Monday, 10 May 2010


So...I've bought another pair of shoes! Ooops... oh well I’ll get over it! However, I got them from Marks & Spencer and I have been known to find a good pair in there on more than one occasion.

When you think of M&S funky shoes don't normally come straight to mind! Nice underwear and cardigans for your granny, sure...but trendy shoes? Surely not? Well if you haven't already made this discovery I suggest you venture into your local M&S as you may well be pleasantly surprised.

The Limited collection (which is where these are from) or the Autograph 'brand' tend to have a better range and much more on trend. They are also always very reasonable. On this shopping trip when I bought these latest editions, I had only just before gone into Dune and found a lovely pair but they were £85 and for a general, if not lower end high street brand, this seemed a bit excessive! However these little beauties only set me back £30!!

The other thing with M&S you get the re-assurance from buying into that brand and that if they did decide to fall apart you'd be able to go back to the shop, to talk to a friendly and helpful member of staff who would try and solve the problem and you wouldn't have to hang around for ages to speak to a 'manager' as the shop assistant available probably just can't be bothered to issue the refund which has been an experience in one shoe shop...but I won’t name and shame.

So I encourage you all to explore M&S stores in the future and you may well find yourself a lovely treat! Or have you already found them??

Sorry about the quality but the photo from the site is tiny.

Pretty and comfortable!

The shoes with my 'treggins' aka stupidly tight jeans!


Adele said...

Good find!
- Adele

Patricia Snook said...

There is nothing guilty about these! EEEK! I adore your shoes so much. You look gorgeous in them. *ENVY*


Anonymous said...

They look lovely!
My newest post is shoe related (when aren't they? Lol) xx

t said...

Cute shoes!

Becca. said...

gorgeous shoes!
they are so pretty!


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