Sunday, 20 June 2010



I've finally managed to get all my items together for my giveaway. I will show you all the items again, but if you want to read the first post about my giveaway and the first items I revealed, click here.

So, I will quickly go over the rules again, before you can look at what you have the chance of winning! I'm not doing the usual giveaway where you just comment on the bottom. In a previous post (here) I explained about how I was reading up about the different pros and cons of giveaways and decided to go on with my first, but do it with a twist.

What I am asking you to do, is to comment on this post, but tell me what your favourite post of mine was and why. Please comment only on this post to make sure I definitely see it. I will select a winner next Sunday (27th June) at 9pm. Please leave an email address or a web page where I will be able to contact you if you are the lucky winner. You do not have to become a follower, although they are always welcome. (p.s hello two new followers I've had over the weekend!)

I hope that is all clear, now check out what you can win. This is mainly a beauty giveaway as this is what I had access to! Enjoy and good luck!


Maybeline Stiletto Mascara - the latest mascara launched by the brand.

YSL Touche Ã‰clat shade no. 2 (which is quite hard to find in the UK!) - This is a great concealer that I wear under my eyes everyday to hide those dark circles!

This is the Benefit Posie Tint product that you put on your cheeks to help give a 'healthy glow' to your complexion. It is like a dye for your cheeks. It is the newer product from the 'tint' range. This is a lighter, softer shade which is perfect for everyday use.

This is the whole lot which is worth over £55, which includes as outlined in the first post; bare essentials lip gloss minis (set of three), Urban Outfitters nail varnish, Champneys Bath sachet, and 'dove' earrings from Accessorize.


rainbows & fairydust said...

LOVING that nail colour!!

my fav post is the LEGO DOMINATION post coz I totally want a lego kitchen!!! and i already have the ipod dock so it would look perfect in that kitchen!!

this is fun xoxo Clare xoxo

NikkiSunshine said...

Hey, I only recently discovered your blog!
But I absolutely loved 'Jack Wills - Do you get it?'. I was always sceptical about those types of shops mentioned because of the price tags and the headache-inducing shop atmospheres. But when I tried on a Hollister polo shirt I had to buy it, simply because it was the softest polo shirt I had found. Though I refuse to buy anything more expensive than their polo shirts!
I love this post because it makes you stand out as a blogger, someone with an opinion who's not afraid to voice it.
Go girl! Haha :]

Anonymous said...

i love the car booty post! i literally lol'd when i saw that tv sitting on your lap.



Allegra said...

wow. I'd love to win this stuff

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