Monday, 3 May 2010


Last Thursday I went to the 20% off shopping event in 7 Dials, Covent Garden, with my skin and blister (sister!). I've been to a night like this before in Carnaby street, just before Xmas and so kinda knew what to expect...queues outside the Mac shop, unnecessarily loud music in Urban outfitters and endless offerings of 'free champagne' aka sparkling wine, on entry to any shop.

I was quite excited as I had just been paid and due to the recent stint of summer weather was up for updating my summer wardrobe. However, I was quite self controlled and didn't fall into the trap of buying things just because they had 20% off!

I really wanted the light blue denim shorts from American Apparel, but alas, they no longer had that style in stock!! Booo! I nearly bought a plain sweater instead but decided that I would save my money and buy something a bit more exciting.

I ended up walking away with a stripy top from Urban outfitters (£24) a birthday present from Tatty Divine and a pair of boots from Office (£20)! The boots I was very pleased with as they were an absolute bargain and knew that it was due to rain over the weekend and so was excited to wear them!

My sister was a bit more adventurous, walking away with a Mac blusher, top from Urban Outfitters, and denim shorts from Superdry. Then we both enjoyed a tasty pasta dinner, again with 20% off.

Below you can see some of my purchases. However the highlight of the night for me was the goodie bag!! Now usually these are quite disappointing, with a few flyers from brands, a bottle of some sort of drink (usually vitamin water) and a sticker. But this one was amazing! As outlined in the photo below, to name but a few of the free items included...earphones, lipgloss, dunny vinyl toy (which my boyfriend collects!), eye mask and massage frog with batteries!

This was by far the best goodie bag I've had!

On the topic of shopping, this bank holiday weekend I went to Shropshire to visit my boy, and we made a trip to Chester Oaks, the outlet village...and I came back with...dun dun dun... a Burberry jacket!! I was so excited, I've wanted a Burberry jacket for sooo long and hadn't really ever thought I'd be able to afford one but this one was £90 off and fitted me like a glove! I was so happy! I know that I will be able to wear this for several years and therefore think it was a great investment!
Hope you all had a nice bank holiday and let me know if any of you grabbed a bargain!
My £20 Office Boots..down from £65!

The amazing goodie bag, with shower gel, oyster card holder and loads more!

My New pride and joy!! :)


daisychain said...

those boots <3

coolboy said...

great jacket looks you happy with shopping i like that

bogoosha said...

just love the sales in office. the shoes are fab:D xxx

kirstyb said...

lovely buys xxxxxx

Chrissy said...

Those boots are fantastic. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post ~ 3Q..............................................................

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