Friday, 30 July 2010

Clarins Pore Minimizing Serum 
This is just a short post, but felt I should mention this product as it has taken me a while to find a product that states it reduces pore size, that actually works!

My skin isn't too bad, sure I get breakouts etc but I don't suffer from acne or anything, but one thing that has bugged me over the years is the pores on my nose. They have always been quite big and I have suffered from open pores. And since I do wear make up most days, which is not the best thing for this problem, I have tried a range of products to try and reduce them but to no avail.

I have tried the Clinque 'pore minimizer instant perfector' and the Clinque 'Pore Minimizer Thermal-Active Skin Refiner', but both failed to make much, if any, impact on my skin.

However the latest product I was introduced to was this Clarins one which I have to say I am very pleased with. This light serum is quickly absorbed and sits perfectly under moisturiser. It doesn't make your skin feel heavy or sticky which some products can do.

I was told not to expect results over night, but I'm quite confident that after only 2 days (using the serum day & night) you could see a big difference. I don't have photos to show you - 1. this may be a bit unpleasant for people to see! and 2. I wasn't expecting such good results so never took a 'before' photo! 

I also bought the purifying mask to go along with it. I needed a new face mask anyway and so thought I would buy the one that is supposed to compliment the serum! At £20.50 for the serum I don't think is too expensive as you do only need a tiny bit each time you use it and so should last a while, the mask is £19 which may be quite steep for many as you may think that some of the cheaper masks work just as well, which I can understand and do somewhat agree, however I thought I'd give it a go. It did make my skin feel super soft after I'd used it however I may not buy the mask as soon as it runs out but I will be sure to by the serum again to try and keep my pores under control!

Have any of you found some great products that help fight the war against large/open pores? I'd be interested to hear from you!

Thursday, 29 July 2010


I went to see Toy Story 3 last Friday, and I am a huge fan of Buzz and Woody, and was needless to say, slightly excited. I also had never been to see a 3D film before (yes I know, lame, what with Alice in Wonderland, Avatar etc but yes I never made it to see them!), and so it was going to be a whole new experience!
 Now I wont ruin the story for all those who haven't seen it, instead I'm just going to say, GO SEE IT NOW! I loved it! Sure, this one was a little more emotional and had more 'meaning' behind it, but it is the last in the series and so that was kind of a given. I think the Spanish element (can't say exactly as don't want to tell all, but those who have seen will now what I mean) was pure genius and I was actually in FITS of laughter. 

However, I wasn't blown away with the 3D effects, this film wasn't made for 3D, unlike, Avatar (I'm guessing!) So if you don't want to fork out for the more expensive 3D tickets, I'd say that you wont be missing out much. How I would describe it, is that there was more 3D depth, i.e. the film went back into the screen more, rather than having things jumping out at you all the time. 

I have a 3 (nearly 4) year old cousin who has just seen the first Toy Story and now is a buzz and Woody fan as well and it did make me miss childhood and the days when you did just play with your toys all the time. Another thing that I think was great about this film is the imagination that is portrayed by the children in the film. Imagination is a fragile thing, that as we get older we slowly loose! 

I'm not tech savvy enough to give a review on the graphics and the animation etc, so on a pure emotional and entertainment value I'll give Toy Story 9 / 10. Only reason it doesn't get full marks is because the 3D wasn't that amazing but the rest was so good I didn't really mind! 
Whose your favourite character, can you pick between Buzz and Woody? I think I'd go for Buzz but I also have a huge soft spot for Mr Potato head, hilarious! 

Pixar must be one of the best places to work as an adult! Imagine just trying to get into the mindset of children all day to produce masterpieces such as Toy Story 3! It was a great pick me up film that all ages can enjoy! Have any of you seen it? Was it what you expected? Did you like it? I for one, will be certain to by the DVD as soon as it comes out. I may use the excuse that my cousin will want to watch it so I'll buy it for him - but secretly I'll be more than happy to watch it with him!

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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


So the Cartier Polo event was the other day and here is my list of winners and losers in the wardrobe department! This has to be one of the most glamorous events in the annual calendar so expectations are always high...

