Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My Winners and Losers

After watching the Brits here is my own list of winners and losers...

Lady Gaga

LOSER - Reasons being; she got all the papers talking about her AGAIN, saying she's changed her performance 24 hours before the show in order to pay respect to McQueen and perform a more 'low key' event. However she still made an exhibition of herself with her crazy outfit and weird song and dance routine that no one understood, frankly if I was McQueen looking down on that, I'd be insulted.

Dizzee Rascal

WINNER: Looking properly suited and booted and backing the new Brit scheme which encourages children off the streets and into the studios, Dizzee really shows the 'youth of today' how it can be cool to be a rapper but still have a message and not be all about the 'bling and the ladies.' I understand I take the risk of sounding like a grandma using those terms, but seriously he is really a good role model, hardly ever gets bad press yet still pulls in huge crowds wherever he goes and recently announces he will headline Global '10!

Leona Lewis

LOSER: Not only did she not actually win anything, she kicked up a huge fuss about the 'meal' that was offered during the evening and how she thought it was so awful that they were serving foie gras, sorry love but before you were famous you probably didn't even know what it was so don't now pretend to be an animal rights activist!

Cheryl Cole

WINNER: So she MIMED! Big deal, we all know she's not the world's strongest singer so let her put on an over the top dance routine and enjoy it! To be fair, she didn't cancel after whatever is going on between her and Ashley, John Terry missed a game so he could sort out his personal situation. This wasn't needed here, she just got on with what she was asked to do and did it. Fair play!


LOSERS: Generally over excited and irritating. The small one felt the need to do a backflip when picking up one award, because, obviously, no one knows he can do this and the fact that three of them had the top buttons of their shirts open was just a bit cringe worthy and made me feel slightly uncomfortable!

Lily Allen

WINNER: Amazing dress, both on the red carpet and the little 60s style number she had on picking up her award. What you see is what you get, when Fearne Cotton asked her the mind provoking question, 'how will you be celebrating' she simply said, 'i'm not sure....with a drink.'! What a stupid question, and Lily knows she likes a drink and fair play if she was a bit tipsy and giggly, but why should that be frowned upon! I love this girl!

So there you go, I could moan more about Fearne, Geri Halliwell, and the other hang ons that were there but overall it wasn't half bad. Jay-Z and Alicia blew everyone away with their duet, as expected and Alicia looked classy yet sexy, I wouldn't mind having her legs!

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