Friday, 12 February 2010

Simple & Clever

Here are a couple of my favourite recent ads. They make me smile, and from the advertising agency point of view, it works! It makes me want to buy the product!

First up, is the Evian baby advert which has been an internet sensation. A play on the word 'live young' this is fun, light hearted and still gets the message across. We are 'bombarded' with images of the Evian bottles but not once do we feel like we are being 'attacked' by the brand.

My second current favourite is the 'Lurpack' both print and TV ad campaign.

With all the cookery programs flooding our screens lately, it is easy to forget how we really should be cooking at home. It's not about creating perfect plates that don't have a drip of sauce in the wrong place. It is purely about being at home surrounded by those you care about and making a tasty home cooked meal.

The joint campaigns highlight that home cooking isn't always perfect, it's not supposed to be! And you should enjoy it!

The TV advert which shows a young man making a pie, making a great mess along the way is brilliant. You can relate to the man trying his very best, looking slightly stressed but then the proud look on his face as he puts it on the table makes up for it all. And not one of his guests even mentions the fact that half of the juices have made their way all down the outside of the dish!

It is these types of adverts that I like. They make sense, are entertaining and relevant. Sure a sense of humor isn't applicable for every ad campaign, in some it would be a disaster, but placing it in the right context to the right audience can have significant affects and produce one of those adverts that last decades.

Here are the links to my current top two ads:

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