett touching up model, Jemp Muhi
Once I'd settled down I wandered over to the make up area to watch Kemp get a new look and chatted to make up director for Maybeline; Sharon Dowsett who explained what she was using and how in each look she wanted to create at least one element that people could try at home. Each look was to shift focus around the face, concentrating on the eyes, lips, cheeks and then a more natural look.

Overall this was such a lovely event to attend. All Maybeline representatives were very tentative and ensured all the bloggers and other guests were being looked after and I was genuinely impressed at the levels of ease during the shoot and how smoothly it all ran.

One final perk of the event was the goodie bag! Now we all know that goodie bags often always sound a lot better than they actually are! I was expecting maybe one product, a press release and then a lot of other paperwork....but oh no, that's not Maybeline's style. Sure there was the required paperwork present, but they also gave away a total of 5 products! Two lipsticks, two eye shadows and one mascara. Now, do you want to here the really great news? YOU CAN WIN IT ALL! I'm going to offer my goodie bag as a giveaway to one lucky reader. I like to keep my giveaways simple, so none of this '1 point for a blog follow, 1 for a twitter follow' malarkey. Simply leave a comment on my blog stating you wish to be entered, under this post and then I will select a winner at random. Please, only UK entries. Good Luck and thank you Maybeline for a lovely event!

Monday, 27 September 2010


I was invited to the Conran Shop last Thursday to attend the launch of their new 111 Navy Chair. The night was a great success and there was lots going on including a 'photo carousel' where guests could have their photo taken on a rotating stand, whilst sitting on the 111 Navy Chair of course.

Now, what makes this chair so special, special enough to get it's own launch party I hear you say. Well, getting back onto the 'eco warrior' band wagon, Emeco have joined forces with Coca-Cola to design and produce something stylish and eco friendly. This chair is made up of 111 plastic Coca - Cola bottles! Impressive, no? 

The design follows that of the 'original' 1006 Navy Chair, ensuring that stability and durability are key attributes of the new chair. However, the classic design has been updated with modern technology to ensure that consumers can still buy quality items but also help save the planet at the same time. 

Coca - Cola hope that the production of these chairs will help prevent 3 million coke bottles entering land fill sites every year - not bad hey?! Now, of course, something this stylish and eco friendly doesn't come cheap. One of these chairs will set you back a cool £280. However, this has been produced to last and does have that 'style icon' look and feel to it, meaning it will look good in your kitchen for years to come! They come in a choice of 6 colours, red, green, orange, blue, grey and white. Now I don't have my own kitchen but if I did I think I would have to go for the classic white!

Thanks Conran for a great night - I forgot how nice their Chelsea store is! Well worth a visit just to have a snoop round!

Friday, 24 September 2010


This is more of a comical post than a serious post. I have just seen on GRAZIA that Cavalli is to launch a new range for your pets! I never really understood people who dress up their pets, unless at Christmas or Halloween when it is quite funny and / or cute. But this collection is just ridiculous! These poor animals... but hey, that's just my thoughts, what do you guys think? If you had the cash would you splurge out on these outfits for your dogs to roll around in the mud in and pee all over???

All images from Grazia Online 

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I thought I would just share this ad with you guys. I really hate this ad. I think the expression on his face is really off putting and I keep seeing it EVERYWHERE. I have to put up with it at tube stations and there is a store right next to my work which I have to walk past everyday. 

Now I know I may be overreacting a little bit here, but I just wanted to see what everyone elses' opinion is. Do you think it is just a little odd / irritating? It really doesn't make me want to go into a store!

Tell me, am I alone here with this irritation or do you guys feel the same??

Sunday, 19 September 2010


You've read about it in the papers, you've heard about it on the radio... Lily Allen has launched a new vintage store in Covent Garden, in partnership with her sister.

I am big fan of Lily, I love what she represents and how she speaks her mind and I am a fan of vintage although I must admit I don't really wear too much vintage, I tend to play it safe buying handbags and shoes, but really admire those who can pull off the outfits which I think on me would just look like I'm wearing a 1960s rug. So, I was excited to see what her store would offer, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Firstly, I didn't realise how BIG the store would be, and it hadn't at all clicked that the empty store I walk past everyday I'm at work was the one being transformed into the Lucy In Disguise store. It is so spacious and really acts much more like a designer boutique than a 'vintage / thrift' store.

