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So if any of you follow me on Twitter or my friend on facebook, you would know that I went to a Spa at the weekend with my mum and sister. I was rather excited... I love the prospect of walking around all day in a robe and no one blinking an eye. I also love how everyone walks around with oil in their hair and again, NO ONE CARES! It's great. 

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who wears make up everyday and dislikes leaving the house without any on. If any of you ever read my MAKE OVER post, you would know I have issues with being seen in public with no make up on. But at a spa, it is stupid to wear make up really because all the good things you are doing to your skin with all the oils and creams etc, it is pointless to then put loads of makeup on afterwards! I spent a whole three days make up free face and did feel I was giving my skin a bit of a break!

We went to Ragdale Hall, which is meant to be one of the best spa's in the country. I have been lucky enough to go to a couple of spa's as it is usually a Christmas present from my dad to all of us and so we were all keen to try this one out. It is near Leicester, and so was a bit of a trek but we hoped it would be worth it....

And it was! It was lovely, the grounds were stunning and the new spa area was amazing. The swimming pool area has recently been updated and now has a range of steam and sauna rooms as well as a small 'river' that you can swim down and go outside which is also quite fun.

The treatments were up to the high expectations we all had. The first treatment I had was a facial - and this was the one that was included in our package, so I didn't really expect anything amazing as the inclusive treatments never are too great. However, this was possibly the best facial I'd ever had! I'm not a huge fan of facials as I don't like people looking at my face that closely and I usually feel that there isn't enough area to work on and so I get irritated when the therapist goes over and over your face with cream/scrub etc. But at Ragdale Hall, it was much more relaxing and they also include a head/scalp massage which I'm a huge fan of anyway, but it was nice as it turned attention away from your face for a bit, to give it a break. 

The other treatments I had was a mud wrap with body scrub and a neck back and shoulder massage. I'd never had a mud treatment before which is why I went for that one and I really enjoyed it. My skin really did feel so smooth after and so would recommend to all! The massage was lovely, but as I do suffer from a lot of tension in my neck, it did hurt a little bit, getting all the knots out of my muscles, but in a way it was a nice pain as I knew it was doing good!

Our room at the spa was lush. We had a three bed room, which was a perk in itself as a lot of spa's don't offer this facility and sometimes my mum has had to go in a room on her own, which is not as fun! So we had a three bed room with a little lounge area with TWO TVs! Bit unnecessary but lovely none the less! The furnishings were lovely, the bathroom could do with a slight update but proper shower etc so was fine, just looked a little 'tired.'

One of the other things that really made this spa experience great for us, is it seems that Ragdale Hall are much better at scheduling. On some other visits, we've not had any treatments near the same times so quite often one of us would be left on our own and you'd have to go for a swim etc alone. Whereas here, we all had treatments within 15 minutes of each other. The treatments would finish at different times as we picked different ones, but it was nice to be able to all meet back at the room and talk about what we'd had done. It also meant we could all go to a pilates class together (which I also really enjoyed even though I've never done it before!) and then go for a swim and sauna after lunch before our next set of treatments.

Overall I would highly recommend Ragdale Hall Spa to anyone. The only thing that I would say was a negative was the breakfast. You get served breakfast in your room, instead of having a buffet int he dining room like most other spas. This means that you can't get any hot food and the selection is quite limited. For me, this was not a major problem, as I'm not a huge fan of breakfast but I would imagine for some of the men who were at the Spa, they would be quite hungry by lunchtime, especially since they come round quite early... between 7.45am - 8.30am, unlike buffets which are normally open until at least 9am. However, the lunch and dinner were lovely, lunch offered a huge selection and was all lovely and you have to option to be super healthy, or a bit naughty which is good as sometimes it can be a bit restrictive when you are made to eat all low fat food!

I wish I could do things like this more often as they are really relaxing and you do leave feeling very chilled! Have any of you been to a spa? Which ones? Oh.. and one final thing... they need to get more SMALLER robes... we all had to wear sizes XL, so was slightly too big! Ha!

You can visit Ragdale's website here

Hope you're all having a good week! - Sorry the photos aren't great, I didn't take a proper camera so used my phone!

View from our room!

Our three bed room.

Sunset on our first night!

My rather large robe!

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tracy said...

Hi Annie

Thank you so much for all your constructive comments and really pleased you enjoyed your spa visit.

You’ll be happy to know that the triple room you stayed in (98) is actually booked out for repapering, new furniture and bathroom improvements in August this year!

I have put a note on your profile to ensure that there are plenty of small robes available for you on your next visit.

Many thanks once again

Internet Marketing Manager

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