Tuesday, 29 June 2010



Tomorrow is the final day of my beauty giveaway. To enter please click here to read about what's up for grabs and how to enter! I will pick a winner on Thursday morning and post the mini bundle of joy (i.e. the prizes!) on Friday! Thank you to those who have already entered, your comments have been lovely but there is still time if you've not already entered!

To make this post a bit more lively I've submitted a photo of my outfit for today. Like I recently said I don't usually to outfit posts as that wasn't why I started blogging, but on one of my latest posts a lovely fellow blogger said that I should post more!

So here I am, at 8.30 this morning! Sorry the photo isn't great, I quickly snapped it before I shot out the house for work. Anyone in the UK will know the weather has been crazy hot the past few days and I go away on holiday on Friday so have been trying not to wear my holiday clothes and it's been a struggle!

Then today another challenge arose as it was chucking it down outside, but I knew it was still warm - what the hell to wear! I wanted to wear a little jacket to protect myself - I hate being caught in the rain - however, I already had on my ridiculously skinny jeans which take me about 10 minutes to put on so I didn't want to change and the nearest thing I had was my light denim jacket.

Eeeeek I hear you all cry - and I must admit I've never been a fan of the double denim trend - it conjures up rather unattractive images in my mind! However, for today I thought I have no more time, I can't miss my train, sod it! Hopefully I didn't get it too wrong! Maybe there can be exceptions to the rules sometimes!

Denim Jacket - Primark
SUUUUPER Skinny Jeans- Topshop
Stripey Top - Uniqlo
Necklace - H&M

Monday, 28 June 2010


A YSL adapter maybe??? This is truly the latest gizmo from the high end fashion house, is it really necessary? I really can't see why anyone would buy this? What's wrong with the old school one from Boots or Currys for £10?

You can see the full article on the item here.

Let me know if you feel you need this in your life... or could you think of more exciting ways to spend $450??

Sunday, 27 June 2010


This weekend I spent most of my time in central London. Even though I work there, my home is in Surrey, about 30 mins away from central. However I had plans this Saturday to spend time in London town and it felt a bit like I was on holiday! I don't usually do outfit posts as I'm not uber trendy and rather look at other peoples' outfit posts for inspiration!

However since the weather was so fabulous this weekend I thought I'd share my outfit with you as I dressed much like I would do on holiday!

Not only did the outfit make me feel like I was away, but I sat and ate lunch outside with friends and didn't need to put a cardigan on in the evening! It was lovely. Another reason why I'm showing you my outfit is that it is possibly one of the cheapest outfits I've worn lately.

I'm quite a fan of mixing and matching labels, wearing more expensive brands with cheaper ones since I can't afford to buy the entire outfit from the more expensive store. Here, however, the most expensive item was my shorts. They are from Uniqlo and cost £12.99. I've been a fan of Uniqlo for a while as they really do offer great quality at such good prices. Their clothes are often quite simplistic but makes them easy to sytle up with accessories, or layer up with other items such as funky cardigans or denim jackets.

The top is from H&M and cost £3.99, the necklace also H&M at £2.99. I'd been trying to find a long pendant esq necklace for ages, and even was happy to buy an expensive one but just couldn't find one but thought this one would do the job just fine! The belt is from Primark and cost £1 and the shoes were also from Primark and cost £6. Some of the jewellery I'm wearing (the other necklace and my 'pinky' ring) were more expensive but these were gifts so I don't count them!

 Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the weather this weekend. I bought some other bargains today which I will share with you in a later post! Has anyone else found any gems in the summer sales?

Also, there's still time to enter my giveaway. I'm going on holiday on Friday so I think I will announce the winner on Wednesday to try and arrange posting the prizes before I go away!

Thursday, 24 June 2010



So there has been a bit of a lack of blogging this week on my part! But I have some excuses reasons. I've had a few busy days lately which I like, I get bored being home every night, but now I'm welcoming a quiet night in tonight to paint my nails, blog and do other not so important but enjoyable things!

Last week I went to a good friend of mine's gig @ Punk near Oxford Circus. His band are called The Dirty Disco, and trying to describe their music is quite tricky, its a mix of electro, rock, dance but as soon as you see them live you realise they are like nothing you've heard or seen before. I'm not just saying this cos it is my friend, but it really is true! Their music is made to be performed, recordings, as good as they are, don't do them justice. But to get a flavour of what they're about search for 'Sista' in itunes and you can download their latest single which is one of my favs. Alternatively, check out their Myspace.

