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So there has been a bit of a lack of blogging this week on my part! But I have some excuses reasons. I've had a few busy days lately which I like, I get bored being home every night, but now I'm welcoming a quiet night in tonight to paint my nails, blog and do other not so important but enjoyable things!

Last week I went to a good friend of mine's gig @ Punk near Oxford Circus. His band are called The Dirty Disco, and trying to describe their music is quite tricky, its a mix of electro, rock, dance but as soon as you see them live you realise they are like nothing you've heard or seen before. I'm not just saying this cos it is my friend, but it really is true! Their music is made to be performed, recordings, as good as they are, don't do them justice. But to get a flavour of what they're about search for 'Sista' in itunes and you can download their latest single which is one of my favs. Alternatively, check out their Myspace.

The Dirty Disco @ Punk - sorry for poor quality; blame the iphone!

Right, that was one day, then this week, on Monday I went to another of my good friend's fashion show. Portsmouth Uni held their Fashion & Textile Innovation degree show at Blackall Studios in Shoreditch and I was happy to go along and show my support. Plus I hadn't been to a show for some time and was quite excited to go.

Mayada Khummu who is an upcoming designer and one of my best friends' collection was as show stopping as ever. Her mix of bright colours against a nude backdrop and the use of luxurious leather in her products made her collection truely show stopping. There were other collections there that I favoured. I loved Kerry Ainsworth's pieces and Nikki Strange's collection was bold and beautiful and I could definitely see myself buying one of her pieces if I saw it in a store. Sorry my photos aren't amazing, I'm investing in a new camera asap but here you get a good idea of the skill shown.

Mayada Khummu's Final Collection

Nikki Strange's Final Collection

In other news, it was my sister's engagement party the other weekend and just before it I'd found out about a new camera app for the iphone thanks to the lovely Clare Astra Morris of Rainbows & Fairy Dust, so i tested it out at the party, results below. It's called Hipstamatic, I'm still playing with it but it can give a really nice affect and feel to your iphone photos with minimum effort!

Apart from that I've had another busy week this week and plan on having quite a busy weekend, visiting a exhibition - review to follow - and trying to make the most of the sunshine whilst I'm not stuck in an office at work! What are you guys up to? Any exciting plans?

P.S - My giveaway is still well and truly open, had a few entries, but can I just remind people that to qualify to enter, please tell me your favourite post of mine and why!

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Platform Princess said...

The Nikke Strange dress is gorgeous. Congrats to your friend too! :-)


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