Tuesday, 30 March 2010


...In my back pocket right now I would buy all these things tomorrow...

Dress by Acne... love the sculpture involved in this piece... amazing.

Viv Westwood mini wellies... had my eye on these for ages, not too expensive (£75) but just can't justify it at the moment!

McQ Alexander McQueen dress, love the draping of the neckline and think would look great in summer and then layer it up for winter. (Available at My-Wardrobe)

Paul Smith Petal Make Up Bag - I've currently got a Benefit Make Up bag which I like but feel have grown out of it, this would be a suitable replacement!

One can only dream!!...

Happy Birthday Dr Marten!

Everyone should own a pair of Dr Marten’s in their lifetime, it should be on one of those ‘things to do before you die’ lists… number 28, buy, wear and enjoy a pair of Dr Martens.

Admittedly I haven’t owned a pair for quite a few years now, I last owned some when I was about 8 years old. But they were GREAT. I had some boots with flowers all over them. Now this may sound girlie, but I can assure you I was not a girlie girl when I was young, but I loved them and wore them pretty much everyday for about 2 years. I wish I could hunt down an old photo of me in them to show you all.

Several recent spottings of celebrities in Dr Martens has raised the brands profile, making them ‘cool’ again and they have found their way into recent fashion pages of magazines. Previously associated with certain stereotypes, such as ‘Goths’, ‘Punks’, or ‘Bikers’ but now they are seen as something ‘trendy’ and many high street chains have created their own versions of the Dr Marten boot.

I have been a bit wary of following this latest trend, as these boots are pretty chunky and quite heavy! I did try a pair on, but was definitely wearing the wrong outfit for them; jersey mini skirt with top + cardi, and I didn’t think I was quite ‘cool’ enough to pull them off! However, even though I’m not a current wearer of the Dr Martens, I can still appreciate the brand and what it represents.

April 1st is Dr Martens 50th Birthday. I wonder if 50 years ago the two German doctors who came up with the ‘cushioned sole’ which is the key component in every boot, thought that they would be celebrating this landmark birthday?

On reading up about the brand and its history, how the world of Dr Martens started up is quite interesting. The two German doctors who had been successful in creating a comfortable working shoe needed extra backing to take the shoes to the next level. It wasn’t until they placed an ad in a business magazine to try and gain backing that their idea became a reality and is how the association with Britain started. Griggs, the British boot-making company saw the ad in the magazine and decided to support the two Germans in their quest to supply a comfortable shoe to the working classes.

One thing I really like about Dr Martens brand is the variety of people who wear them and have continued to wear them throughout the years. The original target market; the working class, can still be seen wearing them today, many 40 something men pair their Dr Marten’s with their jeans or chinos and the shoe has become a staple piece of work wear for many.

The Mods of the 60s had a strong following of the brand, turning up their jeans to show the shoes in their full glory and they are still a popular choice for many Punks of today.

With fast fashion seeming to take over the world lately it is nice that some brands are celebrating landmark birthdays and show that they can survive constantly changing fashion trends and believe in their products and what they represent. Dr Martens do deserve a place in fashion history, to have survived the last 50 years and to celebrate this birthday as they are back in the height of fashion is a pretty impressive achievement. Happy Birthday Dr Martens, here’s to the next 50 years!

Clash sporting their trusty Dr Martens
 Daisy Lowe in her bright pink Dr Martens
 This Topshop boot has a strong resemblance to many Dr Marten Boots!

Thursday, 25 March 2010


The other weekend when my boy was visiting we decided to be tourists in London for the day. Normally when he visits we go back home and stay with my parents and so don't really go round and 'see the sights.' However a few weekends ago we had a friend's party on the Friday night in central, so we decided to stay up and wonder round London on the Saturday.

I wanted to go to Somerset House as I've never been and there was currently a (free) photography exhibition on. The combination of Derek being a photographer and the free element made it an easy decision to go and check it out! The exhibition was called A Postive View and runs until the 5th of April so if you have a spare couple of hours in London I'd suggest you give this exhibition a visit.

I wasn't really sure what to expect since I'd never been to Somerset house, and quite often the free exhibitions don't always give you the full experience. However we were both very pleasently surprised.

Firstly there were so many images on display which was great, and the diversity was really interesting. There were fashion and glamour shots, including two very contrasting images of Viveien Westwood (one of which I didn't recognise her!), and the photo that started Kate Moss' career taken by Corinne Day. Then there were several iconic images of landscapes and places.