The Dirty Disco @ Punk - sorry for poor quality; blame the iphone!

Right, that was one day, then this week, on Monday I went to another of my good friend's fashion show. Portsmouth Uni held their Fashion & Textile Innovation degree show at Blackall Studios in Shoreditch and I was happy to go along and show my support. Plus I hadn't been to a show for some time and was quite excited to go.

Mayada Khummu who is an upcoming designer and one of my best friends' collection was as show stopping as ever. Her mix of bright colours against a nude backdrop and the use of luxurious leather in her products made her collection truely show stopping. There were other collections there that I favoured. I loved Kerry Ainsworth's pieces and Nikki Strange's collection was bold and beautiful and I could definitely see myself buying one of her pieces if I saw it in a store. Sorry my photos aren't amazing, I'm investing in a new camera asap but here you get a good idea of the skill shown.

Mayada Khummu's Final Collection

Nikki Strange's Final Collection

In other news, it was my sister's engagement party the other weekend and just before it I'd found out about a new camera app for the iphone thanks to the lovely Clare Astra Morris of Rainbows & Fairy Dust, so i tested it out at the party, results below. It's called Hipstamatic, I'm still playing with it but it can give a really nice affect and feel to your iphone photos with minimum effort!

Apart from that I've had another busy week this week and plan on having quite a busy weekend, visiting a exhibition - review to follow - and trying to make the most of the sunshine whilst I'm not stuck in an office at work! What are you guys up to? Any exciting plans?

P.S - My giveaway is still well and truly open, had a few entries, but can I just remind people that to qualify to enter, please tell me your favourite post of mine and why!

Sunday, 20 June 2010



I've finally managed to get all my items together for my giveaway. I will show you all the items again, but if you want to read the first post about my giveaway and the first items I revealed, click here.

So, I will quickly go over the rules again, before you can look at what you have the chance of winning! I'm not doing the usual giveaway where you just comment on the bottom. In a previous post (here) I explained about how I was reading up about the different pros and cons of giveaways and decided to go on with my first, but do it with a twist.

What I am asking you to do, is to comment on this post, but tell me what your favourite post of mine was and why. Please comment only on this post to make sure I definitely see it. I will select a winner next Sunday (27th June) at 9pm. Please leave an email address or a web page where I will be able to contact you if you are the lucky winner. You do not have to become a follower, although they are always welcome. (p.s hello two new followers I've had over the weekend!)

I hope that is all clear, now check out what you can win. This is mainly a beauty giveaway as this is what I had access to! Enjoy and good luck!


Maybeline Stiletto Mascara - the latest mascara launched by the brand.

YSL Touche Ã‰clat shade no. 2 (which is quite hard to find in the UK!) - This is a great concealer that I wear under my eyes everyday to hide those dark circles!

This is the Benefit Posie Tint product that you put on your cheeks to help give a 'healthy glow' to your complexion. It is like a dye for your cheeks. It is the newer product from the 'tint' range. This is a lighter, softer shade which is perfect for everyday use.

This is the whole lot which is worth over £55, which includes as outlined in the first post; bare essentials lip gloss minis (set of three), Urban Outfitters nail varnish, Champneys Bath sachet, and 'dove' earrings from Accessorize.



Hi guys, I've recently done a guest blog for the British Style Bloggers website - would really appreciate if you had a read and left any comments! Am hoping to become a columnist for them! You can read my posts here.

In other news, more info about my giveaway will be up later on today and I will officially open the giveaway and then let it run for a week before I announce the winner!

Hope you're all having good weekends!

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Jack Wills - Do you get it?

A few weeks back I came across an article about Jack Wills on the Guardian website and it got me thinking... you can read it here

The article is trying to work out where Jack Wills came from and why is there now quite a 'cult' following of the brand. It is quite light hearted and funny in places, describing the 'Jack Wills shopper' and then highlighting the several anti Jack Wills campaigns on Facebook!

It is an odd brand though, and I team it with the likes of Abercrombie & Fitch and Superdry. These are brands which have a really strong following but the product hardly ever changes! Superdry is a key brand to watch at the moment, it recently announced that it plans to expand into the UAE. Now, of all places I wouldn't think the United Arab Emerites is the best place for the brand to go, with it's super short denim hotpants and tight fitting shirts, not to mention the ad campaigns that go along with it.

