Tuesday, 20 July 2010



Hello lovely readers and followers of my blog. Today I am asking you for your help. I'm working on a brief at work for the fashion brand Long Tall Sally... basically I need to work out who actually shops there. Have any of you ever shopped there? Or do you know of anyone who has?

Basically I need to work out how to target their consumer, and nowadays it's not as hard to find 'trendy' clothes for tall girls. So many highstreet stores such as Topshop, New Look, M&S all do 'tall' ranges within their main lines, so is there still a need for stores like Long Tall Sally?

Are you a female who is 5 foot 7 or taller? Do you struggle to get clothes that fit you properly? I also thought that not just 'tall' people shop there, does anyone who has longer legs or a longer body go there to get clothes that are in proportion to your body shape?

Anyways...any comments/feedback would be greatly appreciated to help give me a better idea of who their customer is...and it's ironic since I'm only 5 foot 1 I can't really relate!

Thanks in advance! :)


ReallyRee said...

I have a friend that's really tall and we went to a Long Tall Sally a few years back and the stuff was pretty dreary and really not on trend. She didn't buy anything.

That's probably not very helpful!! sorry. I'll drop her an email and see if she has been back since


Kate said...

I'm 5 8" but have never shopped at Long Tall Sally. Sorry! Don't even know what kind of clothes they stock, although I have heard of them...

ReallyRee said...

My friend emailed me back. She said:

'I have bought the odd thing, coats are quite good fit for me.

But trousers are mainly too long and too high waisted/old fashioned. tops seem to be quite wide/funny cut.

so it has got a bit better but i think still hasn't got a very fashionabe image.'

Really not sure how helpful that is??

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