Thursday, 11 March 2010

Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry

Now normally I don't really fall under the spell of celebrity fashion collaborations. I was not one of the god knows how many people to queue outside Regent Street's H&M to buy my pair of 'jimmy choos'. However this latest collaboration caught my eye.

It makes sense as Amy is often photographed wearing Fred Perry polos and the capsule collection that has been put together is indeed very cute.

There's much less hype around this collaboration than what is usually generated making it much more about the collection itself rather than the name. Perry have also chosen to use the illustrations of the collection to advertise the campaign rather than photographing Amy wearing it which keeps the focus on the clothing rather than the celebrity. However they may also have just made the sensible decision of realizing that Amy isn't the most reliable of stars and if a big photo-shoot was put together in her name thousands of pounds would have been put at risk as she has been known to show up late or not at all!
I've been a fan of Winehouse since her debut album Frank, was released in 2003. I found her voice somewhat hypnotizing and truly engaging. I eagerly anticipated the realize of Back to Black, only to be slightly disappointed that she had left a certain amount of her jazz background behind and headed slightly more towards the Rn'B genre. However her voice was still as original and powerful as ever.

From her history of battling drink and drugs, Winehouse has lost a lot of respect from several industry insiders and poor live performances lost her many fans. I have always had a bit of a soft spot for her as I really thought Frank was one of a kind and that she had a lot more to give.

I'm hoping this new development with Fred Perry will bring some structure back into her life and she is on the mend! Who knows how much creative input Winehouse had on this project but it is one that has good potential and a new take on the 'celebrity collaboration.'.

For me the collection was a refreshing and uplifting and brings a slightly edgier side to Fred Perry yet still maintaining it's preppy style.

What I really like about this campaign is that it is all about the clothes, and not about the names involved and shows how people really can be influential and inspiring!

I look forward to seeing the collection in the flesh...let me know what you think...


Anonymous said...
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Sarah O' Neill said...

I don't normally enjoy when celebritys design their own clothing lines as I think they deprive the industry of space for new young designers!Although Winehouse is an intereting character and willl be looking forward to discovering what she plans to design!Great blog btw

Annie said...

Thanks for your comment Sarah! Yea I know what you mean about letting new designers break though, and I to don't normally like celeb lines but this one didn't seem as lame as they normally are!

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