I would like to know if any of you guys out there shop there and what you like about it? 

Jack Wills and Abercrombie, for me, are very overpriced. I went through a stage of liking Abercrombie a few years back and when I went over to the US I would stock up on items - but I hated the shopping experience - the loud music, unhelpful shop assistants and over powering perfume gave me a major headache! Sure, some of their knitwear is super soft and their hoodies are comfy, but with the average hoodie costing £60, and can be up to £90 I think it's a bit excessive. 

The other thing that I don't really get is how their stock hardly ever changes. You could go into a Superdry store any time of the year, any year, and it will always look the same. There will always be the checkered shirts and denim skirts. I went in there the other day to find full on leather jackets definitely more suited to the winter months! There seems to be no link to 'trends' or 'seasons' and I understand not everyone is fashion conscious or wants to wear whats in the magazines, but seriously, don't you just get BORED of these brands? 

Obviously there are many people out there who like these brands since they are all announcing year on year profits (except the UK Abercrombie store which is struggling!) and plans to expand, but I just want to know what it is that people like, what do you get from these brands? With Jack Wills is it a sense of identity and being part of a 'group'? Superdry's market seems to stretch slightly in terms of the age of their customers with many 20 something and even 30 something frequenting the store, is it just 'easy' to go there? You know what to expect, it fits you, it's comfy and will do you just fine?

Who knows, all I know is I'm a bit baffled by the level of success and following they have. I get bored wearing similar things and am not a huge fan of these stores but have friends and family who are and thought I would just put it to you guys to see what your opinions were!

Anyway, I don't want to cause offense or annoy anyone, I am just genuinely intrigued! Have a read of the article I posted at the start as it makes good reading!

I'll leave you with those thoughts for now... but on a lighter note... remember to have a look at my giveaway to see if you fancy entering, more items to be included to follow!

Standard Jack Wills Models...note, must have fluffy 'bedhead' hair. 

Token naked man in an Abercrombie Ad.

Image from the Superdry website - staple T-shirts with the Superdry branding all over them.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


GIVEAWAY Part 1 of 2
Finally I've had time to start to tell you about my giveaway and show you what you can get your hands on! Here are the first 4 items, I'm still awaiting the arrival of one item so thought would show you some of the items now and the rest later.

So, here are the rules. Like I said in my earlier post which you can read here, I'm not doing the usual, become a follower, leave a comment. Obviously I would love for you to start following me, but think it is pointless to just become a follower for that one giveaway. Instead, I want you to have a read of my previous posts, (and hopefully like them!), then on this post, please tell me which post of mine is your favourite and why! Now you can choose whether to comment on this post, or wait for the next one. There will be no bonus points for 'retweeting' or commenting hundreds of times! Hope that all makes sense! Please leave an email address on your post so I can contact you if you're the lucky winner!

I will pick a winner next weekend - 26th June - and then start planning for the next one! :)
Have a gander at what you could win!!

Champneys Spa Bubble Bath Sachet

Accessorize 'Dove' Earrings

Urban Outfitters Nail Polish in 'Purple'

Bare Essentials Mini Lip Glosses

Sunday, 13 June 2010



Loving this Carlsberg Ad at the moment. Like most of their other ads as well, but what with world cup fever at the mo taking over thought i'd share with you in case you haven't seen it just yet.

No doubt by the end of the world cup I will be bored as hell of it, but for now the charm still stands!

Come on England!

Giveaway post to come tomorrow!


Thursday, 10 June 2010



Haven't really had time to blog this week... so here is a quick one, a little treat. Another voucher code for you in case some of you haven't stumbled across it already!

Urban Outfitters are offering 15% off all online orders with this code: CHEERS

Go forth and shop! To make this post a little more interesting I've listed some of my current favs.

Will offer a more interesting post next week. I will also be starting my give away next week and revealing what you can win! I have to confess I have done a bit of shopping this week so may well have to share with you all what I've bought! Enjoy your days... not long till the weekend!

I tried these on in the store the other day, they're £24, but very very thin soles so I wasn't sure, but very cute on!

This is cute... and in the sale only £15!

Monday, 7 June 2010



This was passed onto me from a friend so thought would share on here for all you guys...I never win these things so thought, what the hell, the more the merrier!