The items on offer are limited and therefore there is not the high level of rummaging needed that is usually involved with vintage shopping. Everything is out on display and easy to see. Some of the items are very in your face, but then there were some stunning coats which didn't frighten off those vintage virgins like myself, including one stunning YSL cream coat which was so on trend for this season it was quite scary!

Unfortunately I didn't manage to take any decent photos as whilst I was in there, a film crew were as well and so I wasn't sure if I'd get 'told off' for doing so but I did manage to sneak this cheeky one in of the accessories display! But I would say if you get a chance to head on down there as it is just a lovely store, whether you're into vintage or not. Sure, some of the items have pretty hefty price tags but I think we all know that second hand no longer means cheap!

Also do check out the website which is quite fun!

Lily & Her sister Sarah on launch night - photo

Friday, 17 September 2010


Catwalk Genius is a new platform which is helping young, emerging designers get their products exposed and off the ground. It is a great initiative that I wanted to share with you to help gain more support for the designers, and encourage budding designers out there to join the site to help get some exposure.

In short, how catwalk genius works, is that designers sign up to the site to try and get public interest. The designer states how much money they need to fund a new or existing collection. Once the target is set, the public can buy 'shares' in the designer / brand to try and get it off the ground. Once the target has been met, the designer then goes away and produces the collection.

On return, the collection is put up for sale on the site. Of which, the public who put in shares can receive a return through the product sales, as well as other perks that the designer may choose to introduce.

Their latest success story is Katie Eary. Katie is the first womenswear collection that has reached it's set target and is now successfully trading from the Catwalk Genius site. The funds generated from the share investments allowed Katie to go ahead with the production of her collection and host a photo shoot to promote it. 

The reason this system works is because it offers a whole wide range of people the chance to get support and to support others. By offering the public the chance to invest small amounts into brands means no huge financial commitments are needed and financial risk is much lower.

To find out more about this scheme for both designers and potential investors just go to the CATWALK GENIUS site. But for now I will leave you with some imagery of Katite Eary's collection which is now available to buy.

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010


If you are feeling bold and beautiful on Thursday, then why not head on down to Joy's new store opening in Soho...only there is one minor catch... you have to go in your UNDERWEAR! Joy are offering to give the first 25 people who walk through their doors in just their underwear, a new outfit! 

I think this is a great idea, it has such a huge PR potential and I'm sure, in Soho of all places, you will find people brave, and maybe slightly crazy enough, to go ahead with this! But make sure you are there early as if you're not in the fist 25, then you're likely to feel slightly embarrassed, and cold!

I saw this on their website and thought would share it with you guys to see if anyone would be brave enough to do it, or if you're working in the Soho area, be warned that there may be a few more half naked people than usual!

Unfortunately I wont be able to attend the event as I will be tied to my desk at work, but if anyone does go do let me know, whether it's just to see the new store or if you're going to try and get one of those free outfits! Good luck!

To find out more info go to Joy's website, or click here.

Monday, 13 September 2010


Like many of you out there, I was eagerly anticipating the unveiling of VB's new collection. When she showcased her first collection I really didn't want to like it. I get increasingly bored of celebrities starting their own fashion line. It seems to be so 'easy' now a days for people to do this and the list is ever growing; Gwen Stefani, Hilary Duff, 50 Cent, and newer to the list is Beyoncé. However, I loved it. I was pleasantly surprised by the products and thought it a comical twist how she had a couple of models that resembled herself to model the collection. This showed she has a human side to the 'posh' and hard facade that she has had in place since her 'girl power days.'

The reason I tend to stray away from celebrity fashion collections is that I have several fashion designer friends and know how hard it is for new, upcoming talent to get exposed. I get irritated when celebrities who made their name for singing / acting etc are, all of a sudden 'fashion designers.' They make it look so easy when there really is a lot of time and effort required in getting a brand exposed to become successful.

Victoria Beckham stands out in her own right. The 'Beckhams' are a powerful brand and she sure has put the media spell she has on UK and US press to her advantage. She has generated her own power house. And a very stylish powerhouse at that.

