Thursday, 15 April 2010


Has any one else stumbled onto this site yet? Bunny Hug is a relatively new online fashion boutique. I can't remember how I heard of it, I may have read about it somewhere... maybe Stylist?? But anyway, I'm in love.

I have to admit, I don't think it's the most easiest site to use, and sometimes navigating around the site can be a bit confusing, for example, when trying to register my email address and sign up for the newsletter, the fields to fill in your details aren't very obvious! However,  the products speak for themselves...

The layout/design does show some inspiration from ASOS but has gone for a more sophisticated style using mainly monocrome colours. I believe this site is going to (if it's not already) give my-wardrobe a run for it's money. Obviously My-wardrobe is much more advanced and has it's own blog and TV sections on it's site and Sarah Curran is frequently interviewed by the press. However I reckon it's only a matter of months before we start seeing Bunny Hug products heavily featured in our magazines.

I'm not really a huge fan of online shopping, and on the rare occasions that I purchase clothes online it's usually cheaper, low risk orders! However some of these products are simply gorgeous and not as expensive as many that I like on other sites and so I may well have to give in... they offer a free UK returns policy anyway!!

Here are some of my current favourite items available now....

- I am very strongly considering buying this when I get my next pay cheque!!
- This one is in the sale, making it even more desirable!

Guess I'll wait and see when I next get paid if my budget will stretch to any of these items!!


daisychain said...

yes! I am obsessed with this site.

bravegrrl said...

those are all great basics!


Adele said...

Ohh cute, im on the site now! Thanks

No i'm actually in my 2nd year! Next year im doing a placement year abroad then will returning for my final year after that!

Im loving it also! Im on clifton campus though! Living in West Bridgford right now :D

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