Katherine Jenkins in Lavin

I adore this dress! It fits her so well and oozes glamour despite being very plain. Very classy! I think the ruffle across the bust and over the shoulder is such a nice detail and helps show off a statement without 'being too in your face.'

Camilla Belle - Designer unknown - Anyone know??

Love the shape of the skirt and the patter on it, very summery without using floral patterns or bright colours! The red belt just lifts the whole outfit. 
Paloma Faith in D&G

I have to admit that Paloma's outfits aren't always my favourite but this one I think she really pulls off. The hat may not have been necessary, but you are at the Polo I guess! But the dress is gorgeous and suits her shape perfectly. Also love the bracelet she has here!

Amber Le Bon

Not sure about the denim addition here, but love this pretty and delicate dress, teamed with the boots gives it a bit more substance! Lovely. 

Geri Halliwell

This isn't hideous or anything but think it looks too high street for such a fancy occasion and I'm pretty sure she can afford something a bit more exotic! Also - silver bag, gold shoes... really??

Tina Hobley (From Holby City)

Again, nothing majorily wrong with this dress - I do quite like it, but it just doesn't seem to do anything for her! Is it me, am i being harsh? But I'm not a fan!

Holly Valance- unknown designer...

This just looks odd. It looks far to big on top and the pattern matched with the pattern on the bag is just too much. The belt doesn't do anything - doesn't pull her in, just adds to the chaos of the dress. However, love the shoes! 

Josh Weller

I dislike it when people put in a lot of effort into trying to look like they haven't made a lot of effort in their outfit. Clearly a lovely suit and he hasn't done it justice!

So there you go! Who are your favourites? Did I miss anyone??

All photos from 'The Telegraph.'

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Tuesday, 27 July 2010



Through the wonders of Twitter I have been able to find other bloggers and exchange tips and ideas amongst each other. It is twitter where I found the lovely Hayley Carr of London Beauty Queen. Hayley has marketed a range of different beauty products over the past 7 years of her career she has got to learn the ins and outs of what's hot and what's not in the beauty world. Her blog outlines some of the better, and some of the not so great items that are available on the market. She covers all budgets and looks at products to see if they deliver what they promise.

When I offered her a guest blog slot on my blog she willingly jumped at the chance, and naturally I thought it would make sense for her to share with you all her top ten beauty products and this is what she came up with.

1. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
 I have naturally curly (meaning bird's nest frizzy) hair so I invest a lot of time, effort and money into attempting to make it super sleek and reminiscent of a shampoo advert. This rarely happens, but one of the products I haven't been able to live without for the past five years is hairdresser's friend Super Skinny Serum. This comes in a pretty huge bottle so lasts for around 6mths (fabulous value for money) and is super light, so it's perfect for those with fine hair or who're scared of product abuse.

2. Redken Anti Snap
This is a recent discovery of mine. Due to the aforementioned frizzy hair I straighten my hair at least once a day. This means my hairdresser kills me when I pluck up the courage to go and get a battering. On my last visit she recommended I start using this to help strengthen my hair and protect it from heat damage - all you have to do is blob in a few drops like a leave-in treatment, or for added oomph put ten drops in your hair and sleep on it overnight. It's made my hair super shiny and soft already, with much less baby hair where I've snapped it all off!

Annie (Room for thought) - I use this product religiously and highly recommend it as well!

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo
I don't really need to explain this one. Since Batiste exploded onto the scene as a festival essential, it's made the transition into our daily beauty regime. Never before have so many girls been refreshing their hair between washes! They're continually launching new fragrances, my favourite being 'Blush' because it smells all ladylike!

4. Bourjois Express eye make-up remover
A make-up artist told me many moons ago that dual-phase make-up removers were the way to go. Since this golden nugget I've never looked back; there are no more panda eyes for me! I used to use Chanel's eye make-up remover, but when Bourjois launched their very own last year I switched for the cheaper option which doesn't scrape on quality. No other eye make-up remover gets every last scrape of mascara off.

5. Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer
I'm very fussy when it comes to concealer. It has to be just thick enough to cover my bags, not too greasy so it doesn't slide off my face by lunchtime and the perfect shade to match with my pale complexion. Only a few brands have ever come close (including the most expensive and premium,) but the one I keep going back to again and again is Maybelline. Even when I worked at a cosmetics company I still used to go back to this. It's light, airy, covers dark circles and lasts all day. Plus it's always on offer!

Annie: I used this foundation a few years ago, I had never used foundation before and this is a great one for people who are anxious to use foundation as it is so light and easy to apply.
6. Black eyeliner (various brands)
Every girl needs a stash of black eyeliners, preferably khols or with smudgy formulas so they can double up as a smokey eye pencil. My favourites include Bourjois, Rimmel and No7. Make sure you keep your pencils sharp, but not ridiculously pointy, so you can create a sharp line across your lid.

7. L'Occitane hand cream
Because of the amount of typing I do (and the fact that I'm a little OCD and wash my hands about 20 times a day) I always have a hand cream with me. The best I've ever found is by L'Occitane, comes in a giant metal tube and is super creamy. The formula is rich and thick, meaning it's full of goodness and shea butter, which absorbs super quickly into your hands. Although this is pretty pricey it's well worth it and lasts for ages - a little goes a long, long way.

Annie: Every woman should have a hand cream in their bag, hands can be a key giveaway of your ago so you should be careful to look after them!
8. Revlon nail polish
It's always tempting to buy varnish from cheapo brands that are offering two polishes for under a fiver, but when it comes to nails you definitely get what you pay for. Revlon are my favourite nail brand as they not only have some amazing colours, but they're always super on-trend, the polishes are delightful to apply and the colour lasts longer than anything else I've tried. It's worth paying a little more for a big treat.

9. Radox Muscle Soak Herbal Salts
If you read my blog then you'll know that Tuesday nights are bath nights. It's the one day of the week I take to unwind, put on a face mask and hair treatment and soak it up in a nice warm bath. Radox herbal salts are a great alternative if you don't like bubble bath (I hate when it gets in my hair) and really soothes your muscles, leaving you chillaxed and ready for the week ahead. The aroma invigorates your senses and even leaves your bathroom smelling delish.

10. Dove Summer Glow tinted moisturiser
As a pale 'English Rose' type I rely on fake tan in the summer months to stop me literally blending into the background. Although I love other brands for a more noticeable, all over tan, Dove Summer Glow is great for a subtle and natural result that you can build up over a few days. It's super moisturising and the colour is perfect for us pale ladies; it doesn't even smell so there's no excuse not to grab a bottle!

Lots of love, London Beauty Queen xx

Thanks so much to London Beauty Queen for taking the time to guest blog for me - I hope you've found it helpful! What are your top beauty products? Do get in touch if you'd like to guest blog for me here, or if you would like me to guest blog for you, I'd be more than happy to do so.

Remember to check out London Beauty Queen's blog and you can do so HERE.

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Sunday, 25 July 2010



Elsie Belle Jewellery. I stumbled across this website a few years ago now and then recently I got a newsletter from them and was pleasantly surprised when I re visited their site. Their site is adorable, much like the jewellery they sell. Let me tell you a bit more about the company before I show you some of their best sellers.

Since it was established in 2004, the brand has gone from strength to strength and some of their items are now being spotted on celebrities such as Rachel Stephens and Pixie Lott. Elsie Belle source all their items from around the world, looking out for the best antique charms and brass items to use in their Bristol based studio. All their items are handmade which helps add to the character of their collections. Not only are their items one of a kind, they all come at affordable prices.

Duffy wearing Littlest Love Letter & Holly Willoughby wearing In the Navy
If you read my previous post about my spoon ring, you would have seen how I like to try and buy jewellery that has a story behind it and a bit more of a one of a kind. Elsie Belle jewellery fits the bill here. By hand making their items it ensures that a lot of thought and care is put into the finished product and does give it a bit more of a vintage vibe. By sourcing antique brass and old charms, their approach to recycling means that you know what you are buying isn't mass produced and is helping the environment in their own way.

