Thursday, 25 February 2010


Odeon just announced that they will be screening Alice in Wonderland after all!

Now this may have been a bit of PR stunt, I'm not entirely sure at the moment but I'm just happy I can go to my local theatre and watch the film and am now officially EXCITED to see it!

P.S That image is the what Odeon, Leicester Square looked like originally!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Odeon Letting the Side Down!

As the below article outlines, Odeon are not to show Tim Burton's adaption of Alice In Wonderland.

I'm gutted, being really keen to see this film, a huge fan of both Tim Burton and Jonny Depp this film was sure to be a twisted, creepy version that I was looking forward to seeing!

All my local cinema's are Odeon's and not only that, the cinemas that aren't Odeon's aren't very nice and notorious places for the 'youths of today' to hang out and annoy people!

I will now probably have to fork out for an inner city cinema to view this film and pay the top top prices to watch a 3D film instead of being able to see it at my local screens at a slightly, ever so slightly, less ridiculous price!


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My Winners and Losers

After watching the Brits here is my own list of winners and losers...

Lady Gaga

LOSER - Reasons being; she got all the papers talking about her AGAIN, saying she's changed her performance 24 hours before the show in order to pay respect to McQueen and perform a more 'low key' event. However she still made an exhibition of herself with her crazy outfit and weird song and dance routine that no one understood, frankly if I was McQueen looking down on that, I'd be insulted.

Dizzee Rascal

WINNER: Looking properly suited and booted and backing the new Brit scheme which encourages children off the streets and into the studios, Dizzee really shows the 'youth of today' how it can be cool to be a rapper but still have a message and not be all about the 'bling and the ladies.' I understand I take the risk of sounding like a grandma using those terms, but seriously he is really a good role model, hardly ever gets bad press yet still pulls in huge crowds wherever he goes and recently announces he will headline Global '10!

Leona Lewis

LOSER: Not only did she not actually win anything, she kicked up a huge fuss about the 'meal' that was offered during the evening and how she thought it was so awful that they were serving foie gras, sorry love but before you were famous you probably didn't even know what it was so don't now pretend to be an animal rights activist!

Cheryl Cole

WINNER: So she MIMED! Big deal, we all know she's not the world's strongest singer so let her put on an over the top dance routine and enjoy it! To be fair, she didn't cancel after whatever is going on between her and Ashley, John Terry missed a game so he could sort out his personal situation. This wasn't needed here, she just got on with what she was asked to do and did it. Fair play!


LOSERS: Generally over excited and irritating. The small one felt the need to do a backflip when picking up one award, because, obviously, no one knows he can do this and the fact that three of them had the top buttons of their shirts open was just a bit cringe worthy and made me feel slightly uncomfortable!

Lily Allen

WINNER: Amazing dress, both on the red carpet and the little 60s style number she had on picking up her award. What you see is what you get, when Fearne Cotton asked her the mind provoking question, 'how will you be celebrating' she simply said, 'i'm not sure....with a drink.'! What a stupid question, and Lily knows she likes a drink and fair play if she was a bit tipsy and giggly, but why should that be frowned upon! I love this girl!

So there you go, I could moan more about Fearne, Geri Halliwell, and the other hang ons that were there but overall it wasn't half bad. Jay-Z and Alicia blew everyone away with their duet, as expected and Alicia looked classy yet sexy, I wouldn't mind having her legs!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Funny but Clever

, caJust a little something I came across which I thought was very funny. Being able to laugh at yourself, or your own industry can be very effective!

Here are a couple of ads from the Bologna Motor Show.


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Jewellery Box...

So I've been tidying my room and clearing out a lot of stuff, out with the old and in with the new and all that! I've been going through my jewellery box, and I remembered how at Uni I had to always think of new ways of describing and illustrating customer profiles and identifying who they were, what they were interested in and what kind of lifestlye they had.

We had, photographing the contents of their handbags, what is on their bedside table, what's in the bathroom cabinet and a whole range of others.

Now I've thought of a new one...the Jewellery Box. Not only what is IN the jewellery box, but what they're jewellery box looks like and how it is organised. A woman's (or man's) jewellery box is something sacred, in mine I have my own jewellery, both fine and costume, mixed in with items that my mum, nan and other family members have given me. It is like a little memory box, filled with past presents that friends and family have kindly given to me and in my case, the jewellery box itself was a gift as well.

Here is mine and my 'personal profile' if you will, so go ahead, analyze until your heart is content!

So long Friends...

So friends is finally coming off our screens. I have to say I had formed a slight attachment to that programme during my student days, quite often when i'd been stuck in doors all day looking at a computer screen, knowing there was something on at 5pm that didn't involve too much concentration was quite comforting!

I'm pretty sure a good 80% of my generation would knows every word to the 'Friends' theme tune, yet wont know the name of their local MP but that just goes to show where our priorities are and how much of an impact, these programmes can have.

My Dad always moaned at me when I watched it saying it's rubbish and how pathetic the characters are, all still acting like they're still 20 year olds, which is true and I hope that I'm not behaving how they do in the show when I'm that age, but it was very easy viewing and the fact that Channel 4/E4 carried on airing it for so many years after the final series finished shows how popular it was! The final episode of 'Friends' was watched by 8.6 million UK viewers, and was probably the topic of most office and school conversations for the following days.

I wont really miss it anymore, and I'm sure there will soon be another replacement, but for now what I will say is go by the boxset, cos sure enough as soon as its off our screens for good, the DVD prices will rocket!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Simple & Clever

Here are a couple of my favourite recent ads. They make me smile, and from the advertising agency point of view, it works! It makes me want to buy the product!

First up, is the Evian baby advert which has been an internet sensation. A play on the word 'live young' this is fun, light hearted and still gets the message across. We are 'bombarded' with images of the Evian bottles but not once do we feel like we are being 'attacked' by the brand.

My second current favourite is the 'Lurpack' both print and TV ad campaign.

With all the cookery programs flooding our screens lately, it is easy to forget how we really should be cooking at home. It's not about creating perfect plates that don't have a drip of sauce in the wrong place. It is purely about being at home surrounded by those you care about and making a tasty home cooked meal.

The joint campaigns highlight that home cooking isn't always perfect, it's not supposed to be! And you should enjoy it!

The TV advert which shows a young man making a pie, making a great mess along the way is brilliant. You can relate to the man trying his very best, looking slightly stressed but then the proud look on his face as he puts it on the table makes up for it all. And not one of his guests even mentions the fact that half of the juices have made their way all down the outside of the dish!

It is these types of adverts that I like. They make sense, are entertaining and relevant. Sure a sense of humor isn't applicable for every ad campaign, in some it would be a disaster, but placing it in the right context to the right audience can have significant affects and produce one of those adverts that last decades.

Here are the links to my current top two ads:

Thursday, 11 February 2010

My Humble Tribute

RIP to a man who brought the British Fashion Industry back to Life.

Yes some of his designs were extreme, but the reason why I had so much respect for McQueen was the fact that in every catwalk, there was an element that you could take away with you and incorporate it into your own style and use as inspiration.

Truely beautiful garments, raw talent.

A large gap in the fashion industry now stands, and I think it will be a while before it is filled.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Lego Update...

Following on from my lego post a while back...check out this advert from Lego...very cool!

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