I have a new found respect for VB, she has graduated from the WAG university with first class honours, distancing herself from the orange skinned, fake eye-lashed clad of the footballers wives. She seems to have put her neck on the line to prove to everyone that her interest in fashion goes way beyond choosing the right stylist and making sure you wear the biggest diamonds.

What I really like about VB's collection is the structure and texture involved. Most of her garments have strong structural detailing and this way of thinking has ensured that the shapes of the products are what help show of the feminine figure. VB has also selected some exceptional fabrics. Obviously, I've not been lucky enough to get up close and personal to the products, but you can tell by how they photograph that the fabrics are gorgeous  and I like how she has experimented with texture. using 'glossy' fabrics for some of her items. 

Her shows also seem very down to earth - it is all about the clothes. Sure, she chose a beautiful location, a town house on the 'Upper East side' but this suited the show down to a tea. It made the items looks more real, and you could start to visualise them on 'real people.' 

There was a bit of a media buzz around the collection before it was unveiled as VB stated that she was going to use 'healthier' models. Now, her models weren't exactly plus size, but they didn't seem to look as skeletal as others. Sure there are big question marks over how much VB actually 'designs' but I'd like to think she does oversee a lot of what goes on in her brand. You can see she likes to design items that she would wear, and if she didn't do all of the initial sketches for the products, then I'll let her off. I love it!

So, now to the good stuff... here are the images of my favourite items from her new collection! Let me know what you guys think, would you buy any of her items? Do you care that she was in a girl band before she became a 'designer?' Be good to hear your thoughts!

Left - love the shape of this dress. Feminine, yet there is a slight hint of power dressing!

Right - This is what I meant about using new fabrics and different textures. Great shape as well. 

Left - This shape is gorgeous. Oozes elegance and the fabric drapes so well. 

Right - This fabric is amazing, maybe a bit too red carpet esq for most wardrobes but great none the less!

So there you have it Victoria Beckham's latest collection for you...what you reckon??

All photos from 'The Guardian'.

Friday, 10 September 2010


It's getting that time of year when we need to update our wardrobes and add in some new additions to try brighten up our winter looks. I am quite a fan of the winter wardrobe as I love knitwear and scarves. I think there are some key items that everyone should have in their winter wardrobe, may seem obvious to you but I love a good thick, chunky knit cardigan. I'm not a huge fan of winter coats, instead I like to layer up and then wear a big cardi on top. Last year I bought a great Azrec patterned one from Uniqlo, which I am sure will be worn a lot again this year. 

A nice cosey scarf is a must for me! I have a thing for scarves, but tend to go for the cheaper ones as I find wool iritates my neck quite a lot and so go for more high street brands that use more synthetic fibres. Last year a good friend of mine bought me a 'looped' scarf from Topshop for my birthday which I still love as it is so soft! Pretty sure I will be seen wearing it again this time round! 

Finally, you need a good pair of boots! I hate having cold or damp feet and so I try and buy at least one pair of 'sensible' shoes. Luckily I found a great pair of little victorian style boots in the summer sales which I'll wear for this winter. However, I should probably invest in a slightly more robust pair if we're going to have snow like we did last year!

Anyways, here are some products I've got my eyes on, probably could afford to buy one item off this list this month! Otherwise will have to wait until next pay cheque!

Yuki Beige Preppy Unbalanced Shirt - £59 You can view this item HERE.

How comfy does this look!! I think this would work well for winter as can go with nothing underneath, but for when it gets really cold could work well with long sleeve t shirt underneath with the sleeves poking out the bottom. 

Knitted Fluffy Rib Jumper - £38. You can view this item HERE.

I bought a similar item to this last year and love it. It is so comfy and keeps you warm and looks good to wear to work and to dinner/drinks afterwards! £38 isn't bank breaking either which helps!

Sparkle & Fade Leopard Chiffon Zip Skirt - £42. You can view this item HERE. 
I saw this item in store the other day. I do really like it, I like the colour is a bit different to what I'd usually wear. Think would be good for me to wear to work with thick black tights and a simple tee on top. Thought the £42 was a little steep so may wait see if I find anything else, or may just go back and buy it next week! 

