Sunday, 14 February 2010

Jewellery Box...

So I've been tidying my room and clearing out a lot of stuff, out with the old and in with the new and all that! I've been going through my jewellery box, and I remembered how at Uni I had to always think of new ways of describing and illustrating customer profiles and identifying who they were, what they were interested in and what kind of lifestlye they had.

We had, photographing the contents of their handbags, what is on their bedside table, what's in the bathroom cabinet and a whole range of others.

Now I've thought of a new one...the Jewellery Box. Not only what is IN the jewellery box, but what they're jewellery box looks like and how it is organised. A woman's (or man's) jewellery box is something sacred, in mine I have my own jewellery, both fine and costume, mixed in with items that my mum, nan and other family members have given me. It is like a little memory box, filled with past presents that friends and family have kindly given to me and in my case, the jewellery box itself was a gift as well.

Here is mine and my 'personal profile' if you will, so go ahead, analyze until your heart is content!

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