Thursday, 25 March 2010


The other weekend when my boy was visiting we decided to be tourists in London for the day. Normally when he visits we go back home and stay with my parents and so don't really go round and 'see the sights.' However a few weekends ago we had a friend's party on the Friday night in central, so we decided to stay up and wonder round London on the Saturday.

I wanted to go to Somerset House as I've never been and there was currently a (free) photography exhibition on. The combination of Derek being a photographer and the free element made it an easy decision to go and check it out! The exhibition was called A Postive View and runs until the 5th of April so if you have a spare couple of hours in London I'd suggest you give this exhibition a visit.

I wasn't really sure what to expect since I'd never been to Somerset house, and quite often the free exhibitions don't always give you the full experience. However we were both very pleasently surprised.

Firstly there were so many images on display which was great, and the diversity was really interesting. There were fashion and glamour shots, including two very contrasting images of Viveien Westwood (one of which I didn't recognise her!), and the photo that started Kate Moss' career taken by Corinne Day. Then there were several iconic images of landscapes and places.

One of my favourites was Wim Wenders’ Lounge Painting, I just loved the colours and the sofa is gorgeous and wouldn't mind having that in my house! (Top Image)

It really was a nice way to spend an afternoon. I hadn't been to a gallery or a museum for a while and it helped remind me how much I enjoy them! Recently Vivienne Westwood commented that the unemployed living in London are some of the luckiest people as they have the time to explore all our galleries and enjoy London's culture. Now I don't completely agree with this as I know how frustrating and stressful it can be not having a job. But I agree with it in terms of we should take more advantage of those events and public spaces that are open to the public and don't cost a penny.

I enjoyed just sitting in the courtyard of Somerset house for a few minutes, just looking at the building itself which is beautiful. That is what I love about London, there is so much culture and so many great buildings and it is nice to take a moment and actually look at your surroundings. Even on a grey day like the one I had, buildings etc can be quite fascinating...all you've got to do is stop for 5 seconds and look at them. Snap out of the commuter mind set, and enjoy your surroundings!

P.S - If you like the photos check out his blog (he's just started it up so lots more images to come!)

Statue in courtyard of Somerset House - Derek Shepherd Photography

Me goofing around - Derek Shepherd Photography

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