Wednesday, 16 June 2010


GIVEAWAY Part 1 of 2
Finally I've had time to start to tell you about my giveaway and show you what you can get your hands on! Here are the first 4 items, I'm still awaiting the arrival of one item so thought would show you some of the items now and the rest later.

So, here are the rules. Like I said in my earlier post which you can read here, I'm not doing the usual, become a follower, leave a comment. Obviously I would love for you to start following me, but think it is pointless to just become a follower for that one giveaway. Instead, I want you to have a read of my previous posts, (and hopefully like them!), then on this post, please tell me which post of mine is your favourite and why! Now you can choose whether to comment on this post, or wait for the next one. There will be no bonus points for 'retweeting' or commenting hundreds of times! Hope that all makes sense! Please leave an email address on your post so I can contact you if you're the lucky winner!

I will pick a winner next weekend - 26th June - and then start planning for the next one! :)
Have a gander at what you could win!!

Champneys Spa Bubble Bath Sachet

Accessorize 'Dove' Earrings

Urban Outfitters Nail Polish in 'Purple'

Bare Essentials Mini Lip Glosses
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