Line Tights By Jonathan Aston - £12. You can view this item HERE

I love these tights. I don't normally wear 'jazzy tights' as I don't think I can pull them off, but I think I might just be able to get away with these on a night out. Would just wear simple black dress or skirt and top so all the focus was just on my legs! ;)

What's on your current wish list? Happy Friday everyone, enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I was reading the latest issue of 'Stylist' this week and noticed that Erin O Connor is to launch a new fashion line, showcasing it at LFW this autumn. Erin is one of my favourite models out there. I think she has an amazing face and even though she is very slim, has always backed 'healthier' models and runs her own agency which specialises and prides itself in the care of their models. Giving them information about how to maintain the figure required without starving themselves.

So, when I read that she was to launch a new collection, I got a little excited. However, as I read on I was a little disappointed. It appears that Erin will be launching a range of T-Shirts and canvas bags, that just have 'slogans' printed on them. All of which fashion related, but still. There doesn't seem to be much imagination behind this collection and to host a whole catwalk show with just 5 T-shirts and 2 bags, there isn't really that much to get excited about. 

I only hope that this is just a stepping stone into the fashion line world, and that one day down the road the brand; 'She Died of Beauty' will grow and get more adventerous, showcasing more than basic T-Shirts and Canvas bags. 

The price points for these items are as you'd expect quite high. £40 for the T-shirts and £20 for the canvas bags. Now, considering you can get these types of bags free from most retailers, or sometimes when you're spending over £50, can't say I'll be rushing out to fork out £20 for them on their own.

However, even though I've been quite negative about this whole thing, that is mainly just my taste, (I'm not really a fan of slogan Tees) I imagine this collection will be a big hit and it wouldn't surprise me if the likes of Alexa Chung were snapped during LFW wearing any of these items. 

Slogan T-Shirt campaigns prove to be very successful with consumers, and so long as you get the 'cool kids' snapped in them first, you can pretty much garauntee that Primark will be making their own versions in no time! Just look at the I heart NY t-shirts, for years these were just cheap tourist gifts sold for $10 a time. Then all of a sudden you could buy them from the likes of Urban Outfitters for up to £28! There was also huge success with the florescent coloured 'born in the 80s' t-shirts (can't remember the actual designer who produced these) but again, stores like New Look were quick to create their own versions.

My 'expert' opinion is that this line will have the same effect. You'll see Erin's version on the catwalk and in the glossys, then soon enough, similar phrases will be popping up on clothes in a whole range of this space!!

Apologies for size of image, but couldn't find any others so took a screen grab from Stylist's website! The new bag range from Erin O Connor - £20.

Image from Stylist Magazine.
For the 'She Died of Beauty website' click here.

Monday, 6 September 2010


Last week I was contacted by a company called 'Men Are Useless' - now, with a name like that you're bound to sit up and listen, but what they had to say was actually quite interesting and amusing! Firstly, who are 'Men Are Useless?' In a nut shell, they are an online shopping and delivery service. However, their USP is that they deliver male grooming products. Now, why is it that they only delivery male grooming products? The team behind Men Are Useless have done intensive research which highlighted Men's inability to shop for their own toiletries.

Out of those who they interviewed, 38% admitted to stealing their partners / housemate's shampoo, and the saddest story of them all is that 7% said that they had resorted to using washing up liquid due to a lack of shower gel.

I for one, can guarantee that toiletries are not at the top of many men's shopping list. Having lived with 3 boys in my second year at Uni, and now frequent visits from my boyfriend, I am pretty sure that on more than one occasion, one of them has pinched some of my shower gel or shampoo. The idea behind MAU is that they offer a home delivery service for all these essential items with minimum effort.

Even the packaging has been designed so that it fits through your letterbox so there is no need to make sure someone is at home to pick it up and you wont ever receive one of those irritating 'you weren't in' notes left by the postman meaning you now have to drive miles to the depot to pick it up.

I think that once the males of the world have swallowed the fact that they've been caught out in the act and actually admit that a company called 'men are useless' are offering a way out, this could be a very successful scheme. The idea has a very tongue in cheek vibe to it, but all the script that comes with the brand isn't attaching men, simply telling a few home truths. I can imagine that a few wives, girlfriends will be signing their other halves up for the service just to make sure that their £20 shampoo isn't 'wasted' on their partners! To find out more go to .

What do you guys think? Would you sign up to a service like this, or sign up your partner for it?

Here is the pack that the Men Are Useless team sent though, got all your essentials as well as some tasty treats! This is an example of one of the packages that they offer.
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