Thursday, 28 January 2010

Maybe I was right!...

After my previous rant about all fashion TV shows being the same...ABC have announced that Ugly Betty will be no more and have axed the show...

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Fashion TV Shows

Ok here comes another rant...but is anyone else bored of all the fashion TV shows and films that represent the cliché fashion industry?

I mean first there was Devil Wears Prada, then there was Ugly Betty (or other way round), then there was The September Issue and now there is Material Girl on BBC, not including the arms length list of shows on Sky like Project Runway etc.

I am SO bored of the fashion world being represented as a world where everyone wears overly structured clothing which oozes 'fashion', every male HAS to be gay and wearing pink with gelled down hair and everyone generally being overly snobby.

I admit, the fashion industry isn't the most welcoming industry and many senior employees do look down their nose at you. However I have worked at a fashion magazine, with a fashion PR brand and worked with a high end tailor, and I can assure you most of those who I met/worked with tended to wear baggy jeans and a jumper with holes in, paired with some converse.

I'm sure heavenly places such as Vogue do house fashionistas that look immaculate every minute of the day, however this is a rare exception. In general most people in the fashion industry are un-recognizable as working in one of the most 'glamorous' industries, the one thing that may give it away is the standard oversized hand bag.

Both on Ugly Betty and Material Girl the two 'evil' bosses always seem to wear slightly OTT clothing and look particularly uncomfortable most of the time. Whilst working on the fashion magazine, I worked alongside the creative director and Fashion Editor, both of whom tended to wear practical, comfy clothing, and the fashion editor who was male was definitely not gay and tried it on with most of the models he met.

I would like to see a real show about the fashion industry, showing how stylists tend to show very little care to the garments they 'borrow' for shoots and how stupidly expensive clothing and accessories are all crumpled up into a huge suitcase and carted around London not before being returned all crumpled and creased, and for the designer to hear they didn't even use them.

Or about how certain employees at magazines register products as 'lost or missing' when in fact they have put them in their bag and taken home to wear on Saturday night.

I do love this industry but I would like someone to show the real side to it instead of all the glitzy fashion show and after party lifestyle which is what is favored by TV and Film producers. I am still fascinated with fashion and can't feel myself giving up on it just yet, but I would like someone to portray the fashion world in a new light, an HONEST light which highlights its pros and cons, but not the same old story that the boss is a big witch who would never see you succeed and base your chance of success on whether you get her the right sandwich for lunch!

The Ugly Betty Team, note token gay guy to the right, and two evil colleagues far right.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Lego Domination!

I'm sure we've all seen the latest craze of Lego filter into our homes, clothes and now our PHONES!

One of the latest apps on the iphone allows you to take a photo and then convert it into a lego collage, it looks a bit like when you make one photo out of a million smaller photos, but not quite as good.

I've only sampled the free version, which definately works and it doesn't crash like many other free apps, but the quality of the collage is not so great. The best way to view the image is from a distance where the colours blend better and don't mark out sections the object in the image so much.

So where has this latest craze for lego come from? I remember playing with lego when I was younger and loved the stuff and now my three year old cousin is a huge fan to and plays with it for hours. It's been worn by many of the 'geek chic' celebs and members of the public for a while now but its only been in the last few months that it has really exploded and with people such as James May making a whole house out of the it for the BBC has really put it back into the limelight.

There are a vareity of different brands out there that must have been influenced by the likes of lego, such as Tatty Divine who are pros in the plastic jewellery making business but all their products definately have an air of the 'lego vibe' to them.

The lego trend has seen a vibrance of colour added to our fashion labels, which can't be a bad thing especially during the grey, dim days of winter.
Overall I think this is a fun and young trend which doesn't always meet the practicality factor and borders on pointless but it brings a smile to many faces and helps us all relive our childhood a little!

Me in my 'legofied' photo.

Lego Kitchen

Lego ipod dock

Friday, 8 January 2010

New Year, New Start and all that Jazz

2010 is officially underway and I was worried that 2010 was going to be able to top my 2009. I was lucky enough to travel to Tokyo, Malaga, Barcelona and Portugal last year...where will my travels reach this year?

I also turned 21 which involved lots of celebrations (and lots of presents!) which was amazing and now don't really have a big birthday to celebrate until i'm...30?!?

And the big one for me was GRADUATING! Wow that was amazing and I was literally happy the whole day.

So, come on 2010, what can you bring me. But to be fair the year hasn't started to badly, i'm currently doing an internship,which I am enjoying and glad to be back in a routine after the student lifestyle which made it difficult to motivate yourself everyday when no one was around to pester you!

Also my sister has just got engaged so that is super exciting and gives all the family something to look forward to! And it's fun as I can pretend to be the wedding planner (being Chief Bridesmaid as all!) and look at all dresses and venues etc which can cheer up any dull winter Sunday afternoon!

What about New Years resolutions I hear you say? Well, I aim to visit people more often, as many of my friends are now scattered all over the place so I intend to actually go and see them instead of making false promises all the time. I also plan to try and pick up my Spanish skills and I feel they are rapidly fading away and I am keen not to loose everything I learnt! So if any of you know of any good exercise books do let me know!

Since I'm an ex fashion student I suppose I should at least talk about something fashion related in my first blog of January Sales...what a load of rubbish! Anyone agree? Firstly why do brands like American Apparrell NEVER do sales? So annoying, also most of the things in the sale were seriously old stock that I think might have even been left over from last January! Urban outfitters was considerably disappointing with only a small selection of items reduced and most items that were of any interest still over the £45 mark! French Connection is a poor excuse for a sale, with some items only having £10 off, if i were still a student I could've got more off with my student discount!

However lets not be bitter, that can't be a good start to the year. One place I did manage to find some good bargains was in Uniqlo, grabbing a lovely knitted jumper dress, cotton and cashmere blend for only £20 and M&S with their underwear sale where I got a lovely bra set for £12 instead of about £28.
So lets see what 2010 holds for me and I will keep you updated with my ups and downs, whether you like it or not! I wish you all a happy new year and hope its a good one for everyone!

P.S - Shouldn't Covent Garden have taken down the Christmas decorations down by now...surely?! They're bringing bad luck to everyone who walks under them!

I grabbed a bargain in M&S lingerie...where did you get yours?
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