Some of my favourite items available at the moment include their 'crayola club' necklace, which is currently in the sale at a bargain £4.95 and their gold plated 'on a wing and a prayer' bracelet at £12.95.


Anyway, it's not up to me, why don't you have a look for yourself at what they have to offer, and the lovely people at Elsie Belle have offered my readers a 15% off discount code that runs from today for two weeks! Simply enter AOWEN87 when you reach the check out to receive your discount! Let me know what you think of their collection, and if you do buy anything from their let me know when you get it! Or if any of you already shop their, what are your favourite items?

Happy shopping!

Saturday, 24 July 2010



This will be only a mini post for today as I am trying to enjoy the short bursts of sunshine we are having! But I wanted to share with you all this gorgeous ring I bought yesterday. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen my twitpic I uploaded as I was so chuffed with it I needed to show the world!

The reason I love this ring is not only is it so pretty, but it has a story! Can you think what item this was before it was a ring?.....Well, would you believe, it was a spoon! I bought it off a guy in Covent Garden Market. His jewellery was amazing, all solid silver made from forks, spoons and other cutlery! And because they were all original sold silver they all have hallmarks on them. So the guy went through what the different hallmarks on the item mean. Turns out my 'spoon ring' was made in Sheffield in 1945 by Mappin & Webb! I really wish he had a website that I could share with you all but he didn't! So all I will say is that if you are ever in Covent Garden do hunt through the market to see if he's around as his stuff really is worth a look at. At £30 I think that is a perfectly reasonable price for the quality and thought that has gone into this item!

This is the kind of recycling that I'm into. I understand why people like buying second hand clothing etc as it has some sort of 'story' but I think this is much more relevant to jewellery. I don't know if it is just because solid silver items and other jewellery products are made to last longer, they feel that they should have a bit of a history. And anyone who knows me will know that I like buying items that I know not everyone else will be wearing and I definitely think this ring fits the bill! Do any of you guys have any weird and wonderful pieces of jewellery that used to be something completely different?

Anyways, hope you're all having a good weekend, I'm off to catch a few more rays before dinner! Also, do keep coming back to my blog as tomorrow I will be posting a Jewellery discount offer for an online jewellery store where my readers can get 15% off! More to follow!....

Friday, 23 July 2010



Unfortunately I'm not quite established enough to have been invited to go to the opening night of the new TK Maxx Charing Cross store, however, since it is only round the corner from where I work, I managed to get in on my lunch break on the day it opened to the public! Considering I hadn't really seen or read much about this store in the press I was surprised at how BUSY it was! There wasn't a queue out the door when I arrived, which I was pleased about as I only had an hour, and I wanted to make sure I could get a good look round! But there were plenty of people inside rummaging amongst the rails.

Apologies in advance for the low quality photos - the security were a bit more anti photos than I'd hoped and so  I had to use my phone and try and be a bit discreet! 
I wasn't really sure what to expect. I'm not a huge TK Maxx shopper, my favourite ever TK Maxx store is the new one in Nottingham. But this was mainly great for menswear. I managed to find my boyfriend and Dad, John Smedley jumpers on three different occassions for £30 which I thought was a great find as they are such nice jumpers and can cost up to £125!

However, the new Charing Cross store promised to have a much better selection and variety introducing a new range called 'Gold Label' which promised to include high end garments from Designer Ranges.

When I arrived I didn't have too high expectations since I arrived half way though the day and had missed the big launch night event so didn't think there would be too much left. However I was pleasantly surprised. The rails did look a little bare, but there was certainly still a lot on offer and hopefully, if this is maintained, once the initial excitment of the opening calms down, this store could be a bit like an Aladin's Cave!

Naturally I headed straight to the 'Gold Label' collection and was surprised to find items from Missoni and Stella McCartney. Not neccesarily items that I would wear but still lovely pieces none the less and in great condition etc.

Above - Stella McCartney jacket.

