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So, a few weeks ago I started seeing more and more photos, and people on the tube etc, with seemingly bright gold nail polish and the first thing that jumped into my head was I WANT! However, I had no idea what this polish was or where you could get it done...

However thanks to the wonders of Twitter and my lovely friends and followers, I put a message out to the world to see if anyone knew what I was going on about and where I could get it done. And a lovely old classmate from Uni revealed ALL to me!

Apparently it is this new transfer thing called MINX and that you can get it done at Topshop on Oxford HERE to view the Nail Salon Website. Horrah! I work like 15 minutes from there so I literally went round after work the following day to book my appointment! I was trés excited. I booked it for the Thursday as I was going away on holiday on the Friday so thought was a nice holiday treat to myself! I really didn't know what to expect as I've never had false nails and never had any sort of stencil or transfer on my nails.

The only thing I had to moan about was the fact that I wasn't told when I booked the appointment, that this process needs to be done 'dry' i.e. they can't soak and scrub your feet like they do with other pedicures as otherwise the transfer wont stick to your nails - now this does seem obvious to me now - but like I said I'd never had this type of thing done before. If I'd been told when I booked, I would've still booked the appointment, but I wouldn't scrubbed down my feet myself the night before in preparation!

However, like I said, that was the only thing I had to moan about. It is slightly surreal having your toes done in Topshop, Oxford Street as you're really not sectioned off from the shoppers! But I had a very sweet girl do them for me. She still filed down my nails and cut back my cuticles and I literally couldn't take my eyes off her working as I was so excited to see how they were coming out!

Apparently, Minx say that they last up to 5 days - which I was a bit gutted about - but the other girls in the salon said that some of their friend's had last a month! And apparently it depends on what you're doing - I was going on holiday so getting in and out the pool all day, walking along the beach - I didn't have high expectations of it lasting too long.

BUT... I'm happy to say they're still in tact!! I've had it for 2 weeks now and they still look fine. What is good about them is that because it's not paint it doesn't chip. So it is only when a whole sheet peels off that you'd have to think about taking it off! Whilst I was away it did seem like one on my little toe was peeling off but then it seemed to re-stick itself! 

The whole process is quite weird, as they cut the sheets to fit your own specific shape of your nails, then they heat it up and literally stick it to your toes! Very weird, but I'm so happy with them. It cost £35 which wasn't too bad - but rubbish they can't scrub your feet for that price - but it still took the girl (can't remember her name so sorry to be rude!) just under an hour to do so I think £35 is then justified! 

Have any of you guys had it done before? Or wanted to? I highly recommend it, I love a bit of pampering and I thought it was quite funny how I'd 'blinged' out my toes!

I'll post a couple more pics from my hols soon - I managed to get a couple of bargains for my holiday wardrobe and I'll share with you all soon!
Hot off the press - was so excited about my pretty toes I took a photo of them on the train home after getting them done!
 They survived the pool & the beach (top of the page)


Sydney said...

I saw these on Lily Allen's fingers last summer and really wanted them! Thought £35 was a bit steep though... I'm glad they've lasted you at least 2 weeks!

rainbows & fairydust said...

love it! i am totally taking my best friend! xx

Adele said...

Hope your having fun!


Becca said...

Oh these are fantastic! I've been contemplating getting a Minx manicure for a while now, but I've been deterred by the price. However, if they last longer than I initially thought I could probably make an exception. I saw a fantastic leopard printed minx manicure that has been haunting my dreams - I need it!!

Anonymous said...

Practice makes perfect...................................................

Regan said...

Wow!! How cool!! I've never seen that before! :) xoxo

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