Tuesday, 1 June 2010



What did you all get up to on your bank holiday weekend? (well all you UK people!) Myself, well I did a car boot sale! Have any of you ever done one? Or to all in the US, ever held a 'yard sale?

I'm becoming quite the pro, tend to do 1-2 each summer, as part of an annual clearout of all old clothes, accessories shoes and more! This time round I had raided my nan's house as she had recently moved so I got hold of some old pictures and other bric-a-brac that all car boot people love!

We are also in the process of having our kitchen done at home so I managed to flog our old microwave, pots and pans as well as our old BIN! - Yes people do buy old bins!

I know this post isn't entirely fashion focused but I'm sure many of you 'fashionistas' (i hate that word but couldn't think of a better one!) have stacks of clothes and I wondered how did you dispose of all them? I often give some to charity when the collection bags get dropped through our door, but I've become quite found of the old boot sale, generating some extra cash for half a day's work! I am also a keen 'ebayer' and sell a lot of my more 'higher quality' items on there but I also have a lot of more middle market items which, when sold in bulk can generate a nice sum of money!

However... can anyone enlighten me on something... why do they start SO EARLY?! I don't get why, if they started at 9am instead of 7am, it would be any less popular!? I found myself getting up at 6am on a bank holiday Monday to join the queue to get a pitch! I wish I had taken some photos to show how big this place is and how many people get up so early for it! It is quite amazing really, I arrived just before 6.30am, and people had already parked up and got their stalls all up and running!

It really is quite a funny culture. I wondered if any of you have attended a bootsale as a seller or a buyer? Do any of you have your own designs or products that you sell from a car booty? 

It is quite a good and relatively easy way to shed excess bulk, I did quite well making £150 to share between myself and my sister who came with me on the day. So I say to all you car boot virgins out there... give it a go, you will meet quite a range of people and find that anyone and everyone will just start up a conversation with you about anything and everything! Just remember, the sausage sandwich from the burger van is a MUST to wake you up in the morning!

Here I am, after a trip to the storage unit to collect some of the old junk to flog! - The ride home was a bit of a squeeze - not the bags behind my legs as well!

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