Tuesday, 25 May 2010



So Sex and the City 2 premiered in New York last night, and premiers here in the UK on Friday. The ladies all looked lovely at the premier but surprisingly Sarah Jessica Parker won me over in her yellow Valentino gown. Canary yellow isn't really my fav colour but think it suits her skin tone and the structure of the dress is very elegant, much better than the outfit she wore to the Oscars, which did nothing for her figure and had an odd neckline!

The other ladies choice of dresses didn't amaze me too much, the Kristin Davis pink outfit I thought was quite typical of her (and her character) which did look lovely but thought she could have gone a bit more adventurous. Kim Cattrall dress was all about the glamour and she pulls it off whilst Cynthia Nixon's dress was a nice shape but nothing about it really says Hollywood glamour, or seems to be premiere material!

I've not booked any tickets to see it yet as I think I'd like to go when the cinema isn't too packed and wont have people shouting at the screen but I am excited to see it and love the drama that has surrounded this movie's release... I just hope it lives up to expectation!

 SJP at the Sex and the City 2 Premiere... Love this dress

SJP at the Oscars this year... similar colour to above dress but the shape isn't a winner with me!

Thursday, 20 May 2010



Topshop unveiled the 12th collection by Kate Moss yesterday, with a suitably swanky party in Knightsbridge. Looking at the photos, it struck me that Kate isn't starting to loose her charm somewhat. I've never been the biggest fan of Kate Moss and never really saw her to be amazing attractive, but I understood how she'd been such a successful model as her face and look was so versatile. However when I compare her to Naomi Campbell, I think Naomi is actually beautiful as looks amazing most days - even if she does have some anger issues!

At this latest launch, I don't know if it's Kate's make up, flimsy outfit or her hair-do but it's just not working for me. Her eye make up doesn't seem very flattering and I think just makes her look tired! Her hair style seems to be attempting to follow the style of the loose curls from the 1950s era, but again, not quite making it. The playsuit that she wore really did just look like underwear, or a slip. I know the whole underwear as outerwear trend is big but do it with some style?! Then the plain black pointy shoes and blazer just seemed a bit lazy for me. There was no hint of glamour there. 

What do you think? Do you think she's still got it? 
Kate Vs Kelly ... Kelly gets my vote!

In terms of the collection, I have never bought a KM piece, mainly because I don't think the price tag that comes with the items is really necessary. But there are a couple of items from this latest collection which stand out to me as being slightly more adventurous than previous items. 

Below are a couple of my favourites. Will any of you be buying anything from the range?

Suede Shorts - £70

Silk Playsuit - £75

Wednesday, 19 May 2010



Thought I would give a little review of the new collection from Peacocks, featuring designs from Pearl Lowe, and modeled by the lovely Daisy Lowe. 

Now these aren't really my style, however I can appreciate the 'light and floaty' feel that peacocks have gone for to suit the summer months. It seems that Pearl had her daughter in mind when designing this collection as the clothes suit very well in the shoot that supports this collection. 

At first, the price point seemed a little high (£30 starting price for the dresses), which is more along the lines of M&S rather than the lower end market prices. However when I looked around at other dresses that weren't part of the collection they averaged about £20 - £25, so I guess Peacocks are trying to raise their price point, in the hopes of rising their 'quality' status. 

The T-shirts in the collection again seemed quite high in price, the quality felt OK (probably a bit better than Primark, but not too different from H&M). But I felt the T-shirt designs were quite uninspiring, and didn't really fit with the rest of the collection and was a bit of a half thought. Maybe someone said 'let's throw some T-shirts in as well' - and this is what they came up with!

My favourite piece, even though I probably wouldn't wear it is the most expensive! The £40 blue polka dot dress. It seems to stand out more than the others and have a bit more character than the others which fall into the 'floral, summer tea party' category. The runner up is the 'retro dress.' I was drawn to this due to the darker colours used, still at a reasonably high £30, the reason this takes second place is the fabric let it down somewhat. 

However, overall I think this collection could do quite well as I'm sure many young girls/young women will enjoy feeling feminine in the delicate dresses and tops. But how many of you knew that this collection existed? Would you know who Pearl Lowe was if you hadn't heard of Daisy? I read about the collection in a Magazine - I think the Stylist?? But since that I've not really heard much about it or seen many of the products featured anywhere. 

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Too expensive? I think even if this collection was to my taste and style I wouldn't really be rushing to get anything from there, the whole £40 price tag and Peacocks just doesn't sit well with me! Which brings me to a mini final thought...are all lower end high street stores raising their prices? I recently found a pair of flip flop/sandles in Primark, priced at £12! There really wasn't much too them and again, I didn't part with my cash as I didn't expect to pay that much in Primark! Am I right? Or am I just being a snob??