In general I think one of the main things on the TK Maxx team's agenda was maintaing the store's appearance and ensuring that customers were served as quickly as possible. However there were still the inevitable long changing room queues, (see below photo) but this is due to the basket fulls of clothes people had. Seeing all the baskets lined up in the changing room area reminded me a bit of being in Primark! 

The changing room process is a bit weird, I'm guessing this is for security reasons, but now, when you're waiting to go in, you have to put your items on a rail for the shop assistant to count, rather than just counting in your hand. This I suppose will help prevent people hiding items amongst others, but thought it was a bit uneccessary and did slow down the process somewhat! Maybe this will stop once the store calms down and isn't super busy following the opening!? Who knows, or maybe I'm just being moany, but for me I thought it was a bit pointless, especially as I only had 1 item!!

The interior of the changing room, along with a soft leather bench which was quite a nice touch!

This is a Stella top that I really wanted, £69.99 instead of £250, but didn't fit! Boo!

Whilst queuing for the changing rooms, the security alarm went off. This has to be the loudest alarm I've ever heard! and caused a lot of women to come out the changing room to ask if there was an actual fire or anything! Minor drama!

Aside from that... it was not only the clothing department which showcased high end products, the beauty section was also pretty well stocked! There were creams by Elizabeth Arden then a great selection of perfumes, including my favourite scent by Paul Smith, Extreme (see below), at only £16.99 instead of £35-£40! Other brands included were Kenzo and Ghost.

However, there has to be a negative somewhere right? Well the shoe department really didn't impress...check out the trainer collection in the photo below... attractive huh?! The shoes really weren't great to be honest. The only pair of shoes that I would consider putting on my feet were these Nine West black heels (see below right), sure quite a good bargain at £34.99 instead of £75-£90, but pretty boring really!

Overall, the shopping experience was quite pleasant, there were definitley more hard core bargain hunters there who were more intersted in the clothes than the free wine on offer! There were staff everywhere, making sure the rails were tidy and getting the clothes back out on the shop floor from the changing rooms as soon as possible. The team on the whole looked efficient and well managed. I hope that this is maintained and that it won't only be for the first few weeks whilst journalists will be following the store and doing a number of write ups. I also hope the seleciton of brands within the store will carry on as it could be a great place to go to try and get your hands on high end Designer goods for not so bank crippling prices! 

Have any of you guys managed to get to the store yet? What do you think of it? I'm not a converted TK Maxx fan now, but it is good to know that stores like this are in central London and may offer hidden treasures! It may also be a good place to go for chritmas presents, especially if the perfume collection is kept at the standard I may well pop back to get a couple of gifts for people who you're not always sure what to get, but perfume is always a winner!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 22 July 2010



So looks like one of the latest fashion trends is to have celebrity's children in the latest children's wear collections! First I read about Paul Smith launching his new children's wear collection - which I was quite excited about since I am a huge fan of the brand and still cling to the hope that one day I may work for him! However, the reason that it was being talked about in so many newspapers wasn't because of the collection itself but who was wearing it.

When I first read about how there were several offspring of famous faces involved in the ad campaign, my cynic brain switched on and I was thinking, why do we need to use the celebrities to try and gain extra coverage etc etc, however, when I saw the video that is part of the campaign my cynicism disappeared! Amongst the 'regular' models, were the children of Liam Gallagher and Sophie Ellis Bextor - the boy in the image below is Sophie's boy!

They kids are just too dam cute! You can watch the video here. They look really happy and super suave in all the Paul Smith clobber. The collection will be available in Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols in September. I still think using celebrity children was a bit unnecessary but the collection has one me over and I just wish I had more mini people in my family that I could buy the clothes for! What do you think? You like the collection? DO you think using celebrity's children enhances the campaign or is a bit pointless? 

However, it's not just Paul Smith whose using famous mini me's in their campaigns, according to Grazia, Jenifer Lopez's children were involved in a shoot for the new Gucci kidswear range!

