Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Lego Domination!

I'm sure we've all seen the latest craze of Lego filter into our homes, clothes and now our PHONES!

One of the latest apps on the iphone allows you to take a photo and then convert it into a lego collage, it looks a bit like when you make one photo out of a million smaller photos, but not quite as good.

I've only sampled the free version, which definately works and it doesn't crash like many other free apps, but the quality of the collage is not so great. The best way to view the image is from a distance where the colours blend better and don't mark out sections the object in the image so much.

So where has this latest craze for lego come from? I remember playing with lego when I was younger and loved the stuff and now my three year old cousin is a huge fan to and plays with it for hours. It's been worn by many of the 'geek chic' celebs and members of the public for a while now but its only been in the last few months that it has really exploded and with people such as James May making a whole house out of the it for the BBC has really put it back into the limelight.

There are a vareity of different brands out there that must have been influenced by the likes of lego, such as Tatty Divine who are pros in the plastic jewellery making business but all their products definately have an air of the 'lego vibe' to them.

The lego trend has seen a vibrance of colour added to our fashion labels, which can't be a bad thing especially during the grey, dim days of winter.
Overall I think this is a fun and young trend which doesn't always meet the practicality factor and borders on pointless but it brings a smile to many faces and helps us all relive our childhood a little!

Me in my 'legofied' photo.

Lego Kitchen

Lego ipod dock


Erica said...

lovee that lego kitchen! so neat


Annie said...

its pretty funky! thanks for your comment!

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