Thursday, 22 April 2010


I will admit it here and now and get it out in the open. I have a mini crush on Mark Ronson and thought he could do no wrong. His style always oozes cool he does have what some may say, a beautiful face!

However, this latest collaboration with Gucci has upset me. Not only do I not rate the shoes too much, the promo images for the collection are odd and the suit he wore to the opening of the pop up store in Covent Garden was just wrong!

The shoes themselves, are alright... I can't really make my mind up as to who would wear them...they look slightly plasticy to me, this could be due to the photography or something to do with the colours he's used, but generally I didn't really think too much of them. If they were in the shop window I wouldn't give them a second glance or think them anything special. The designs are pretty safe really.

The campaign, well there is one photograph that really makes me cringe. Mark, with two pairs of his shoes next to him. He's got an odd smile on his face, it just looks so naff and manufactured. There is no depth to them, they're very bland. It's as if they thought, well this is Mark Ronson, he's touching a pair of shoes, this is clearly enough! There's normally a bit of a story involved and it isn't as openly cheesy especially with a high end brand like Gucci. There doesn't seem like any budget was put into the shoot and that all their money was spent just getting Ronson involved!

For example, below is an image from the Versace campaign with Madonna, I didn't like this campaign at all, I thought there was too much white and it was generally a bit weird, but at least there was a set up, props and a theme! And if only one person can get away just using their face and name, it's Madonna!

Now my final moan, on what he wore to the opening. Now this man never fails to look good in a suit. But this choice of a white suit with the matching spotty Gucci shoes and shirt... really?? It didn't (in my eyes) look sexy or chic. It was geek chic without the chic. I just know he could have done better as he has done, on many occasions!!

Let me know if I'm just being too picky, but I just thought with all the press and lead up to this launch and the opening of the pop up shop, I thought both Gucci and Ronson would have more to give!

Eeeek! Cringe, it's like he's in a naff family portrait and the shoes are his children! Hate the white/grey backdrop. 

Hugely dislike the green used on these.

The Madonna Versace campaign, quite old now, but has much more attitude and impact that the promo shots with Ronson!

And finally we have the suit... does anyone like this or think he pulls it off?


daisychain said...

Hm, not much a fan

Nicole Jarecz said...

i agree - i like the madonna shoot better!

Jen said...

I'm definately not his biggest fan but I guess he has to make his money somehow ;-) As for Madonna... she always looks fab!

Tariro said...

The high top sneaker shoes make me cringe, but a girl can't say no to topsiders! I LOVE the design & colors

Inspire the Starling said...

Isn't he a cutie? Shame about the shoes though - I certainly won't be wasting my hard earned money on these!!! x

Anonymous said...

great msg for me, thanks a lot dude˙﹏˙

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