Sunday, 14 February 2010

So long Friends...

So friends is finally coming off our screens. I have to say I had formed a slight attachment to that programme during my student days, quite often when i'd been stuck in doors all day looking at a computer screen, knowing there was something on at 5pm that didn't involve too much concentration was quite comforting!

I'm pretty sure a good 80% of my generation would knows every word to the 'Friends' theme tune, yet wont know the name of their local MP but that just goes to show where our priorities are and how much of an impact, these programmes can have.

My Dad always moaned at me when I watched it saying it's rubbish and how pathetic the characters are, all still acting like they're still 20 year olds, which is true and I hope that I'm not behaving how they do in the show when I'm that age, but it was very easy viewing and the fact that Channel 4/E4 carried on airing it for so many years after the final series finished shows how popular it was! The final episode of 'Friends' was watched by 8.6 million UK viewers, and was probably the topic of most office and school conversations for the following days.

I wont really miss it anymore, and I'm sure there will soon be another replacement, but for now what I will say is go by the boxset, cos sure enough as soon as its off our screens for good, the DVD prices will rocket!

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