Thursday, 4 March 2010


I am a fully fledged commuter nowadays, catching the same train every morning, getting on a specific carriage and getting annoyed when I can't get my window seat! And along the way I've noticed how I've picked up some commuter lifestyle traits that before now I swore I'd never do!
Firstly, walking to the end of the platform and getting on at the front of the train...there really is no point, it saves about 2 minutes when you get off the other end, but I still do it, it kills 30 seconds waiting for the train by walking that short distance so there is some logic in my madness (SOME!)
I've now sussed out the whereabouts of the exits that I take at each tube station and now get on specific carriages so that I can just step off and walk straight out to the exit. I get increasingly annoyed when they're aren't any Metro's left at the station so I can entertain myself on the train doing the suduko!

I am also irritated by these new badges that many women are wearing, with 'baby on board' written on them with the tube logo on. Really, this is not necessary, maybe it's a jokey way of getting you to give up your seat, after many men and women are now apparently scared to do so in case the female bites back saying 'why should i need your seat? Do i look pregnant?' This badge acts as a way to say, don't worry I am pregnant, not just fat! I just think they're a bit naff really! 

But there is one commuter habbit that I am promising to myself I will never take up, as it goes against all my beliefs (fashion wise anyway!) This is the whole 'comfy trainer wearing with suits and other office wear.' Basically women wearing BUTT ugly trainers to work, simply as they are more comfy.

This looks HIDEOUS! And frankly, upsets me greatly. Do these women not know that there are hundred of comfy and attractive shoes out there! And I have many a fine example in my wardrobe! What is wrong with a simple ballet pump, or if you want something more substantial just a regular shoe or even a pair of boots!

This commuter trend really is plain naff, it's like these people think, oh no ones sees your feet, but I happen to think your shoes can give away a lot about your personality! And the day I succum to this trainer wearing band wagon is the day that I pray will never arrive! Fair enough that may be a bit dramatic, but I really don't think it's that hard to get attractive comfortable shoes that are suitable for the work place whether in a corporal environment or a more relaxed office.

Surely someone out there agrees?? I saw to you all, hang up your smelly school trainers and go forth and invest in a dual purpose pair of shoes...comfort and stylish! It is achievable, I promise!

Bad bad bad!!

See does this woman look happy...would you if you were wearing those shoes??


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