Who knows...all I know is that there are plenty of people who will buy the £12 sandles so there's not really much point in moaning!

Monday, 17 May 2010



Hi guys, so recently I have been talking with an editor at an online magazine called 'The Hub' and I've been working with her for a few months now and they have kindly published one of my editorial articles about Freddie Mercury.

Please go and have a look at it here, it is also a great online magazine with up to date fashion, music and art news plus lots more! It is a lovely looking site and I hope it continues to grow from strength to strength! You may have to register/log in to read the full article, but if you are a member of wordpress you should be able to use those log in details.

Thanks to The Hub and Genevieve for working with me and I hope it's the first of many collaborations!

Monday, 10 May 2010


So...I've bought another pair of shoes! Ooops... oh well I’ll get over it! However, I got them from Marks & Spencer and I have been known to find a good pair in there on more than one occasion.

When you think of M&S funky shoes don't normally come straight to mind! Nice underwear and cardigans for your granny, sure...but trendy shoes? Surely not? Well if you haven't already made this discovery I suggest you venture into your local M&S as you may well be pleasantly surprised.

The Limited collection (which is where these are from) or the Autograph 'brand' tend to have a better range and much more on trend. They are also always very reasonable. On this shopping trip when I bought these latest editions, I had only just before gone into Dune and found a lovely pair but they were £85 and for a general, if not lower end high street brand, this seemed a bit excessive! However these little beauties only set me back £30!!

The other thing with M&S you get the re-assurance from buying into that brand and that if they did decide to fall apart you'd be able to go back to the shop, to talk to a friendly and helpful member of staff who would try and solve the problem and you wouldn't have to hang around for ages to speak to a 'manager' as the shop assistant available probably just can't be bothered to issue the refund which has been an experience in one shoe shop...but I won’t name and shame.

So I encourage you all to explore M&S stores in the future and you may well find yourself a lovely treat! Or have you already found them??

Sorry about the quality but the photo from the site is tiny.

Pretty and comfortable!

The shoes with my 'treggins' aka stupidly tight jeans!

Monday, 3 May 2010


Last Thursday I went to the 20% off shopping event in 7 Dials, Covent Garden, with my skin and blister (sister!). I've been to a night like this before in Carnaby street, just before Xmas and so kinda knew what to expect...queues outside the Mac shop, unnecessarily loud music in Urban outfitters and endless offerings of 'free champagne' aka sparkling wine, on entry to any shop.

I was quite excited as I had just been paid and due to the recent stint of summer weather was up for updating my summer wardrobe. However, I was quite self controlled and didn't fall into the trap of buying things just because they had 20% off!

I really wanted the light blue denim shorts from American Apparel, but alas, they no longer had that style in stock!! Booo! I nearly bought a plain sweater instead but decided that I would save my money and buy something a bit more exciting.

I ended up walking away with a stripy top from Urban outfitters (£24) a birthday present from Tatty Divine and a pair of boots from Office (£20)! The boots I was very pleased with as they were an absolute bargain and knew that it was due to rain over the weekend and so was excited to wear them!

My sister was a bit more adventurous, walking away with a Mac blusher, top from Urban Outfitters, and denim shorts from Superdry. Then we both enjoyed a tasty pasta dinner, again with 20% off.

Below you can see some of my purchases. However the highlight of the night for me was the goodie bag!! Now usually these are quite disappointing, with a few flyers from brands, a bottle of some sort of drink (usually vitamin water) and a sticker. But this one was amazing! As outlined in the photo below, to name but a few of the free items included...earphones, lipgloss, dunny vinyl toy (which my boyfriend collects!), eye mask and massage frog with batteries!

This was by far the best goodie bag I've had!

On the topic of shopping, this bank holiday weekend I went to Shropshire to visit my boy, and we made a trip to Chester Oaks, the outlet village...and I came back with...dun dun dun... a Burberry jacket!! I was so excited, I've wanted a Burberry jacket for sooo long and hadn't really ever thought I'd be able to afford one but this one was £90 off and fitted me like a glove! I was so happy! I know that I will be able to wear this for several years and therefore think it was a great investment!
Hope you all had a nice bank holiday and let me know if any of you grabbed a bargain!
My £20 Office Boots..down from £65!

The amazing goodie bag, with shower gel, oyster card holder and loads more!

My New pride and joy!! :)
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