Images from and

Tuesday, 20 July 2010



Hello lovely readers and followers of my blog. Today I am asking you for your help. I'm working on a brief at work for the fashion brand Long Tall Sally... basically I need to work out who actually shops there. Have any of you ever shopped there? Or do you know of anyone who has?

Basically I need to work out how to target their consumer, and nowadays it's not as hard to find 'trendy' clothes for tall girls. So many highstreet stores such as Topshop, New Look, M&S all do 'tall' ranges within their main lines, so is there still a need for stores like Long Tall Sally?

Are you a female who is 5 foot 7 or taller? Do you struggle to get clothes that fit you properly? I also thought that not just 'tall' people shop there, does anyone who has longer legs or a longer body go there to get clothes that are in proportion to your body shape?

Anyways...any comments/feedback would be greatly appreciated to help give me a better idea of who their customer is...and it's ironic since I'm only 5 foot 1 I can't really relate!

Thanks in advance! :)



So if any of you follow me on Twitter or my friend on facebook, you would know that I went to a Spa at the weekend with my mum and sister. I was rather excited... I love the prospect of walking around all day in a robe and no one blinking an eye. I also love how everyone walks around with oil in their hair and again, NO ONE CARES! It's great. 

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who wears make up everyday and dislikes leaving the house without any on. If any of you ever read my MAKE OVER post, you would know I have issues with being seen in public with no make up on. But at a spa, it is stupid to wear make up really because all the good things you are doing to your skin with all the oils and creams etc, it is pointless to then put loads of makeup on afterwards! I spent a whole three days make up free face and did feel I was giving my skin a bit of a break!

We went to Ragdale Hall, which is meant to be one of the best spa's in the country. I have been lucky enough to go to a couple of spa's as it is usually a Christmas present from my dad to all of us and so we were all keen to try this one out. It is near Leicester, and so was a bit of a trek but we hoped it would be worth it....

And it was! It was lovely, the grounds were stunning and the new spa area was amazing. The swimming pool area has recently been updated and now has a range of steam and sauna rooms as well as a small 'river' that you can swim down and go outside which is also quite fun.

The treatments were up to the high expectations we all had. The first treatment I had was a facial - and this was the one that was included in our package, so I didn't really expect anything amazing as the inclusive treatments never are too great. However, this was possibly the best facial I'd ever had! I'm not a huge fan of facials as I don't like people looking at my face that closely and I usually feel that there isn't enough area to work on and so I get irritated when the therapist goes over and over your face with cream/scrub etc. But at Ragdale Hall, it was much more relaxing and they also include a head/scalp massage which I'm a huge fan of anyway, but it was nice as it turned attention away from your face for a bit, to give it a break. 

The other treatments I had was a mud wrap with body scrub and a neck back and shoulder massage. I'd never had a mud treatment before which is why I went for that one and I really enjoyed it. My skin really did feel so smooth after and so would recommend to all! The massage was lovely, but as I do suffer from a lot of tension in my neck, it did hurt a little bit, getting all the knots out of my muscles, but in a way it was a nice pain as I knew it was doing good!

Our room at the spa was lush. We had a three bed room, which was a perk in itself as a lot of spa's don't offer this facility and sometimes my mum has had to go in a room on her own, which is not as fun! So we had a three bed room with a little lounge area with TWO TVs! Bit unnecessary but lovely none the less! The furnishings were lovely, the bathroom could do with a slight update but proper shower etc so was fine, just looked a little 'tired.'

One of the other things that really made this spa experience great for us, is it seems that Ragdale Hall are much better at scheduling. On some other visits, we've not had any treatments near the same times so quite often one of us would be left on our own and you'd have to go for a swim etc alone. Whereas here, we all had treatments within 15 minutes of each other. The treatments would finish at different times as we picked different ones, but it was nice to be able to all meet back at the room and talk about what we'd had done. It also meant we could all go to a pilates class together (which I also really enjoyed even though I've never done it before!) and then go for a swim and sauna after lunch before our next set of treatments.