One of my favourites was Wim Wenders’ Lounge Painting, I just loved the colours and the sofa is gorgeous and wouldn't mind having that in my house! (Top Image)

It really was a nice way to spend an afternoon. I hadn't been to a gallery or a museum for a while and it helped remind me how much I enjoy them! Recently Vivienne Westwood commented that the unemployed living in London are some of the luckiest people as they have the time to explore all our galleries and enjoy London's culture. Now I don't completely agree with this as I know how frustrating and stressful it can be not having a job. But I agree with it in terms of we should take more advantage of those events and public spaces that are open to the public and don't cost a penny.

I enjoyed just sitting in the courtyard of Somerset house for a few minutes, just looking at the building itself which is beautiful. That is what I love about London, there is so much culture and so many great buildings and it is nice to take a moment and actually look at your surroundings. Even on a grey day like the one I had, buildings etc can be quite fascinating...all you've got to do is stop for 5 seconds and look at them. Snap out of the commuter mind set, and enjoy your surroundings!

P.S - If you like the photos check out his blog (he's just started it up so lots more images to come!) http://derekshepherd85.blogspot.com/

Statue in courtyard of Somerset House - Derek Shepherd Photography

Me goofing around - Derek Shepherd Photography

Saturday, 20 March 2010


I have never really had a proper make up consultation, and never really knew what type of foundation I should wear and what colours etc. Since I am now fully employed I thought I would treat myself to a MAC make over and finally wear the right colours for my skin tone!

I'll admit I was a bit nervous as I had to go on my lunch break as it takes an hour, I finish work at 6 and the store shuts at 6.30...so I went on my break but didn't want to come out looking really done up and go back into the office (which is all men apart from me!) and have them all go, what the hell have you just done!

Even though I don't wear lots of makeup, especially when going to work, I have always had issues with my skin and don't like leaving the house with some cover up as I'm not too confident without my 'face on.' This was another factor that was making me slightly nervous, all the make overs are just done in the shop so everyone who is browsing/buying can look at you! And I wasn't too keen on them all seeing me with no makeup on!

So, I go to my appointment and my nerves are kind of blown out straight away. We have a little chat about what look I am going for, the lady was very nice, not too overwhelming. Then she sits me down, initially I am slightly relieved as I am sat at the table which is at the back and so not as out in the open as the other table.

Then she takes my make up off, and THEN she says, let me show you all our types of foundations etc and we can choose the one that’s best for you... felt slightly uncomfortable walking around with a slightly blotchy face after being face wiped and moisturised! But no one actually cares! I wanted to hide my face from everyone but no one even looked, (why would they?!) So this was good for me as I got over a mini fear of being in public with no makeup on!

Secondly after we had picked the foundation etc, she made me look at my face in the mirror. Now I know they are also sales people at the end of the day and have to be complimentary, but she really did make me feel better about myself and did so in a very relaxed an un-patronizing way!

I explained how I felt my skin needs to be covered up but she literally made me identify the areas that needed a bit more cover up, that took about 3 seconds...problem solved. I didn't need a heavy cover up, I just needed the right colour for my skin tone to get everything to blend in. And after having looked at your face in such a way it did make me feel more confident with no makeup on.

I have been known to say that I don't really like facials and wouldn't normally go for a makeover as I don't like people being that close to my face and I don't like them looking and analysing it in such detail. But I must say, if i ever win the lottery I may hire someone to do my make up for me every day! It is very therapeutic and it was quite nice to see the difference in stages that make up can do!

Towards the end the other make up artists and sales people kept coming over to see 'what she'd done to me' and it did all feel much more relaxed and I was much more relaxed than I thought I'd be!

I never wear lipstick as I don't think I can pull it off but she put the new Lady Gaga pink lipstick on me, which was pretty bright but I did like it and it brightened up my face. It was fun learning about make up properly and taking the time to listen to what the artist said. And the only time she mentioned buying anything was at the end when she said 'will you be wanting to take anything with you today.' I walked out with foundation, powder and blusher, so I definitely treated myself but I'm glad I did and I would definitely advise others to do so.

If you've never really thought about make up properly but just buy what you like or what is on offer, you can completely transform your face when you know you are using the right shades etc.

Who knows when I get a promotion I might go one step further and get my make up done when I go on any big nights out just to make myself feel that little bit better! I don't really care if this whole post has made me sound really vain and shallow. I know that make up makes me feel more confident, especially when my face hasn't seen any sunshine for the past however many months! If a bit of 'slap' makes you feel a bit better about yourself then why the hell should we feel bad about it! One day I may venture out the house with a 'naked' face... but until that day I'm happy with my newer, more natural looking (hopefully) make up!