Good Luck! P.S - Remember to tell me what you think about my giveaway idea (see previous post)

Saturday, 5 June 2010



So I've started to think about doing my first giveaway. I've got a couple of items that I've managed to get from my friends who work in PR and one item I have received from doing my own PR and contacting companies. Obviously it's not been too easy as I can not prove I have a lot of visitors and I don't have hundreds of followers, but since I've added Google Analytics I've been able to track my visitors and I have seen that very slowly, but steadily my blog is growing, which I am very thankful for!

However, just as I was thinking about doing my giveaway I saw an interesting discussion on IFB. If you want to have a look click here... you don't have to be a member to read but will have to be one to post a reply! They were asking the question of whether giveaways do actually help develop your blog and promote it. Many people stated that they think they are a waste of time as people will just follow you to enter the giveaway and then disappear. I do agree with this to a certain extent. However I see my blog and everyone else's blogs out there as their own brand, and own identity. All companies and brands reward their customers, and this is usually by offering discounts on goods or special shopping nights etc. So I have decided to go ahead with my giveaway.

But... I'm going to do it slightly differently. I am not going to say you have to be a follower to enter. However I'm not sure how many more times I can blag free stuff off friends, so obviously if my followers start to increase it will probably be easier to get companies to listen to my request and prove that their brand will be seen by however many people.

I'm also not going to ask entries to simply post a comment on the giveaway post asking them to be entered. I am going to ask all those who want to be entered to tell me which is their favourite post of mine, and why. I got this idea from a competition that My-Wardrobe did recently for their birthday. They asked all their facebook 'friends' to post on their wall what they would spend a £400 my-wardrobe voucher on, and then they selected the best entries.

Now some of you may think this is unfair as the selection will not be completely random, but I think I would like to do a giveaway which will promote my blog, but by encouraging people to read older posts, hopefully there may be one person who actually enjoys my blog and becomes a 'loyal' follower.

Details of the giveaway will follow shortly but I just wanted to put this out there first to see whether people would still enter my giveaway even with these slightly adapted rules? Obviously I don't want to do a giveaway and then have no one enter it... that would be slightly embarrassing, but I am starting to get a good flow of comments on my posts and so think that I should get a good handful of responses. But do let me know if you think I am being too optimistic and people are really only interested in the free stuff!

I wont tell you exactly what is going to be in my giveaway, it's not massive, but will include some make up and something pretty! I would love to hear your opinions on giveaways!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010



What did you all get up to on your bank holiday weekend? (well all you UK people!) Myself, well I did a car boot sale! Have any of you ever done one? Or to all in the US, ever held a 'yard sale?

I'm becoming quite the pro, tend to do 1-2 each summer, as part of an annual clearout of all old clothes, accessories shoes and more! This time round I had raided my nan's house as she had recently moved so I got hold of some old pictures and other bric-a-brac that all car boot people love!

We are also in the process of having our kitchen done at home so I managed to flog our old microwave, pots and pans as well as our old BIN! - Yes people do buy old bins!

I know this post isn't entirely fashion focused but I'm sure many of you 'fashionistas' (i hate that word but couldn't think of a better one!) have stacks of clothes and I wondered how did you dispose of all them? I often give some to charity when the collection bags get dropped through our door, but I've become quite found of the old boot sale, generating some extra cash for half a day's work! I am also a keen 'ebayer' and sell a lot of my more 'higher quality' items on there but I also have a lot of more middle market items which, when sold in bulk can generate a nice sum of money!

However... can anyone enlighten me on something... why do they start SO EARLY?! I don't get why, if they started at 9am instead of 7am, it would be any less popular!? I found myself getting up at 6am on a bank holiday Monday to join the queue to get a pitch! I wish I had taken some photos to show how big this place is and how many people get up so early for it! It is quite amazing really, I arrived just before 6.30am, and people had already parked up and got their stalls all up and running!

It really is quite a funny culture. I wondered if any of you have attended a bootsale as a seller or a buyer? Do any of you have your own designs or products that you sell from a car booty? 

It is quite a good and relatively easy way to shed excess bulk, I did quite well making £150 to share between myself and my sister who came with me on the day. So I say to all you car boot virgins out there... give it a go, you will meet quite a range of people and find that anyone and everyone will just start up a conversation with you about anything and everything! Just remember, the sausage sandwich from the burger van is a MUST to wake you up in the morning!

Here I am, after a trip to the storage unit to collect some of the old junk to flog! - The ride home was a bit of a squeeze - not the bags behind my legs as well!
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