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So...I got back from my holiday on Sunday morning, and what a lovely holiday it was. However I travelled with Easyjet (as let's face it I'm not the richest person in the world and so went on a budget airline) and the service was awful.

I fully accept I chose to fly with a budget airline but my experience was so bad and I would never wish it upon anyone. To cut to the chase, my flight out was cancelled. Now I'm sure many of you have had flights cancelled before but let me paint you a picture....

I was due to leave at 8pm... there was a flight also going to Palma at 6.10pm - this was also cancelled. So everyone on our flight was, obviously, a bit on edge. When it came to 7pm and on the board it just came up as 'please wait' we all knew something was up. We were all huddled around the info desk hoping someone would let us know what was happening, however, this is the bit that I think is unacceptable, Easyjet don't have a representative in the WHOLE of Gatwick airport. They only hire a 'middle man' company to relay messages to us. So of course, they had no information as Easyjet weren't supplying any.

It got to 7.45pm and all of a sudden the board showed 'final call Gate (X)' so, everyone RAN to the gate as we were now worried they were going to leave without us. We get to the gate, all queue for about 10 minutes, then they start letting some of us through, me being one of them. Then, we're stuck in the gangway between the airport and the plane, not being allowed to actually get on the plane. This gallyway was BOILING. People started sitting down, then the technicians told us we weren't 'allowed' to sit down - how ridiculous, especially as some were near to fainting as was so hot. We were stuck in there for about 10 minutes before the technician said there was something wrong with the plane and to go back.

So, at about 8.30pm (30 minutes after we were meant to be in the air) we're told the flight in cancelled, but this was due to the air traffic control strike happening in France, which, I knew was a lie, as there had been flights to Geneva and other locations that pass France that had gone out.

Again, still no easyjet rep, so we all wonder back head in our hands to the departures lounge to find out what to do next. Only to find there's no one there and we have no idea where to go or how to get our bags back.

Finally we're escorted all back through passport control etc to wait for our bags, meanwhile those in couples spilt up and half went to join the queue at the easyjet desk in check in to work out where we go from here and to find out about refunds etc. Basically there were not enough staff and I didn't end up leaving the airport until midnight.

Overall what I was most angry with, is that we were outright lied to. First we were told the plane was faulty, then the air strike and finally, when we're all tired, stressed and upset they finally tell us that it is due to lack of staff and that their crew can only work certain amount of hours. Which leads me to the final knife in the wound... if they monitor their cabin crew's flight hours, they would've know well before we even arrived at the airport that that flight could not leave, therefore we didn't need to be messed around as much as we did! At the moment it seems, if you're flying with easyjet after 6pm you're in a bit of trouble as their crews will be reaching their maximum flying hours and will have to go home, as will you.

I'm sorry this has been quite a moan but I felt that even if one person reads this and decides to not book with Easyjet for their next holiday then that is one small victory on my part! I certainly won't be using them in the near future, especially since they really aren't that much cheaper anymore!

Oh... and by the way... on my flight home.... we were made to sit on the plane for 2 hours because they missed their take off slot and wouldn't pay premium price for a closer one... so we waited, on a cramped hot plane for the time in which we could've been home!!

RANT OVER! ... Happier posts to follow swiftly! :D

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