Monday, 22 February 2010

Odeon Letting the Side Down!

As the below article outlines, Odeon are not to show Tim Burton's adaption of Alice In Wonderland.

I'm gutted, being really keen to see this film, a huge fan of both Tim Burton and Jonny Depp this film was sure to be a twisted, creepy version that I was looking forward to seeing!

All my local cinema's are Odeon's and not only that, the cinemas that aren't Odeon's aren't very nice and notorious places for the 'youths of today' to hang out and annoy people!

I will now probably have to fork out for an inner city cinema to view this film and pay the top top prices to watch a 3D film instead of being able to see it at my local screens at a slightly, ever so slightly, less ridiculous price!


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