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Jack Wills - Do you get it?

A few weeks back I came across an article about Jack Wills on the Guardian website and it got me thinking... you can read it here

The article is trying to work out where Jack Wills came from and why is there now quite a 'cult' following of the brand. It is quite light hearted and funny in places, describing the 'Jack Wills shopper' and then highlighting the several anti Jack Wills campaigns on Facebook!

It is an odd brand though, and I team it with the likes of Abercrombie & Fitch and Superdry. These are brands which have a really strong following but the product hardly ever changes! Superdry is a key brand to watch at the moment, it recently announced that it plans to expand into the UAE. Now, of all places I wouldn't think the United Arab Emerites is the best place for the brand to go, with it's super short denim hotpants and tight fitting shirts, not to mention the ad campaigns that go along with it.

I would like to know if any of you guys out there shop there and what you like about it? 

Jack Wills and Abercrombie, for me, are very overpriced. I went through a stage of liking Abercrombie a few years back and when I went over to the US I would stock up on items - but I hated the shopping experience - the loud music, unhelpful shop assistants and over powering perfume gave me a major headache! Sure, some of their knitwear is super soft and their hoodies are comfy, but with the average hoodie costing £60, and can be up to £90 I think it's a bit excessive. 

The other thing that I don't really get is how their stock hardly ever changes. You could go into a Superdry store any time of the year, any year, and it will always look the same. There will always be the checkered shirts and denim skirts. I went in there the other day to find full on leather jackets definitely more suited to the winter months! There seems to be no link to 'trends' or 'seasons' and I understand not everyone is fashion conscious or wants to wear whats in the magazines, but seriously, don't you just get BORED of these brands? 

Obviously there are many people out there who like these brands since they are all announcing year on year profits (except the UK Abercrombie store which is struggling!) and plans to expand, but I just want to know what it is that people like, what do you get from these brands? With Jack Wills is it a sense of identity and being part of a 'group'? Superdry's market seems to stretch slightly in terms of the age of their customers with many 20 something and even 30 something frequenting the store, is it just 'easy' to go there? You know what to expect, it fits you, it's comfy and will do you just fine?

Who knows, all I know is I'm a bit baffled by the level of success and following they have. I get bored wearing similar things and am not a huge fan of these stores but have friends and family who are and thought I would just put it to you guys to see what your opinions were!

Anyway, I don't want to cause offense or annoy anyone, I am just genuinely intrigued! Have a read of the article I posted at the start as it makes good reading!

I'll leave you with those thoughts for now... but on a lighter note... remember to have a look at my giveaway to see if you fancy entering, more items to be included to follow!

Standard Jack Wills Models...note, must have fluffy 'bedhead' hair. 

Token naked man in an Abercrombie Ad.

Image from the Superdry website - staple T-shirts with the Superdry branding all over them.


kirstyb said...

lol this made me giggle

Mariel said...

Ohh... A little bit of eye candy for my morning. I'm not arguing.

Adele said...

Haha well I have loved this post as I am a HUGE! jack wills fan! To be perfectly honest most of my wardrobe is from there.. however I don't blog those outfits lol! It is an amazing store I love it.. however very over priced but so is American Apparel (my other favourite shop. I live in Nottingham and here JW & AA are facing each other so its the only part of town I need to go to!)

However my boyfriend and my mom think JW looks more expensive and well made than AA?

I also love abercrombie. I have been to the one in london 100s of times and when I go to the states I stock up! However I have never bort anything from the London store because the pricing is ridiculous!

My boyfriend wants to be one of those JW boys haha!

Great post!

Amazing rings... just ordered that forever 21 ring! Wanted it forever!

Oh & I am hosting my first giveaway! Some amazing headpieces!
- Adèle ♥

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