Overall I would highly recommend Ragdale Hall Spa to anyone. The only thing that I would say was a negative was the breakfast. You get served breakfast in your room, instead of having a buffet int he dining room like most other spas. This means that you can't get any hot food and the selection is quite limited. For me, this was not a major problem, as I'm not a huge fan of breakfast but I would imagine for some of the men who were at the Spa, they would be quite hungry by lunchtime, especially since they come round quite early... between 7.45am - 8.30am, unlike buffets which are normally open until at least 9am. However, the lunch and dinner were lovely, lunch offered a huge selection and was all lovely and you have to option to be super healthy, or a bit naughty which is good as sometimes it can be a bit restrictive when you are made to eat all low fat food!

I wish I could do things like this more often as they are really relaxing and you do leave feeling very chilled! Have any of you been to a spa? Which ones? Oh.. and one final thing... they need to get more SMALLER robes... we all had to wear sizes XL, so was slightly too big! Ha!

You can visit Ragdale's website here

Hope you're all having a good week! - Sorry the photos aren't great, I didn't take a proper camera so used my phone!

View from our room!

Our three bed room.

Sunset on our first night!

My rather large robe!

Thursday, 15 July 2010



So, a few weeks ago I started seeing more and more photos, and people on the tube etc, with seemingly bright gold nail polish and the first thing that jumped into my head was I WANT! However, I had no idea what this polish was or where you could get it done...

However thanks to the wonders of Twitter and my lovely friends and followers, I put a message out to the world to see if anyone knew what I was going on about and where I could get it done. And a lovely old classmate from Uni revealed ALL to me!

Apparently it is this new transfer thing called MINX and that you can get it done at Topshop on Oxford HERE to view the Nail Salon Website. Horrah! I work like 15 minutes from there so I literally went round after work the following day to book my appointment! I was trés excited. I booked it for the Thursday as I was going away on holiday on the Friday so thought was a nice holiday treat to myself! I really didn't know what to expect as I've never had false nails and never had any sort of stencil or transfer on my nails.

The only thing I had to moan about was the fact that I wasn't told when I booked the appointment, that this process needs to be done 'dry' i.e. they can't soak and scrub your feet like they do with other pedicures as otherwise the transfer wont stick to your nails - now this does seem obvious to me now - but like I said I'd never had this type of thing done before. If I'd been told when I booked, I would've still booked the appointment, but I wouldn't scrubbed down my feet myself the night before in preparation!

However, like I said, that was the only thing I had to moan about. It is slightly surreal having your toes done in Topshop, Oxford Street as you're really not sectioned off from the shoppers! But I had a very sweet girl do them for me. She still filed down my nails and cut back my cuticles and I literally couldn't take my eyes off her working as I was so excited to see how they were coming out!

Apparently, Minx say that they last up to 5 days - which I was a bit gutted about - but the other girls in the salon said that some of their friend's had last a month! And apparently it depends on what you're doing - I was going on holiday so getting in and out the pool all day, walking along the beach - I didn't have high expectations of it lasting too long.

BUT... I'm happy to say they're still in tact!! I've had it for 2 weeks now and they still look fine. What is good about them is that because it's not paint it doesn't chip. So it is only when a whole sheet peels off that you'd have to think about taking it off! Whilst I was away it did seem like one on my little toe was peeling off but then it seemed to re-stick itself! 

The whole process is quite weird, as they cut the sheets to fit your own specific shape of your nails, then they heat it up and literally stick it to your toes! Very weird, but I'm so happy with them. It cost £35 which wasn't too bad - but rubbish they can't scrub your feet for that price - but it still took the girl (can't remember her name so sorry to be rude!) just under an hour to do so I think £35 is then justified! 

Have any of you guys had it done before? Or wanted to? I highly recommend it, I love a bit of pampering and I thought it was quite funny how I'd 'blinged' out my toes!

I'll post a couple more pics from my hols soon - I managed to get a couple of bargains for my holiday wardrobe and I'll share with you all soon!
Hot off the press - was so excited about my pretty toes I took a photo of them on the train home after getting them done!
 They survived the pool & the beach (top of the page)
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