Thursday, 20 May 2010



Topshop unveiled the 12th collection by Kate Moss yesterday, with a suitably swanky party in Knightsbridge. Looking at the photos, it struck me that Kate isn't starting to loose her charm somewhat. I've never been the biggest fan of Kate Moss and never really saw her to be amazing attractive, but I understood how she'd been such a successful model as her face and look was so versatile. However when I compare her to Naomi Campbell, I think Naomi is actually beautiful as looks amazing most days - even if she does have some anger issues!

At this latest launch, I don't know if it's Kate's make up, flimsy outfit or her hair-do but it's just not working for me. Her eye make up doesn't seem very flattering and I think just makes her look tired! Her hair style seems to be attempting to follow the style of the loose curls from the 1950s era, but again, not quite making it. The playsuit that she wore really did just look like underwear, or a slip. I know the whole underwear as outerwear trend is big but do it with some style?! Then the plain black pointy shoes and blazer just seemed a bit lazy for me. There was no hint of glamour there. 

What do you think? Do you think she's still got it? 
Kate Vs Kelly ... Kelly gets my vote!

In terms of the collection, I have never bought a KM piece, mainly because I don't think the price tag that comes with the items is really necessary. But there are a couple of items from this latest collection which stand out to me as being slightly more adventurous than previous items. 

Below are a couple of my favourites. Will any of you be buying anything from the range?

Suede Shorts - £70

Silk Playsuit - £75


daisychain said...

Kate is hit or miss in terms of looks for me, sometimes she is a goddess, others not so much!

Love that playsuit

A.Co said...

I agree this look isn't Kate's best, but I love her anyways! :P

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

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