Me post make over - can't see the lipstick too much as light wasn't very bright!
Me post make-over 11pm - it lasted quite well!
My first attempt with my new products!!

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Current wish list...

Pineapple Dress : Topshop - How cute would this look on holiday when I have a bit of a tan!

Urban Outfitters Cardi - Nice and chunky, would be a great throw on and handy to have!

American Apparell Shorts - Again another holiday piece but I need to have them in my wardrobe now!
Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry

Now normally I don't really fall under the spell of celebrity fashion collaborations. I was not one of the god knows how many people to queue outside Regent Street's H&M to buy my pair of 'jimmy choos'. However this latest collaboration caught my eye.

It makes sense as Amy is often photographed wearing Fred Perry polos and the capsule collection that has been put together is indeed very cute.

There's much less hype around this collaboration than what is usually generated making it much more about the collection itself rather than the name. Perry have also chosen to use the illustrations of the collection to advertise the campaign rather than photographing Amy wearing it which keeps the focus on the clothing rather than the celebrity. However they may also have just made the sensible decision of realizing that Amy isn't the most reliable of stars and if a big photo-shoot was put together in her name thousands of pounds would have been put at risk as she has been known to show up late or not at all!
I've been a fan of Winehouse since her debut album Frank, was released in 2003. I found her voice somewhat hypnotizing and truly engaging. I eagerly anticipated the realize of Back to Black, only to be slightly disappointed that she had left a certain amount of her jazz background behind and headed slightly more towards the Rn'B genre. However her voice was still as original and powerful as ever.

From her history of battling drink and drugs, Winehouse has lost a lot of respect from several industry insiders and poor live performances lost her many fans. I have always had a bit of a soft spot for her as I really thought Frank was one of a kind and that she had a lot more to give.

I'm hoping this new development with Fred Perry will bring some structure back into her life and she is on the mend! Who knows how much creative input Winehouse had on this project but it is one that has good potential and a new take on the 'celebrity collaboration.'.

For me the collection was a refreshing and uplifting and brings a slightly edgier side to Fred Perry yet still maintaining it's preppy style.

What I really like about this campaign is that it is all about the clothes, and not about the names involved and shows how people really can be influential and inspiring!

I look forward to seeing the collection in the flesh...let me know what you think...

Thursday, 4 March 2010


I am a fully fledged commuter nowadays, catching the same train every morning, getting on a specific carriage and getting annoyed when I can't get my window seat! And along the way I've noticed how I've picked up some commuter lifestyle traits that before now I swore I'd never do!
Firstly, walking to the end of the platform and getting on at the front of the train...there really is no point, it saves about 2 minutes when you get off the other end, but I still do it, it kills 30 seconds waiting for the train by walking that short distance so there is some logic in my madness (SOME!)
I've now sussed out the whereabouts of the exits that I take at each tube station and now get on specific carriages so that I can just step off and walk straight out to the exit. I get increasingly annoyed when they're aren't any Metro's left at the station so I can entertain myself on the train doing the suduko!

I am also irritated by these new badges that many women are wearing, with 'baby on board' written on them with the tube logo on. Really, this is not necessary, maybe it's a jokey way of getting you to give up your seat, after many men and women are now apparently scared to do so in case the female bites back saying 'why should i need your seat? Do i look pregnant?' This badge acts as a way to say, don't worry I am pregnant, not just fat! I just think they're a bit naff really! 

But there is one commuter habbit that I am promising to myself I will never take up, as it goes against all my beliefs (fashion wise anyway!) This is the whole 'comfy trainer wearing with suits and other office wear.' Basically women wearing BUTT ugly trainers to work, simply as they are more comfy.

This looks HIDEOUS! And frankly, upsets me greatly. Do these women not know that there are hundred of comfy and attractive shoes out there! And I have many a fine example in my wardrobe! What is wrong with a simple ballet pump, or if you want something more substantial just a regular shoe or even a pair of boots!

This commuter trend really is plain naff, it's like these people think, oh no ones sees your feet, but I happen to think your shoes can give away a lot about your personality! And the day I succum to this trainer wearing band wagon is the day that I pray will never arrive! Fair enough that may be a bit dramatic, but I really don't think it's that hard to get attractive comfortable shoes that are suitable for the work place whether in a corporal environment or a more relaxed office.

Surely someone out there agrees?? I saw to you all, hang up your smelly school trainers and go forth and invest in a dual purpose pair of shoes...comfort and stylish! It is achievable, I promise!

Bad bad bad!!

See does this woman look happy...would you if you were wearing those shoes??

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